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  1. Thanks for this .. let us know what you think of the first edition, hope you will all like it. Would be good to get your input into the second edition Ian your message was very helpful .. thanks so much Notts P
  2. Hello again and sorry for slow reply, I am new to this forum !! You should be able to obtain a copy from today as it is out now. Please let me now what you think Ask again - you should be able to get a copy now! Hi - sorry for the slow reply - I am new to the forum .... I have replied - please check Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Thank you
  3. Thanks all for the warm welcome and support! It will be well worth the £2 - I promise :). First edition will be on the shelves in Notts newsagents next Friday. You can preorder a copy to be delivered to your door via this link We're collecting content for the next edition so please do share your memories that you'd like us to feature so we can include them!
  4. Hi all What a great forum! Really pleased to have joined - thanks everyone for having me! I'm sure you're all aware that it is almost 20 years ago that Bygones began life as a separate publication with the then Nottingham Evening Post and since it ceased its print run several months ago, many have mourned its passing. We have therefore set up a new nostalgia journal - Nottinghamshire Past - which will delve into the region's cultural, sporting and historic roots from the not-so-distant past. We really want this to be full of living memories so