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  1. Does anyone remember the coach (Trent I think) that left each week for Skegness from Mount St on a Friday evening? From 1955 to 1958 I used it throughout the year to visit my mother who had moved to Skegness from Sheffield. She was a war widow. I was a student at Nottingham University. For a long time the driver and conductor were always the same. One could pay on board but I used to buy a ticket ahead from the ticket office. It cost, as I recall, 6/- rising later to 10/-. A bargain! Although long (3 hours+) I used to enjoy the trip both in winter and summer. Once on board one was completely isolated (no mobile phones then) and could enjoy the scenery, read a book or doze or whatever, without distraction. The route went across to the Fosse Way, up to Newark and Lincoln and then through rural Lincolnshire, still unspoilt, to Skegness. A break was made about half way at The George, Langworth, just after the level crossing. Horncastle was the only town encountered. In winter the country landscape was completely dark. For the return journey on Sunday I would take an afternoon Barton coach.