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  1. I went to see How The I can remember going to see How The West Was Won on The Forest with my mum and dad. There was a bobsleigh film on first, made you feel you were actually on it. The screen was curved I think and in 3 parts?
  2. She was only about 5 when we moved. The car was a Consell, an old banger really but it had these bench seats front and back. You could lay out on the back seat and 3 could sit in front. I can remember going out with my Dad when he first got it, one of his friends was with him in the front, not sure whether he had took his test then or was still learning.
  3. I liked the mint one, must say I can’t remember the orange one.
  4. Went into pound shop and they had the Fry’s Creme bars, original, mint and orange. Didn’t have Fry’s 5 centres though, used to love the pineapple one.
  5. I think I can remember Janice, from what I can remember she wasn’t in our little gang. Went with my sister to see my brother this afternoon, we were reminiscing about Huxley Close, my sister can’t remember much as she is the youngest but my brother could. It was more of a community than Staverton Road, I can remember the street having a “do” where there were races for kids with small prizes, can’t remember what it was for. I was quite sorry to leave there, Staverton seemed a bit posher somehow but my dad wanted a garage for his precious car.
  6. I think I can vaguely remember someone called Janice, don’t know if this is the same person. Did they live towards the bottom of the close, opposite end to the green?
  7. This is the second time I have had 2 dogs, first time it was a bitch that had a litter and we kept a pup. It was fascinating to see her teach him things and even though he was a lot bigger than her she could back him up if he did something she didn’t like. She was definitely the boss. My present 2 boys, although they are brothers from same litter, have such different personalities. Kai is very laid back, takes everything in his stride, Wolf is definitely more needy and does need a lot of assurance. Luckily he instantly fell in love with my sister, he absolutely adores her and it is recipricated by her. She would love to have a dog but works long hours so can’t, think my 2 boys are one if the reasons she wanted me to move down here. Glad to report that Kai is back to normal now after his vet adventure. I think my sister was surprised at amount of vet bill but I would rather go without to make sure they are okay.
  8. Think it was about 1965/66 when we left, used to live at no. 12, had an enormous garden front and rear. It rings a bell but can’t place them, do you know any Christian names of kids. Can remember the Chambers who live across from us and the Pugsleys who had a Great Dane called Pongo. There were twin girls who lived a bit further up, Lillian and Doreen I think they were called. Didn’t know any of the families who lived at top of Close round the green, they weren’t in our gang. Also Fat Micheal who liver down the bottom, bit politically incorrect that now and the Tomlinsons that lived near him, seem to remember their lad was called Leslie.
  9. Had to take one of my boys to (new) vet this morning, his brother went as well. He wasn’t himself yesterday, just laid down doing dog eyes and didn’t really want to move. Same first thing this morning, I got up at 5 to see how he was. As soon as my sister arrived and we got leads out he was back to normal. Decided to take him just to be on safe side, they had a whale of a time, all these new doggie friends to meet, except the snappy chihuahua. Vet couldn’t find anything so clean bill of health, but I did get their flea treatment. Took them to park for a run, everything as normal. They are now napping, I am exhausted! Think I may have been conned
  10. We moved there while I was at Bilborough Grammar, lived on Huxley Close before then. Left from Huxley to go to school and went to Staverton when we finished school. That is so interesting, our house wasn’t built in that picture. I presume the land to the left will eventually be Harvey Hadden?
  11. Yes that is it. I used to have them all the time, two of my favourites nuts and fudge. Used to have a very distinctive taste.
  12. I can remember my Nan putting goose grease on our chests if we had a chesty cough don’t know if it really was. Red flannel round your throat if it was sore. She used to do a lemon and honey mix for yout sore throat as well.
  13. Anyone listen to podcasts? I have just finished Thinking Sideways pod bay, now listening to True Crime All The Time Solved & Unsolved. Any other interesting ones out there?
  14. Got thru the evening with no trick treaters. Shame will have to eat the sweets myself
  15. Can anyone remember a fudge bar covered with peanuts?
  16. I am so glad my sister told me about this site. Having just moved back after more years than I care to remember I am by myself a lot. I have joined a couple of things at the library which get me out to socialise a bit but I still miss my close friends. Being quite shy I do find it hard to approach people I don’t know, I tend to get clumsy, tongue tied and blush. Don’t have the same problem with dogs probably because they don’t judge just accept you as you are. So this site has been a godsend as you have all been so welcoming.
  17. Thanks, I really enjoy this site, love the banter between you all. By the way, completely off subject, I know I am home somebody called me “meduck” yesterday, now I know I am at home
  18. I have seen Rolling Stones many times including at the park in London, Long John Baldry, Billy J Kramer, Amen Corner, Bill Haley & Comets, Gene Pitney, Dusty Springfield, The Animals, Small Faces, Beach Boys (bit disappointed in them), Johnny Kid & The Pirates (Shakin’ all over - brilliant). Many of the other groups in 60’s and 70’s. Always wanted to see Tina Turner but never got to see her.
  19. I must admit I am hooked on Ghost Adventures, just watched the latest series up to Halloween and recorded the Halloween nite special. (Possibly cause Zac Bagins is eye candy.) Watch Most Haunted as well, but not as keen on that, too much screaming when anything “happens”. Don’t know if it is real or not but having had experiences myself find it fascinating. Don’t do soaps but enjoy Criminal Minds and the crime channels on sky, usually gravitate towards serial killers. Dread to think what this means! Watch WWE as well, having been to 2 shows in England am hooked, and yes I definitely know that is fake but who cares with so many fit wrestlers!
  20. As a newish member (joined October 14) I must say I enjoy this site. One thing I find (and perhaps it is just me) is that when I browse a subject and read the conversation you all obviously know each other very well and I do feel like I would be butting in if I joined in conversation. Don’t take this as a critism, it isn’t, when I have joined in I have been welcomed, even got some likes, perhaps it is just a case of gaining confidence on the site?
  21. Same here. I am on my own and don’t want people knocking on my door at nite.
  22. Dogs do give more companionship but I do like cats as well. We took in a stray when we had 2 German shepherds. He decided he was a dog and if they were in garden and barked he would run out to see what was going on. Mind he was a bit of a bruiser, biggest tom we ever had.
  23. I will be spending Christmas Day with my sister and brother after we have walked dogs, first one without my husband. Going to get the old board games out, cluedo, monopoly (not my most favourite Game), mouse trap and risk (which I could never understand). Then it will be cards, rummy and cribbage if we can remember how to play it. Can remember so many Christmas days after dinner, no telly and dad got out the cards and games to loud groans from everyone. He once tried to teach us how to play bridge, not very successfully I might add. ,
  24. My two have German shepherd in them so moult 365 days a year, although it does ease off after the winter/summer moults. Does drive me mad sometimes when I have just cleaned up, turn round and there is hair on the rug again, but then what is life without dog hair. PeverilPeril hope your cat makes a full recovery, any price is worth it.