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  1. Hi there Lads. Do any of you have the form photo for 3b in 1965? If not do any of you remember the form master? I remember Evans in 63, Reid in 64 and in 66 & 67 it was Lee.
  2. in 64 the school was still on Claremont Road and didn't move until 68/69
  3. Mr Riddel I think. Yes PE and games, took me for swimming. I was in the school team.
  4. Thank you for your prompt reply. I thought is was, but on his "wiki bio" Claremont isn't mentioned, but a lot of Nottingham properties are.
  5. that would have been the site on Claremont Road. I was there fro 1956-67.
  6. I attended Claremont School when it was on Claremont Road, 1963-67