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  1. I was Landlord at the Thurland Hall, the time when the Flying Horse closed. One of my customers was a prominent Councillor - head of the Planning Committee, long dead now, Bless him. He told me in confidence that "large thick brown envelopes had changed hands amongst the Council from the property developers".- ALLEGEDLY. Then the Flying Horse became the White Elephant of Nottingham, It's picked up a bit now, but the old Flying Horse was very profitable - the Manager used to drink in the Thurland, and he said it was taking over a million a month, way back then c.1987. He was baffled as to why
  2. Cricket Players was the first Berni I ever went in. You got - "..a steak and a glass of wine for less than a pound...." 19/11 - I remember it well. I used to take new girlfriends there to impress them with my sophistication haha
  3. Just watched a BBC Timewatch prog and they told a brief history of Berni Inns. They showed a map of locations and Long Eaton was on it. I have Googled it exhaustively, but cannot find out which pub the Berni was in? Anyone enlighten me?
  4. Looks more like Sons & Lovers - that's Steve Greenfield on the far right, Eddie Cook (also played bass with me in Mike Miller Band) on the second left, Spike in the middle and Mick Franks leaning on the car bonnet. No sure who the first left guy is?
  5. I joined Mike Miller in May 1976 and stayed with him a few years, then went up to Bradford Locarno with "Flyer". The Yorkshire Ripper struck in the Locarno carpark, so we got closed down and I came back to Mike at the Palais in 1980. Tristram were still there then. We got moved to Leicester Palais and then the Towers in Birmningham, so I cannot remember who took over from us. Tristram were there for years.
  6. Mick Knight started off as light boy when he left school. He worked his way up, and became Mecca's top manager. He was also a brilliant DJ - you remember "Stars on 45"? Well, Knighty used to do a mix like that in his DJ spot, looong before the Stars on 45 came out. He had a great patter on the mic too
  7. Ay up me duck - new guy here. Used to play sax and sing in the Mike Miller Band at Nottingham Palais in the 70s. Our 2nd band there was Tristram Shandy - it still had the revolving floor in the Bali Hai then haha. Also worked at Banner Agency Nottingham, where we looked after Sons & Lovers, Clockwork Toys, Colours of Love, WhichWhat, Gingerbread, Rainbow Cottage, Jaffa Band et al. We also handled Mud, Sweet, Shakin' Stevens, and I "discovered" a group called the Elizabethans, playing in a Working Mens' Club in Leeds in the early 70s, who we signed up. They became Smokey, and we handed the