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  1. I did my usual 4/5 mile walk with boys on Wednesday felt fine after legs have stopped aching so much as I have got used to doing it, wait for it, but when I woke up on Thursday I was in agony thought it was just cramp in my right calf. The pain eased and left me with a “dull” ache in the muscle. Carried on as usual and then decided to walk down to shops (about 5 minutes away) to see if that would help ease it. Not too bad at first but then started getting a sharp stabbing pain every so often. Limped back and decided to rest the leg for the rest of the day. Got up Friday and it was still quite painful so didn’t do much just rested it, seemed a bit better on Saturday so walked boys down to pub which isn’t far away. On the way back a small dog suddenly appeared at a gate we were passing, hurling itself at the gate barking furiously, my boys immediately reacted and went to gate. I wasnt expecting it to happen and Kai caught the back of my legs as he was turning and I ended up on the ground with my knee hitting the pavement just before my hand. Of course it was the knee of the leg I was having trouble with (sod’s law). Limped back (again) with pain in calf and a bruised knee with a lump on it. It had eased a bit yesterday (knee is a bit purple) so took Kai to park while my friend took Wolf for a walk. Back to dull ache in calf again today so will probably do a “rest” day today. I was going to finish off washing the blinds in my conservatory while the weather is so good but the way things are going have decided against it as I have to use my 2 step stool, nit tempting fate! Hope everyone else has had a good Easter and enjoyed the good weather, after all this could be our summer
  2. Stavertongirl

    Black Boy Hotel

    My mum told me a couple of stories about the Black Boy from when she was nursing during the war. From what she said it was a bit unsavoury then. One was that she was asked out by someone to meet him at the Black Boy but she decided not to go. One of her friends went instead and he had got a private room there, apparently he ended up chasing her around the table until she could make her escape!
  3. Stavertongirl

    Bilborough Grammar School

    I went to Bilborough Grammar in the 60’s but before the 67 intake and do monitor postings to see if anyone I knew surfaces. Hope your reunion goes well.
  4. Stavertongirl

    How's your day?

    I was in a car accident a couple of years ago. My husband was driving and we were waiting to turn right when an elderly gentleman coming towards us ploughed straight into us. At the time I was looking left at some horses in a field when there was an horrendous noise and I was jerked forward. My husbands airbag deployed but the passenger one didn’t. We were in a zafira , he was in a smaller car but he wrote our zafira off, couldn’t believe the damage he did. He said he was only going 30! I had some pain in my chest where the seatbelt had held me but after being checked out by medics was told I was okay but if it got worse to go to hospital, my husband was okay. The next day I was in agony and had bruises on my chest following where the seat belt had been. The funniest (?) one was on my stomach, it looked like a smile! I ended up having 2 weeks off work but the other driver came off worse ending up being in hospital for a while. Our insurance company said the other driver admitted responsibility but suddenly a witness came forward and said my husband had turned into the other driver and hit the side of the other car, bit strange when the damage to both cars was at the front. We argued the case with the police but all we got was there was an independent witness and my husband was prosecuted even though the other driver admitted responsibility. We got a dash cam after that. I sometimes wonder if this is what set my husbands cancer off again as he had been 4 years clear by that point as it was a big impact.
  5. Stavertongirl

    Clubs dj'd at.

    Bet we did especially with your silver tongue. Always fell for a good chat up line
  6. Stavertongirl

    Clubs dj'd at.

    My friends and I always went to the Bodega, upstairs where the music was. Can remember Barry on the door, big bloke. Was once stopped at door as I was told I was under age, I was 22 at time, asked for Barry and he let me in. Many happy memories of it, especially my 21st, or what I can remember of it. Great times and people.
  7. Stavertongirl

    How's your day?

    So unpacked the stand. Very impressed, nice and sturdy with good heavy glass base, tether to attach tv to wall worried me a bit. Checked everything was there, got my screwdrivers ready. Instructions are pictures but looked straightforward. But (isn’t there always a but) when I started putting pieces together realised I would need 4 arms to put it together. As I only have 2 arms surprisingly I packed everything back into box, at least everything fitted back in. Will get it done tomorrow when I will have help. Had chocolate instead. Such is life!
  8. I looked up information on the internet about the condition as the thumping heart was a bit disconcerting to say the least. Some of it was really frightening, thyroid storm and heart arthymia (spelling?) especially. I got a heart rate monitor and found even when it felt my heart was banging against my ribs the rate was actually okay within normal parameters, so stopped looking and trusted the tablets to sort it out. I don’t like taking tablets at the best of times, only take them if I really need to, so am hoping eventually I wont need them anymore. Getting older is such a pain!
  9. Stavertongirl

    How's your day?

    Just had my tv stand delivered, a few days early well done Amazon! Going to do my chores and then get geared up to put it together. Description says all screws etc are in bags and marked with symbols and the reviews said it wasn’t too bad to put together. We will see later, will report on progress (will either be put together or in a heap in the back garden), wish me luck.
  10. I am borderline overactive so am taking carbimazole only 5mg though. From what I can remember the consultant said you take them for a year to eighteen months and then they try you without them to see if the thyroid has settled back to normal. I had an ultrasound on my thyroid as I have 2 “nodules” in it but these are benign thankfully. I presume this is what is causing the problem but don’t know for sure. I am under the impression that overactive is easier to treat than underactive (might be wishful thinking) and being borderline makes it even easier, don’t know if that is right or not.
  11. I did my weekly weigh in this morning, have kept a check in my weight since losing 2stone before I was diagnosed with my thyroid problem. I have put 2lb on, not much out of what I lost but a start. Then I had a thought does this mean I will just carry on putting on weight even after I have put the 2stone back on? Does this mean I will have to give up chocolate Oh well at least it shows the tablets are doing something. I do feel a bit better not so much of the thumping heartbeat but still have odd tired moments when I could fall asleep standing up! Another blood test/telephone appointment with the hospital at the end of the month, hopefully the results will keep on improving so I can stop taking the tablets sooner than later.
  12. Stavertongirl

    Musing on racism

    I definitely am a mongrel, have welsh blood from my mothers side, my great grandmother lived on a mountain in Wales, or so my mum said. We have pictures of her in full Welsh national dress! On my dads side we have french blood from my great grandmother who we presume met my great grandfather during the war. My dads side originated from Newcastle (have done a family tree on them). My mums side were theatrical my mum once told me my granddad (or it could have been my great grandad) was born at the side of a stage, don’t know if she was joking but said they had trouble finding his birth certificate because of this? and there were some concert pianists as well (she always said that is why some of us have long fingers and my sister and brother are musical, not me I am tone deaf). I am going to have a go at my mums family tree to see if the stories she told us are true or poetic licence.
  13. Stavertongirl

    Musing on racism

    One of my uncles was stationed in Malaya during or after the Second World War, not sure which. Whilst he was there he met and eventually married who was to become my Aunty Rose (I am sure that I was told her proper name was quite a tongue twister, but I may have remembered that wrong, so Rose she became). I never thought about her being different than us, as I said she was just my aunt Rose who told us stories about growing up in Malaya and when my uncle was courting her, I didn’t realise until after she had passed away that she was born into the Muslim religion as she never practised it embracing our western life with great enthusiasm (we found out after my uncle passed away that he had converted so he could marry her - very romantic). I can’t imagine what prejudice they must have come across when they came back here it can’t have been easy and also for my cousins. (On a side note she disliked the Japanese intensely because of what happened in the war) She came from a very wealthy family in Malaya, they had servants, and my mum told me she didn’t know how to do anything, was used to the servants doing it and was very surprised that we didn’t have them here! She was a lovely lady, full of life and enjoyed every minute of it. She embraced her new family with enthusiasm and was accepted as one of us, they did end up living in Clifton for many years! It can’t have been easy for my grandparents but I never saw her or my cousins treated any different to the rest of us. In their later years my mum and dad went on holiday with them abroad for the first time to Majorca (spelling?) for a couple of years which eventually led to my mum and dad going to America to see relatives. Anyway I digress, it is what is inside that counts not what you see outside, that was all I wanted to say really, sorry it took such a long post to do it!
  14. Stavertongirl

    Anybody had a 'result' lately ?

    Just had an email from my utility provider (Octopus) that my prices for gas and electric are going down by 4% and 2% respectively as wholesale prices have droppedBut haven’t the “big 6” just put up their prices?
  15. Stavertongirl

    Unashamed Political comment

    I wasn’t very tired last night so stayed up a bit late, found Question Time so watched that (the telly I borrowed doesn’t want to acknowledge my sky box so am stuck with BBC1 etc,). I just despair, didn’t realise leave means perhaps. (Sorry if this is classed as political, I could have said more but refrained, but it can be deleted if inappropriate, bit like MP’s shame they can’t be deleted!)
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    3 randoms.

    We used Lymms for 3 funerals (mum, dad and oldest of my 2 brothers). We had a beautiful old black (don’t like the silver) Rolls Royce. We had a lady called Jane who organised everything for us, in fact after the first one we asked for her. Couldn’t fault them, was a problem getting the car for one of them but she sorted it out. Cant fault them they were brilliant at a terrible time.
  17. Stavertongirl

    How's your day?

    They were both fast asleep when it happened (long walk and bellies full of chicken, good life really). They raised their heads, looked at me and then went back to sleep. Second time they were in back garden and came running in to see what was going on. Borrowed a small tv until I can get a stand, looks like an internet job.
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    How's your day?

    My telly blew up on Monday, I was sat watching it and there was a loud bang and it went dead. Luckily the sky box and DVD player weren’t affected. Changed the fuse in the plug, plugged it in and there was an even louder bang, thought it was worth a try just in case it was only the fuse, vain hope really. I have a spare tv upstairs so got that down and spent most of yesterday trying to find remote control, finally found it this morning in a safe place! Unscrewed the screws that held the stand on the dead one, took me ages to manhandle the tv off stand and after all that it doesn’t fit the new one. Sod’s law I suppose. Booklet says there was a stand with it, but it was on the wall in my husbands man cave before so no sign of the stand anywhere. Looks like a trip to Comet etc. to try and get one. Don’t watch that much tv, but now I haven’t got one I want to watch it. Why does life have to be so complicated?
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    Scott Walker RiP.

    I saw the Walker Brothers at a live show in London just before they broke up. They were brilliant and his voice was amazing. Looked good as well.
  20. Stavertongirl

    Dogs and other family pets

    Groomer came, was greeted with great enthusiasm by my boys. Kai was done first, he can be a bit stubborn and decided he wasn’t getting in bath. Treats were disdainfully ignored, but after some gentle coaxing and a gentle push he got in. Couple of hours later he appeared looking beautiful and smelling even better. Groomer had a break, cleared bag full of hair from van, nicotine break and cup of tea and it was Wolf’s turn. He dashed straight into van and straight into bath, no problem. Couple of hours later he emerged just as beautiful and cologned. They haven’t been trimmed this time as they were getting a bit stressed, but they have had their claws and their hairy feet trimmed which is more important to keep the pads on their feet healthy. She was a bit more expensive than the original one but well worth the money, have booked them in again in about 8 weeks time. At present they are stretched out napping, looking gorgeous and smelling even better, obviously a busy day. Problem now do I take them out tomorrow so they get grubby running about, no doubt they will find every patch of mud and run through it, dogs will be dogs!
  21. Stavertongirl

    Dogs and other family pets

    Got a new dog groomer coming this morning. The original one I found when I first came down here, who was brilliant, seems to have disappeared, phone number now not available. I tried another one a few weeks ago but wasn’t very impressed with result and could hear Kai vocalising while she was grooming him which usually doesn’t happen. It isn’t easy to find someone who will do them, a lot say they don’t do large dogs. She actually came out to have a look at them before we made an appointment, had a long chat about what I wanted, trim, feet etc. She was sat on the bottom step of my stairs making a fuss of them and giving them a good look over, explained what I wanted and she made her own suggestions as well, quite impressed with her. She is a bit more expensive than my last one, but as long as they are done properly (and aren’t as smelly) it is money well spent. They had an extra long walk and run yesterday as they won’t be going out this weekend, at least they will be clean for a couple of days, it is still a bit muddy in the wood and meadow we go in and they do get grubby bellies especially when they run so my floors end up like a crunchy beach! Chicken for them tonight as a treat for being, hopefully, good.
  22. Stavertongirl

    Beekay's paintings

    Of course you can Nonna, a guardian angel would be nice
  23. Stavertongirl

    Beekay's paintings

    You Bk. No disrespect to meant to Nonna.
  24. Stavertongirl

    Beekay's paintings

    Looking forward to you decorating my shed, both inside and out!