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  1. A member called Val on here has been helping me find out about my grandad Arthur jacklin he used to play the piano and introduce the turns it would seem. Does anybody else remember him I'm trying to find photos of him but I doubt I will
  2. Hi Val. That would be great thanks so much
  3. Hi Val no Arthur was my dad's father but thanks for your reply it's nice to see someone remembers him And yes your right Val he did used to ride a motorbike and sidecar I used to go fishing with him in it
  4. Hi Val thank you for your reply. Arthur jacklin was my grandfather. Do you know if there were ever any photographs of him at all as I have nothing thank you
  5. I remember getting my head stuck in the park gates the fire brigade had to cone and get me dad went nuts and gave me a right pasting and falling of that bloody dome shaped roundabout thing
  6. Didn't the searson family live across from me in sure they did and I think the mother was called masie
  7. Did he play the piano and did he wear a invalid boot
  8. Public house. Myself and my younger brother saw our first ever burnt out car there I think it was an Austin baby 7 and that was back in the 60,s.we used to live on bransdale road
  9. Anybody on here who used to go to glapton school at the bottom of the Clifton estate.i remember trying to learn how to ride a bike there back in the 60,s But Carnt remember which class I was in
  10. I found out yesterday that my grandfather used to play the piano in the cocked hat.does anybody remember him or indeed have any photos of him.his name is Arthur William jacklin