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  1. Anyone there in St Jude's Choir - Stanley Gunn choir Master - Nugg) Dave Rowberry / Head boy - Cantoris he later replaced key board player Alan Price - The Animals. I later met Dave Rowberry in The Ship, Wardour Street, London where perhaps he was playing at the Marquee Club. He completely BLANKED me when I introduced myself. I later worked on a movie starring Alan Price!
  2. Obviously much cleverer than me passing 11+. Really depressing being sectioned. Only made Robert Mellors S Modern, a real dump of a school in Arnold. No other from Mapperley Plains attended. R Mellors had a photographic department of which I became interested in and eventually made a career. None grammar school pupils were supposed to be the electricians, carpenters, plumbers or metal workers. (a very good living today)
  3. The best milk shakes. Usually a treat.
  4. Twigdons, although not the name of the people who owned the business sold newspapers and confectionery. There son attended Mapperley Plains School and was in the same class as me. One day he went to hospital and never came back to school.
  5. You remember all the shops along Plains Road including Spencers Farm & Crossland's Fields. The barber used hand clippers and always caught your hair. Ouch! A private paying library. The old Coop was opposite Pickering's Chemist shop. Gedling Miner's football team played the Cambridge University in the FA Cup. They erected a stand specially for the sell out game. The miner's lost! The High Road had a sort of character in these days. NOT now since last visit.
  6. Me and my brother, Paul. Robert Young & Paul Simms lived opposite in Pateley Road.
  7. Goodness me, family attended same Dr Foy's surgery. The land on Maltby Road / Somersby Road we called 'The Banks.' Very steep hill with lots of trees and bushes. Climbed a tree there and got stuck. Same adventures digging dens in the ground, covering with old corrugated iron with grass sods on top. Dugout always filled with water when it rained.
  8. I was a cub when Barbara was the Akela. (she left to marry / lived on Spring Lane) Meetings below the church down very steep steps. Games were 'British bulldog' and 'tracking' around the streets. Outing by train to Fiskerton by River Trent. Opposite the church was an off licence that sold BIG long ice lollies. I liked them when had money. Chips sometimes from Beardley's fish shop.
  9. I remember this day at school. I hated being made to wear fancy dress. Mum had me go as a pirate. Sancha Osbourne was a year above me. She had a sister Yvonne and brother Clive. Parents owned two butchers shops in the city. They lived near by on Malmesbury Road. School organised some kind of country dance event. Other schools in the area attended. Visited Nottingham some time ago with my kids. The school no longer there! Dewsbury's paper shop GONE. Delivered papers for them, morning & night. Shilling a round. Two shillings Sundays.