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  1. Yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and get a new mobile phone. The one I have is getting on a bit (it’s a Samsung S7, the latest one is S21 is I have had my monies worth) and is starting to be selective as to which texts/phone calls it lets me know have arrived and is getting very hot when used. So off we went to the EE shop. Had a browse round the phones, came out in a bit of a hot sweat at the prices (some up to and over £1000) but finally narrowed it down to 2, stayed with Samsung found the other old one was okay and didn’t want an iPhone. Sorted out a contract, 2 years then will g
  2. We went shopping yesterday for the first time since “freedom day”. We were wearing masks (proper ones not a fashion statement) and so were the majority of people we saw. Looks like common sense has prevailed. Well done BulwellLife is short and I don’t intend to have it made shorter than it should be. I have got a Coronavirus vaccination confirmation letter which gives details of my two jabs and gives all information about them. There is also a reference (bar code) which is unique to me as well. It can be shown to confirm you have had the jabs, but like Jill it is highly unlikely that I w
  3. True but also better safe than sorry.
  4. Up early again this morning, on the park with Jj by quarter past 6, seemed a little bit cooler this morning. One of the regulars was just coming off park with his 2 dogs so looked like we would have it to ourselves. I let Jj off lead and then noticed there was a male sitting on the bench at the other end of the park, I presumed it was another dog walker but then realised he didn’t have a dog with him. I must say he made me feel a bit uneasy (if I had been with one of my boys it wouldnt have bothered me so much but a puppy cockapoo isn’t really much of a deterrent). Decided to keep distance fro
  5. NonnaB I wasn’t blaming the Italian football team for the trouble at the match or after that is solely the responsibility of the idiots that caused it. Neither am I disputing the fact that Italy became euro champions. What I was pointing out was the derogatory headlines in some newspapers abroad belittling our national team and, in some respects, the majority of the English fans who are law abiding and just wanted their team to win. As a I said I am not a particular football fan so if England didn’t win it made no difference to me who won at all. I would think most England fans will rejoice
  6. I must admit that a I am not particularly a football fan, although I did go to forest matches, in the Trent End of course, many moons ago. I have sat through some dire and lacklustre England matches in the past so was not particularly swept up in the euros fever and the “Its coming home” mantra. I have seen some of the headlines in the European papers ridiculing our teams performance, not sure what match they were watching but we held Italy to a 1-1 draw. They didn’t win the actual football match or the extra time for that matter they won on penalties. I know I am not a football officiado(?
  7. I sometimes wonder if pet insurance has something to do with the seemingly extortionate vet bills. When a I had my 2 boys the bills were eyewatering large especially as anti-biotics are done by weight in animals (wonder why this isn’t done in the human species). Even the Advocate for Jj was £11 for one which seems a bit much. Plus our vet pushes their own “wellness” thing where you pay by direct debit every month to get 2 consultations free plus worming/flea treatment. When a Jj is full grown I won’t be getting wormer/flea treatment from them will go back to the place I got it for the boys, Dr
  8. That is the dilemma of isolating. Having no symptoms doesn’t mean you haven’t got it unfortunately, the same with having two jabs and you could still spread it. Having a test after a week say, then resuming work if it is negative and keep having a test every day until the end if the isolation period would seem better. The only problem with that is the accuracy of the Lateral flow tests it would have to be a “proper” test. This is why people are, apparently, uninstalling the covoid app. I must admit I agree with nonnaB about the opening up. It seems like madness to drop everything in one g
  9. We received a txt message from the place we go to on Sunday for lunch to cancel our reservation yesterday as they had a positive test on one of their staff. It means some of the other workers are now self isolating so they are only doing takeaways for a while. We haven’t been contacted by track and trace (is this still going haven’t heard much about it recently) so presume we didn’t come into contact with the staff member thankfully. The thing that annoys me is when covoid is compared with flu. It isn’t flu (yes I do know there are deaths from flu every year). For one thing flu is seasonal,
  10. United We Stand .. Brotherhood of Man (reminds me of my first love Tonyfirst heartbreak as well
  11. Feeling a bit down and under the weather with my hay fever this morning so decided to have Alexa play some 60’s music to cheer me up. First three songs were Unchained Melody .. Righteous Brothers Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Any more ... Walker Brothers and then Never Walk Alone Gerry & The Pacemakers. Seems like Alexa feels like me this morning!
  12. I am starting invigilating at the local school from Friday, not sure whether it will be one on one or in the big room with more pupils. It was quite difficult to decide what to do especially as Nottingham cases are rising again and I do know some schools have had outbreaks of Delta although I don’t know about the school I am going to, it hadn’t had any cases for a while when I was in there in April/May. So I will be wearing my mask, using my taffix spray, making sure windows are open and placing my (hopefully not misguided) trust in my Pfizer vaccine to protect me if not from catching it b
  13. My heart goes out to you. I have had to make that decision twice in the last 18 months and there are a lot of others on here who will know how you are feeling, it rips your heart to bits each time.
  14. I very often see pied wagtails at the outside part of the cafe I go to. Think they nest in the church grounds next to it. I get wood pigeons in my garden, they are a complete pest. It is a constant battle to make sure they can’t get to any of the food on my bird station as they just wipe it out if they can. They also make a real mess on the slabs as well. Jj has started chasing them if he is out in the garden when they arrive, hopefully this will deter them a bit. I get sparrows, dunnocks, blue tits and the local robins who nest in next doors garden. Also starlings who nest across th
  15. Don’t mind them as long as they are ridden properly, there are always some idiots that don’t have a clue. My problem is when they are left to be picked up and block pavements. What do you call a load of them waiting collection? Gaggle, herd, murder, meeting or gathering? Perhaps they are plotting to take over the world!
  16. So today was Jj’s first puppy training/socialising class. I was hoping there would be other pups that he could socialise and play with. When we got there there were other people there with dogs but they were mostly adult and the 2 pups that were there were about 6 to 8 months old which was a bit of a disappointment really. We were told to keep Jj to one side whilst the other dogs were doing walking on lead and just let him watch. The trainer told one of the owners that if her pup pulled to jerk on the lead to get him back to heel, I must admit I don’t like that we have been using treats for
  17. No it isn’t an insurance job, it is a case of whoever did it did not finish the roof off properly (no guttering etc.) hence the damp wall. Par for the course in this house unfortunately. Will have to ask around and see if anybody knows of someone who can do the work for me.
  18. Can anyone recommend someone to sort out the roof on my side room. It is Perspex (I think) sheets and hasn’t been finished off properly ( what a surprise in this house) and I have to keep knocking the “rods” between the sheets that hold them in place back in as they continually slip out so it needs something to hold them in place. It needs guttering as well as the back wall gets damp from the water coming off the roof making the whole room damp. Also I think the seal between the house and the roof needs some attention.
  19. Jj is hopefully, dependant on the weather, going to his first puppy training/socialisation class on Sunday morning. He has already mastered sit and stay, doesn’t seem to see the point in drop and will sometimes leave if bribed with a treat. He is getting better walking properly on lead, again with treats, although he still gets a bit distracted by other people but he is improving. He comes back to whistle (and a bit of cocktail sausage) with great gusto. He is still jumping up though, he can walk on his back legs like a performing poodle, so hopefully we will be able to stop him doing that.
  20. I am pleased to say my ciggie craving has abated today finally. It has been a tough couple of days fighting the inclination “if I buy a pack and just have one ...“ rather like when I first went onto the vapey thingy. I was cutting the strength of the liquid down so perhaps this triggered it, have gone back to mixing 2 strengths together again and will take it from there a bit slower until I hopefully quit altogether. I was thinking about when I first started smoking in the 60’s, everyone seemed to smoke then or at least it seemed like it. I can remember Keith Richards on stage with the Ston
  21. I must admit marmite is the last thing I would miss, everyone to their own I suppose.
  22. Seems like a I am going to need a file cake as well, had the same message on my phone this morning. So annoying it was a recorded message would have enjoyed stringing the scammer along as I have done before.
  23. Today, for some reason I have got a mega craving for a ciggie. Haven’t had a proper one for months and haven’t had a craving for a long while. My vape just isn’t hitting the spot at all today. Good job you can’t buy them singly (I can remember getting them from Jacks on staverton, they were Park Drive he used to split the packs of 5) or I might have been tempted. I did enjoy smoking (not very politically correct I know but then I never am) and the problem with vaping, for me, is that the vape pipe doesn’t feel like a cigarette at all. Yes I get the nicotine hit to feed my habit but it just
  24. Today is the second day Jj can go for a walk. Yesterday we took him in the car (we have been taking him for a ride every day for the past couple of weeks so he is an old hand at it now) and went to local dog park. Wasn’t sure how he would react, bit like throwing him in at the deep end although it was early evening so it wasn’t as packed as it can get. I had been walking him round the garden on his lead to try and get him used to it, he wasn’t really impressed! We got him out the car and he was a bit hesitant but we managed to get him out the car park and onto the grass. He gradually got mor