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  1. I have been ensconced (is that a word?) on the settee, slowly festering, most of the day in my pjs. I did tidy up the house a bit and saw to boys, they really didn’t want to go out this morning. Then we all had a nap. I did feel a dog intently looking at me once or twice but kept my eyes shut and after the inspection they lay down again. This afternoon I have been listening to podcasts with an accompanying crunching of pigs ears and lamp spaghetti and the occasional cat nap. As it has been such a dark miserable day it seemed the logical thing to do as I definitely wasn’t going anywhere. I hope the antibiotics will start to kick in a bit tomorrow and I will start to feel a bit better and do a bit more without the wheezing and coughing. I hate chest infections when they make you feel that you can’t breath properly.
  2. Thanks for all the good wishes, hope the tablets work quickly as we are supposed to be exploring Bramcote Park with my boys over the weekend. Certainly could not do a walk at the moment. I had a little nap this evening, woke up and realised I hadn’t had my tablet and Wolf hadn’t had his either. Went into kitchen got tablets out, got my water and then realised I was just about to take Wolf's tablet. Good job it is bright pink and round, mine are dark green capsules. Much to his disgust I swapped them over and he had crunchy wafer thin ham again.
  3. I had noticed over the past couple of weeks I was getting a bit wheezy but as my sinuses were playing up and dumping gunk down my throat (sorry to be explicit) I presumed that was the cause of it as well as my slight cough. However last nite I woke up struggling to breath, bit frightening when you are on your own, and then had a fit of coughing. I ended up going down stairs and spent the rest of the night on my recliner which seemed to help. Managed to get an appointment with my doctor this morning and took a very slow walk there, felt as if I wasn’t getting enough air somehow and had to sit down on a bench halfway there to get my breath back. It was no surprise to be told I had a chest infection and I have got a weeks supply of tablets that would cure an elephant. Also the “you have stopped smoking” talk. (As a matter of interest I can’t remember having many chest infections when I smoked, but perhaps rose tinted glasses are in play!) Even slower walk back (but it is uphill), my road seemed to stretch for miles before I got home. Now curled up on settee with a blanket, feeling sorry for myself, eyeing the box of walnut whips I treated myself to. A girl has to have some pleasures!
  4. When we had our black German Shepherd he used to get a lot of water infections and had to be on a special diet for it. As he wouldn’t take tablets at all our vet decided to give us a liquid antibiotic with a syringe to administer it. He showed us how to do it putting the liquid into the side of the mouth and Joe just swallowed it amazingly. It looked really easy and seemed to solve the problem. However when I tried to do it the liquid ended up all over me as well as the kitchen floor and walls. What was left in his mouth just trickled down his front and I just got that “look” German Shepherds have. In the end we worked out that if we dissolved the tablets in his goats milk and made a big fuss about him having pink milk he would drink it no problem with one of his favourite treats after. Not sure if he ever twigged on about it but it was definitely less traumatic that other options for both of us (probably more me actually I am sure he enjoyed the game).
  5. Got up on Saturday and Wolf wasn’t his usual bouncy self. He was shivering and didn’t look well at all (I know sounds silly but I could tell by his face he wasn't well.) Had a cup of tea and kept an eye on him for a bit as the vet didn’t open until 8. I decided to take him and when I got the lead out Kai went into walk mode but there was no reaction from Wolf at all. We had a really slow walk to the vets, usually he likes to look inside every gate and can pull a bit but I felt almost as if I was dragging him along. When we got to the vets he wasn’t interested in any other dogs and just laid down and went to sleep. When we got into see the vet she examined him but couldn’t find anything. I knew what was coming next, because they are 9 going on 10 we started the “joint talk”. On the odd occasion I do have to take either to the vets this always comes up and they want to start them on painkillers. I told her he had showed no signs of having any trouble with his joints (we have always had big dogs and I have seen the signs before) even after an 8 mile walk. So she took him in the back to do a blood test, I was a bit upset when she brought him back to me as he had a muzzle on and was a bit distressed. I told her I could have held his head and they could have done the blood test without the muzzle as I have done this before with our other vet. Anyway they rang me on Sunday morning with the results, she said the results were amazing, don’t know why, but it had picked up an infection so he needed a course of antibiotics, no mention of painkillers! Unfortunately when I got up on Sunday morning I had got a really heavy cold so wasn’t able to pick them up that day, thankfully he was a lot better. Picked them up this morning, they are like elephant tablets so am having to break them into 4 pieces, bought a couple of packs of wafer thin ham to wrap them. So battle commenced to get a tablet down him. I tried wrapping the piece of tablet in 1, 2 and 3 pieces of ham but he can still eat the ham and spit the tablet on the floor. The pack says they are palatable beef flavour but Wolf doesn’t seem to agree. As I was also having to give Kai ham as well the first pack was disappearing fast. (Pity I can’t claim on the insurance for the packs of ham.) I finally gave him a tablet in 2 pieces of ham and said in my best Barbara Woodhouse voice “eat it all”, he gave me a long hard stare and then made a right performance of chomping up the tablet but at least I got the first one down him only 13 more to go. So if there is a scarcity (spelling?) of wafer thin ham I’m afraid I am to blame and apologise now!
  6. I am back at the school invigilating again for the resits, just 5 exams this time. Been relaxing this afternoon (think I might have closed my eyes for a second or two) after being in the lecture room this morning. Why is it that those who want a pen are always in the top seat so you have to go up all the steps to get to them? I saw the pupil I took through all the exams this summer he is in the sixth form now which is what he wanted. Got 2 more exams to do this week, all morning ones and then just 1 next week which is an afternoon one. Don’t understand why normally I am wide awake by 6 in the morning but don’t get up until later, just snoozing, but when I have to get up at 6 (to sort boys out before I go etc,) I feel like I could stay in bed all morning!
  7. My paternal grandparents lived on Bonnington Crescent in Sherwood. I have many happy memories of being there. Except for the vicious ginger Tom that used to attack me (I can assure you I never did anything to him, he was a monster all teeth and claws), being pecked by the chickens when feeding them with my gran and being chased by her gander with his couple of ladies with my gran shouting “stop running and he will leave you alone”. After my grandad died my eldest cousin and I would stay with my gran for the odd weekend. The house was very freaky and made a lot of noise especially at night. My cousin and I used to share a bed and we used to lay there convinced it was my grandad making the noise. When I eventually told my mum, as I didn’t really want to stay overnight, she said “your grandad would not hurt you in life so why should he hurt you now”. She explained it was just the house settling which at the time I didn’t understand. We did stay there overnight after that, glad my cousin was with me wouldn’t have liked to have been on my own. My gran made the best fruit loaf I have ever tasted, she taught me to dunk biscuits and bread and butter in my tea much to my mums horror. She used to stand a loaf of bread on its end, butter it and then cut across the top, I have never ever seen anyone cut bread like that I certainly would never have done it that way. She could cut it as thick or thin as you wanted. After the cat died she had dogs, all of which were absolutely bonkers in the nicest possible way but that is another story.
  8. Where William Sharp was is now Samworth Academy. The old grammar school is now Bilborough College. I think the two original buildings were demolished.
  9. I went to the doctor for a blood test for my thyroid medication 2 about months ago and saw the shingles vaccine flash up on the screen. I do normally like to check for side effects etc before I commit to anything like this, but decided to go ahead with it even though it meant a needle in each arm. When I went for my next blood test I ended up getting my flu jab at the same time. Started to feel a bit like a pin cushion. There were no side effects, although my arm was a bit sore after my flu jab.
  10. Yes it was the Mint Bar. I went out with one of the barmen for a while. If he was on at dinner time used to get enormous servings of their shepherds pie!
  11. For a minute there I thought the smaller of the two men in the picture was John Wayne!
  12. Finally getting my garden slabbed over, gardeners started last week when the rain would allow. Not sure about the colour of the slabs, they are a golden colour not my favourite but at least it will be tidier once it is done. The front is almost finished, must say they are doing a good job but then I am paying them enough. The driveway looks a bit like a builders yard at the moment, hopefully the skip will disappear this week as I have my dog groomer coming on Saturday! I have had the patio area slabs taken up, they didn’t seem to be laid properly, I was constantly having to weed between the cracks, don’t like using weed killer because of my boys. They just lifted straight up not having been concreted in so at least the slabs can be used again. Where the lawn was is at the moment a sea of mud, they are starting to put stone down today to get it ready for slabbing. I will be glad when it is covered as at the moment my floors are covered with doggy footprints. You can guarantee as soon as I wash them the boys want to go out, even if I let them out before I do them, and they look just as bad again. Having a black sparkly tiled kitchen floor doesn’t help. Also the dog blankets and my two rugs will need shampooing/washing respectively once it is finished. It seems like I have been continually getting repairs/jobs done this year but this will be the last, it’s been a bit of a money pit in some ways. Next year decorating. The joys of moving to a new house
  13. Actually having a closer look at the picture it looks like 2 possible German Shepherds one standing and one sitting next to it. Sure I can see 2 heads, but then my eyes are as old as me surprisingly.
  14. Anyone know anything about the picture of the kangaroo taken at Bulwell in the Nottingham Evening Post? Didn’t notice one when we were in Bulwell this afternoon but perhaps it doesn’t shop at Tesco.
  15. Took the boys to Wollaton (is that the right spelling?)Park today. Really busy loads of dogs and owners, there was a muddy dog run for Battersea Dogs Home. Lots of obstacles for the dogs/owners to jump over and large paddling pools of water to run through. No my two didn’t do it, they can get muddy enough in a normal run, my floors end up crunchy like a beach anyway. Lots of very happy, mucky, waggy tailed dogs doing course with equally muddy owners. My two had a whale of a time, lots of fussing from other dog owners and loads of new doggy friends to meet and greet. They were very good even with the smaller dogs, they can sometimes “mob” smaller dogs and be a bit overpowering for them, but were well behaved today. Had a tea at the cafe and they found it very interesting with all the people and dogs doing the same. Got home, two very tired and happy dogs, chicken for tea tonight for them to round off a good day. I now have two boys fast asleep (with gentle snoring from both). Life doesn’t get any better
  16. I do agree with you somewhat. But on the other hand the animal/spider has a constant food supply and no predators to worry about and of course as long as the habitat is appropriate.
  17. Just finished my housework for the day. I loathe housework, never seems any point as it is there again the next day as if it had never been done. If I ever win the lottery after getting a house by the sea with a wood (with an oak tree), pond (with a weeping willow, newts and sticklebacks), field, more dogs, a donkey, goat etc the next thing on the list is a cleaner. Sure I can find more important and interesting things to do than housework. Anyway sorry I digress, decided to have a coffee and (dunkable) nice biscuits. Had a play on a game on my phone. Normally the adverts are annoying, but this time there were some very interesting ones. The first was a light pen which you can draw pictures with on a special board. Quite intriguing. The second was a screen you unfolded to put in front of your phone so if you watching things on your phone (I don’t it’s a phone) it magnifies the picture onto the screen. Quite a nifty idea really I suppose. The third was a paint roller which you put paint in and then use. Doesn’t drip apparently and judging by the advert you can do a wall very very quickly and the paint doesn’t look streaky. Also has some gadgets (I love gadgets) for doing corners and up to the ceiling without getting paint on it. I am very tempted by this, could save having to get a decorator in and the cost. As with most houses when you move into them the colour scheme isn’t what I would have, my kitchen is blood red and black! Will google it and see what I can find out about it. Only thing is I would have to go up a ladder, not my favourite thing to do, or perhaps I could erect scaffolding?
  18. I didn’t know they shed their skins, will investigate further to see if it just an old skin. I presume if she has it means she has grown bigger? I can see a renegotiating of her tenancy looming if she has, she will want more room, I will offer to leave the larger cupboard door open definitely not the kitchen. I have become fond of her but not that much!
  19. Oh dear got up this morning and Big Bertha has passed away. She was laying in the middle of her rooms floor on her back with her legs in the air. I was letting the boys out and of course they immediately spied her, I had to grab Wolfs collar and put a leg in front of Kai’s chest to stop them Investigating. Then I had to move Wolf nearer Kai (not easy with two 40kg dogs really wanting to go in the other direction) whilst keeping my balance and then do a leg down/grab collar move on Kai (he would have eaten her he does like a bit of extra protein, spiders, flies and his favourite daddy long legs). She is in a match box at the moment, managed to get her in there without touching her I am pleased to say. Not quite sure what to do with her, don’t like the thought of putting her in the bin, I have become quite fond of her in a strange way she was so sassy. (That sounds really sad possibly best not to mention it to too many people they might think I am a bit strange!) Possibly a burial in the back garden or in one of my pots, underneath the acer tree might be nice and will be easier than trying to dig in the garden Just hope Gigantic Gertie doesn’t try to move in now the room is (as far as I know) is vacant and she wasn’t as attractive as Bertha, didn’t have the markings on her body, and is just too big. oh well such is the circle of life, at least she was warm and dry for her last few weeks.
  20. I sometimes play one of the games on Alexa while I am having my breakfast. She sometimes suggests other games. I found hide and seek sounded a bit intriguing so tried that. She asked where am I, I pointed and replied are you there. Answer no. Once again where am I, this time I just said are you there without pointing and got the reply that she couldn’t see me! I swiftly shut her off. Bit spooky that.
  21. Don’t need a male version mine plays me things she thinks I want not what I ask for sometimes. For example, me - “Alexa play the latest episode of true crime all the time”. Alexa - “To answer your question of why butterfly wings are coloured”. Me - “Alexa no play the latest episode of true crime all the time”. Alexa - This podcast contains adult content which some may find upsetting”. Me - “Alexa play the latest episode of true crime all the time”. Alexa - “Sorry I don’t know that”. At which point she switches off and I listen on my iPad, at least that doesn’t answer back!
  22. Sunday is the last day now Beekay. Don’t know what time it finishes tonight.
  23. Just got back from the fair. Had my candy floss, bit disappointed it was in a bag not on a stick but it had just been spun and bagged, didn’t have the mushy peas though too long a queue at the scouts stalls. Watched some of the rides in horror, made me feel queasy just looking at them. No way I would have gone on them at all. It seemed smaller than I remembered, but it has been a long while since I went last time. Enjoyed it, but have a bit of a headache now the music was earsplittingly loud, suppose that shows my age!