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  1. In the throws of the process of selling my house buying another smaller property. Solicitors enough said.
  2. Like you DJ360 I first heard of her (and Ike) from River Deep and Proud Mary, going on to What’s Love Got To Do With It, We Don’t Need Another Hero and my all time favourite Simply The Best. She triumphed over a rough time with Ike Turner and became a superstar in every sense of the word. My biggest regret is never seeing her live on stage. Another one gone. RIP Tina Turner.
  3. On Thursday as usual we did our weekly shop. A rear brake light had gone so arranged to go to car shop to get it fixed. Arrived at 5pm and as we were pulling into car park at front shops, which is one way, a black SUV pulled in the wrong way and then stopped blocking the exit. To our horror someone got out all dressed in black with his face half covered with the biggest gun I have ever seen, seen them in films but not in real life. Not an AK47 but very similar. Two more people appeared dressed the same one with a similar gun and the other one was getting something out of the car boot which
  4. Can I ask what does “woke” mean. Hear it bandied about but don’t have an idea what it means.
  5. Took Jj out for a quick walk, he will have a longer walk later. What a lovely morning after the last few days, birds singing, sky blue (at moment), daffodils and snowdrops out. Feels like spring is arriving, might be able to ditch the thermals finally!
  6. Didn’t see QT but heard about it. It is horrorific and an apology just doesn’t cut it I am afraid. As a woman she should be totally ashamed of herself for such an unforgivable comment. I do agree the rules should apply to all equally, but unfortunately as usual some are more equal than others. In the present situation could the fact that the BBC has to go cap in hand to the government for the licence fee have any bearing if pressure has been applied?
  7. My boy is taking part in the “Big Walkies” to raise money for the RSPCA which started on March 1st. He has so far walked 40 miles out of the total of 100 they intend to do through March, would have been more but the weather hasnt been co-operating. There area number of dogs to sponsor, so if you are interested please look up Big Walkies so we can raise as much money as possible. Thank you.
  8. Whilst not supporting the decision of the BBC or what Lineker wrote I just wondered due to his status(?) as a celebrity of sorts can he still be classed as a private citizen? Probably going to get shot down by those that know. more then me but the fact he is a household name means his remarks would get more coverage than a normal “private” citizen?
  9. My Alexa today gave the weather forecast as cloudy with flowers. Had the clouds, still waiting on the flowers
  10. Best corned beef receipe. Gently fry chopped onion untIl soft, add tin of chopped tomatoes and simmer gently. Cut a tin of corned beef into cubes, add to pan and “mosh” the corned beef down into the sauce. Simmer until hot. Great with pasta or chips etc.
  11. Loved Clangers with the soup dragon etc. Everyone watched it.
  12. To be honest BK only ever managed to get one photo posted on here after much trying. Not sure how I managed that, more by chance than anything. Not been able to work out how to post one since despite having instructions!
  13. Got up this morning to a heavy frost so decided to take Jj to a different park than usual today. The one we usually go to has a fenced in, what used to be, tennis court so I go on there to throw his ball. Once the gate is shut I don’t have to worry about any loose dogs being on my own and can concentrate on the game but thought it might be a bit slippy for him to run on. As usual had to chase him all over the house to get his coat on, once it is on he stands still and looks sorry for himself so it is easier to put the harness on. Got myself wrapped up, had my thermals on, and off we went.
  14. I have, since being diagnosed with my overactive thyroid, been under the care of the thyroid clinic at QMC for my medication. During that time they have tried to get me off the medication as I am classed as “borderline” and am on the lowest dose available, (don’t understand the borderline would have thought you either have it or not but who am I to argue with the professionals). This involved trying to cut down the tablets going from 1 a day to 1 every other day etc. Every time they have tried this it has sent readings haywire so had to go back to 1 a day to stabilise them and then they would
  15. At least half if not a bit more, same with booze. Exchequer would take an enormous hit, it would have to be clawed back somewhere else.
  16. I noticed the Labour Party(not sure of the name of the person who announced it) are thinking about making smoking illegal and are watching the Australian stopping smoking policy which is being discussed at the moment. They are citing the cost to the NHS as one of the reasons. On this premise surely they should also be considering alcohol at the same time and for the same reason?
  17. There have been dogs being forcibly taken from owners since prices rocketed during covoid. Although prices have dropped and it is no longer in the news I must admit I would have the same reaction to a stranger approaching my dog and you would get the same reaction (but in a Nottingham accent).
  18. England v France was the first game I watched. As with most England games they talk the talk but just never manage to walk the walk. Wouldn't it be great if Morocco won it!
  19. Yesterday whilst we were walking Jj we went past Strelley Church there was a notice outside saying “church open”, never having been inside I decided to have a look. There was an elderly gentleman inside and he gave me a guided tour giving me a lot of fascinating information. I didn’t realise that Strelley is actually named for the, I presume, ruling family of that area. The tombs inside with the figures on top (are they effergies?) are quite spectacular and one of the married couples are actually holding hands which is highly unusual. Can’t remember their names, he did tell me, but the
  20. I am with octopus for my energy. Hadn’t heard of them until I moved into this house but can highly recommend them. I have just finished my first session of cutting down on consumption for an hour, even though I have cut back a lot (stopped using my electric oven, use microwave & gas hob, have heating only when really necessary etc.) and have saved the princely sum of 84p at the moment, every little helps. I had also applied for one of their free electric blankets again this year, did last year but didn’t get one. Had an email to say I wasn’t successful in getting one, a few days later I go
  21. Yes that was it Virol. It used to leave a coating on the inside of your mouth. Disgusting.
  22. I can remember being given some brown gloopy malty tasting stuff on a spoon usually just before going to school in the morning. It was in a glass jar. No idea what it was but I hated the stuff and would try to sneak out to avoid having it. Makes shudder just to think of it. I loved Horlicks (think that is how you spell it), loved the tablets as well.
  23. The high energy costs are a real worry. It will be like going back to my childhood when we lived in a house with just a coal fire in the front room for heating, no central heating. I can remember my dad putting coats over our beds as well as blankets to keep us warm. I will be using my gas fire in the front room and just use the central heating sparingly. This year I should be able to just about manage but have no idea how I will cope next year if prices rise even more being on a pension. I am just above pension credit limit so that cuts off a lot of benefits. I do get a bit extra invigila
  24. Whilst not being bothered about the monarchy one way or the other I did by default (had watched something I had recorded and had just gone back to normal tv when Sky News were showing his speech) a bit of King Charles speech yesterday. I must say my heart did go out to him as a man who has just lost his mother, he looked, as anyone would, devastated and tearful. Don’t know why he had to do it but I found the bit I saw uncomfortable viewing.
  25. Going to hell in a hand basket comes to mind. You missed out smug DJ360.