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  1. You were in the same year as myself - I was there from 79-84. My 5 form teachers were Mrs Conway Mr Mapp Miss Barber Mr Simons Mr Colaluca I was born and grew up on Holgate Road - my mum still lives in the same house Loved Roland Green - Great memories apart from when Nick Cunningham burnt Down the English/Language dept - when we came back school after it’s redevelopment it was amalgamated with Mundella and renamed Wilford Meadows Comp
  2. Mr Petchell taught me Geography at Roland Green from 1979-84 - really nice teacher if you were on the right side of him - I always got on really well with him. Regarding his hand, apparently he lost 3 fingers in some kind of explosion that went horribly wrong Some years previous - not sure how true that was? I didn’t realise that he’s taught at Trent Bridge though, are you sure this is the same teacher? I was at Trent Bridge from 1975-79, he obviously wasn’t there then, I had the likes of Mr Dawson, Mr Evans, Mrs Headly, Mr Blunston, Mr Spedding etc Derek Smith was the Headmaster a
  3. Mrs Carty died in the early 70’s actually in the classroom whilst teaching my sister at Trent Bridge School - I went to Trent Bridge from 75-79 before moving into Roland Green 79-84 There a song at Trent Bridge that went to the tune of Jingle Bells: Jingle Bells, Carty smells Dawson’s got no hair Mr Smith has weed his pants and that’s why he’s so queer
  4. It was actually 1991 Cup Final - I was there!
  5. jonab thanks for the advice, I’m new to this didn't realise, can you tell me how I contact the ‘admin’? thanks
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  7. IAN123. That corner shop on the corner of Wilford Crescent & Holgate was run by a West Indian guy with his wife - Leo & Mavis - he was a scary guy, but it was a fascinating shop to go in as a young kid, lots of West Indian food on sale there
  8. That corner shop on the corner of Wilford Crescent was run by a West Indian guy with his wife - Leo & Mavis - he was a scary guy, but it was a fascinating shop to go in as a young kid, lots of West Indian food on sale there
  9. I just noticed the telephone box on your photo has been moved, it used to always be on the other side of the road
  10. Rog, that shop in the 70’s was a hardware shop run by a husband and wife - 2 little folk - I never saw anyone buy anything from it, but it was one of the last shops to go - it was bang opposite Collygate School which i went to as a young kid - I went Ryeland Cresent Nursery before that, then later on went to Trent Bridge and finally Roland Green in Wilford - left school in 1984. Can you remember the red telephone box on the corner of Wilford Grove diagonally oppisitevtgat ships in your photo - I still believe there’s one still there, but it’s no longer a red box - the Morgan family
  11. My grandad was a baker and confectioner who lived in the Meadows (on Barnsley Terrace), my mam tells me he was a good friend on mr Timpson who owned the bakery on the corner of Beauvale Road, and used to help him with his work Can any of you remember Aiscough’s the confectioner and sweet shop on the corner of Woolmer Road and Holgate Road - there was also a sweet shop owned by Mr & Mrs Rooney at the other end of Holgate Road & corner of Mundella Road, (opposite the Laundrette). The butchers on the corner of Holgate & Wilford Grove was Mr Jowett & his 2 s
  12. There was a damn good Butcher’s on Holgate Road called Jowett’s - people used to come from all parts on Nottingham to buy their meat But like all the great corner shops on Holgate Road - they are long gone. I fondly remember it being a hive of activity on a Saturday morning
  13. Hello people, is anyone still posting on this site? - I just happened to come across it. I was born on Holgate Road in 1967, my parents still live inthe house I was born in. I know, having grown up in the Meadows, so much about it, and it makes me smile you people talking about and reminiscing old people who once lived there. (I left in 1998, and moved down South) I actually worked in Toulson’s Butchers/Bakery on a Saturday morning between 1982-84 (dear old Fred paid me £2 for a morning’s work). Minimum wage never existed in those days My