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  1. The Nottingham I remember from before I moved away was a vibrant place, weekends were spent at pubs and them nightclubs. It could get a bit rowdy when pubs/nightclubs turned out with the occasional fist fight but mostly it was good natured. Saturday afternoon was for going round the shops (being seen), Birdcage, Chelsea Girl and C&A ( where you could get a skirt for 50p at one point). Coffee at the Kardoma (is that how you spell it) them home to get ready for the evening. I can remember many late Saturday nights in the Market Square where someone usually ended up in one of the fountains,
  2. I think I would have been the same about that to be honest nonnaB. I would never dream of doing something like that, pets are family you are a visitor. I must admit I always take notice when any of my dogs have not taken to someone, makes me wonder what is wrong with them (the person not the dog) and it tends to make me wary of them. Had a quick look at the offending lump today, just feels the same, it is hard to see because of where it is and he does have very hairy feet (he has hairy ear canals as well apparently so the vets say which can make him prone to ear infections). When h
  3. I have had to take Jj to the vets. We noticed he was licking his paw and we discovered a lump on the underside of his paw at the side of the large pad on his hind leg. A really awkward place to see not helped by the fact that he doesn’t like his paws touched, never has since he was a puppy. Vet had a look and decided to have him in to have a proper look and take a biopsy to send to the lab. This was done, vet said it appeared to be a lump of hard skin, didn’t bleed when it was cut into and there wasn’t anything stuck in his foot and biopsy was sent off. Went back to get results and was t
  4. I have a question. What are the Commissioners coming in to sort the Council budget out going to do precisely? Also why are they costing £1,500 and 2 at just over £1000 a day? Seems a bit excessive when the Council is already bankrupt. I await to be enlightened.
  5. Loved Whiter Shade Of Pale, Knights In White Satin as well by Moody Blues. Listening to it brought back so many good memories. Consider myself so lucky to have been a teenager then, the music, the clothes, good friends and good times. I think they did another one after that called Homburg Hat or something, never did reach the same heights after their first record.
  6. I have a medium sized Tefal air fryer. I was a bit dubious when I brought it, wasn’t sure if I would use it that much. However it is ages since I have used either of my ovens and very rarely use the gas hob now (except to do fried eggs to go with chips), just use the air fryer and/or microwave. It has been an ongoing experiment and sometimes I ended up with a burnt offering, especially when I first started using it but have got most things sussed out now. Certainly worth the initial outlay. On a more serious note I have a conundrum. I have noticed my 8 legged lodger seems to appear whe
  7. Thanks for all your best wishes. Still festering under my heated throw with my trusty (sleeping and snoring) guard dog by my side whilst finishing off the other half of my chocolate bar from yesterday. Normally there wouldn’t have been any left but it has crunched up bits of nut in it and it does make me cough. Still the suffering is worth the pleasure. I have been trying to remember the last time I had a cold/virus and have realised it was before covoid. I presume this could be that since then up until later last year I have always worn a mask when going out near people? It is making me
  8. After coughing most of last night and still not feeling good I decided to phone doctors this morning at the 8am appointment scramble. I was number 7 in the queue and didn’t hold out much hope of getting an appointment to be honest. Finally got through at about 8.25 and to my amazement got a telephone appointment with my registered doctor. He rang about 8.50am, went through everything, asked if I had done a covoid test, had done 3 last one yesterday, he asked me to go down to the surgery for 9.30am to see him. Didn’t really feel like going but got wrapped up and off I trudged. When I got
  9. Belated happy new year to everyone. Christmas this year wasn’t good. I went down with some lergy starting on Christmas Eve (there seems to be so much going round at the moment, a trip to the supermarket is like going to a TB ward with everyone coughing & wheezing). Christmas Day I felt like one of the walking dead and resigned myself to being housebound for a bit so for the next few days I stayed in and festered on the settee with a box of hankies, soothers and the remote control for the telly. Unfortunately had a really bad throat so had to stop my thyroid medication until it subside
  10. Can remember him in a vampire thing on telly. Can’t remember what it was called.
  11. Don’t think I will watch Soldier Blue then. Think I can vaguely remember it, did it have a Native Indian massacre in it, quite controversial at the time?
  12. The black and white films seem more atmospheric somehow. Seen both of them. Love a good scare
  13. Seen the Exorcist and the Omen BK. Didn’t find them that scary. Think they were overhyped to be honest. Never seen Soldier Blue, what is it?
  14. I do like a good horror film, not especially the “slasher” type although I do have the complete set of Freddy films and the first Halloween one was scary. But the one I have always found the most scary is the one about Hill House, can’t remember the title, was it The Haunting? Not the remake with Catherine Zeta Jones, the original black and white one, I always found the last words “Those who walk at Hill House walk alone” very chilling. So I was intrigued to see that Netflix had done a series based on the book, had a quick look at trailer and it looked okay. I wasn’t sure if I would be able
  15. It looks like it is that time of year again. Sitting in my front room and saw something run into the hall, thought it was a mouse for a minute. When I went to look it was an enormous spider, and I mean enormous and built like Anthony Joshua, I had a bit of a panic as it was too big to go into my spider catching container. Went into kitchen and got my big plastic jug and put it over the top of it and then had to decide how to get it outside which involved getting it into kitchen, down two steps and then out my French doors into the garden without hurting it or perish the thought touchin
  16. I love Billy Connolly ever since I saw him do “The Welly Song” If it wasn’t for your wellies where would you be You’d be in the hospital or infirmary ….
  17. I have noticed with age I don’t care whether other people like my opinions or not. I don’t care about your colour, race or sexual gender, don’t understand the pronoun thing but am quite happy to call you whatever you want. I would listen to your opinions and, as long as they are not truly offensive or disrespectful, respect them as your opinions even if they are wrong! I wouldn’t try to forcibly change them but would be willing to have a discussion about why we have a different take on things. Can’t be doing with people taking offence over the most trivial things which seems to be the trend
  18. I had similar problems last time there was an update. Found if I turned iPad round so it is on its side I could log in. Just stay logged in all the time now.
  19. In the throws of the process of selling my house buying another smaller property. Solicitors enough said.
  20. Like you DJ360 I first heard of her (and Ike) from River Deep and Proud Mary, going on to What’s Love Got To Do With It, We Don’t Need Another Hero and my all time favourite Simply The Best. She triumphed over a rough time with Ike Turner and became a superstar in every sense of the word. My biggest regret is never seeing her live on stage. Another one gone. RIP Tina Turner.
  21. On Thursday as usual we did our weekly shop. A rear brake light had gone so arranged to go to car shop to get it fixed. Arrived at 5pm and as we were pulling into car park at front shops, which is one way, a black SUV pulled in the wrong way and then stopped blocking the exit. To our horror someone got out all dressed in black with his face half covered with the biggest gun I have ever seen, seen them in films but not in real life. Not an AK47 but very similar. Two more people appeared dressed the same one with a similar gun and the other one was getting something out of the car boot which
  22. Took Jj out for a quick walk, he will have a longer walk later. What a lovely morning after the last few days, birds singing, sky blue (at moment), daffodils and snowdrops out. Feels like spring is arriving, might be able to ditch the thermals finally!
  23. My boy is taking part in the “Big Walkies” to raise money for the RSPCA which started on March 1st. He has so far walked 40 miles out of the total of 100 they intend to do through March, would have been more but the weather hasnt been co-operating. There area number of dogs to sponsor, so if you are interested please look up Big Walkies so we can raise as much money as possible. Thank you.
  24. My Alexa today gave the weather forecast as cloudy with flowers. Had the clouds, still waiting on the flowers