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  1. I was in an office in 1979 working as a typist on manual typewriters so the power cuts didn’t affect us too much. Some sort of lamps were provided as well that sat on the desks (about 6 desks were pushed together). So we never had the 3 (or was it 4) day week. Hated going back to my flat when the power cuts were on though had to manage with torches, luckily we had a gas cooker but it wasn’t very easy to cook by torchlight, lighting the coal fire wasn’t easy either!
  2. I can remember going to Sneinton Market with my Nan, we would spend ages there going round all the stalls. She would get her fruit and veg from there, she always insisted in getting them from the front of the displays as she said if she didn’t there would always be one that was bad and told the stall holders so. She also used to haggle over prices.
  3. Will he be prosecuted for careless/dangerous driving I wonder.
  4. My youngest brother got into to see The Exorcist when it first came although he was only about 14 at the time (it was at the time there was a lot of hoohar (? Spelling) about it with people fainting etc. My Dad was furious and phoned the cinema manager to complain. The manager said it was not easy to assess ages and my brother was very tall and did look older than his age as did his friends. He was grounded for a while but said it was worth it!
  5. Could be possible, his name was Sam, everyone was after him, and he was an ace kisser. Also cheated a lot so I dumped him
  6. I can remember getting into the Moulin Rouge (whilst underage) with my boyfriend to see a film about Crippen starring Donald Pleasance. It was X rated but from what I can remember a it wasn’t at all. Didn’t the Moulin become a bit “seedy” at one time?
  7. Same thing happened every Saturday nite from what I can recall despite the best efforts of the police.
  8. Takes their minds off their own problems at least.
  9. Just a footnote, antibiotics were for a chest infection that I was left with after having a heavy cold (sounded a bit like Darth Vader), wouldn’t dream of going to doctors for a cold I just dose myself, lasts 7 days if you do, a week if you don’t.
  10. Been a good day today despite still having a runny nose and a bit of a cough (last antibiotic tonight, they have eased it a bit). Met up with a friend from my “yoof” who I havent seen for 40 years or so, just kept in touch with Christmas and birthday cards. Was worried we wouldn’t recognise each other and perhaps had drifted too far apart but as I walked up to the meeting place I recognised her and we had the biggest hug. We haven’t stopped talking for over 4 hours (taking in coffee shop, drink in pub and then meal in pub). It was like we had never been apart and really rolled back the years. So much to talk about and pictures to share. Feel on a right high, I suppose real friendship doesnt really die off no matter how long you are apart. She lives on the bottom of the estate I live on so it will be a regular thing now. There are a couple of other friends who I have lost touch with that I am still searching for and will continue to see if I can find them after this. As I said a good day, makes up for the bad ones when I feel a bit lonely.
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    At the doctors in Doncaster they would put up a notice to say how many people had missed appointments in the previous month. The figure was astounding, usually well over a hundred. I can understand that some people can forget, writing down in a diary could prevent this, but it was very frustrating when you had to wait 1 to 2 weeks to see a doctor. If you find you are unable to attend it is only common courtesy to cancel the appointment surely and let someone who needs it have it.
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    I agree with this and maybe people would turn up for appointments, if not charge then for the consultant/doctors time that was wasted. Same thing at doctors surgeries as well.
  13. I also knit, crochet (only very basically though) and can do embroidery although haven’t done that for a while. I do like doing counted cross stitch, suppose that could count as embroidery, find it very relaxing and like seeing the picture take shape. Think knitting and crocheting is a dying art, never buy a jumper always knit my own (thanks to my mum teaching me very patiently when I used to get a lot of tonsillitis when I was younger).
  14. We have had the new £5 and £10 notes for a while, think the £20 and £50 are being changed soon, there has been something on tv about who is going on them, not sure if the public has been asked to choose or not. To be quite honest most people seem to moan about them, but I understand they don’t disintegrate if put thru a washer not that I have tried it!
  15. I presume this is the new plastic notes. They look nice but are a bit of a pain, they stick together so you have to check you have only got one out. When I worked at the shop every time we opened the till they used to pop up and if one had been folded it was a nitemare as they would not lay flat. All in all not very impressed with them but suppose it is progress.
  16. Just noticed on my last post boys getting the cane ended up as bits getting the cane, sorry about that made it sound very rude.
  17. In my senior school bits would get the cane, they had to go down to the headmaster or the deputy’s room to get it. We also had teachers that rapped your knuckles or palm of your hand with a ruler, one who would throw the blackboard rubber at you (we all learnt to duck) or if you yawned would try to get a piece of chalk in your mouth. If you couldn’t answer a question he would stand next to you with 3 books above your head and would drop them one by one if you kept getting it wrong. Think a lot of his class was concussed some of the time! H&S would have had a field day!
  18. Thanks for that. Obviously shop at wrong supermarkets, local Asda and Co-op don’t have them. Tesco here I come!
  19. Bovril cubes can’t find then anywhere, liked them in my stews. Hate Oxo Cubes anything made with them just tastes like Oxo.
  20. Definitely hells angel, would have looked silly on a pushbike!
  21. Our manager finished at 2, very rarely worked nites unless someone rang in sick. At one time the idea was mooted that supervisors work 9 until 10 on their own at nite, staff said no it wasn’t safe so the idea was dropped. Only ever had one male supervisor while I worked there, he was 6’3 and looked like a biker (he wasn’t) so always felt safe working with him at night.
  22. Before I retired I worked in a small convenience shop which belonged to a large chain (McColls) so thought would give a view from the other side although I too would have had a “go” at the above mentioned employees so am not defending their disgraceful behaviour. As I said the shop was a small convenience store and there was usually just 2 members of staff on shift most of the while, our customers were mostly regulars who we got to know we’ll, being on first name terms of many of them. I would say that 95% of the customers were great (they would moan about the prices but McColls isn’t the cheapest of shops but we would take it on the chin and explain there was nothing we could do about it). We had targets to meet on “link sales” which were usually chocolate bars or sweets bags and had to ask every customer if they wanted them, a lot of regulars would come into the shop and say immediately “don’t want chocolate etc.” Most would have a laugh about it but some got quite abusive but we had to do it as the manager was in trouble if targets were not met. There were some customers who we dreaded coming in as they were so “difficult”, we had one lady who would quibble over a few pence difference in her paper bill, which was usually when the delivery charge was put up by about 10p and would refuse to pay any extra. Another one who came in to pay her paper bill every month and we had to go through every day with her to see what papers had been delivered, she always came in when we were busy so it left 1 member of staff to try and clear the queue that formed. You very often felt like going in the office and banging your head off the wall with some customers but you just had to take what they said, not take it personally (which was hard sometimes when they were shouting at you) and keep calm. Members of staff have had newspapers thrown at them with some force when the paper kids delivered the wrong papers and verbal abuse over the phone for wrong papers or no paper at all with demands that we should immediately go out and deliver the paper. We took a lot of flak for the paper kids but they were the ones who got tips at Christmas not us. We had a big Asda open just round the corner so this obviously affected the shop, but we managed to keep our regulars by giving good service and always being ready to banter with them and being as helpful as possible. Very often we got people coming in who didn’t usually for lottery and pay point payments when the queue at Asda was too long (they had to pay for groceries and then join another queue for them). Then we come to the shoplifters, we got to know who to look out for and could usually get rid of them before they took anything, although a few would slip through the net. Some ofthe staff have been threatened and we were told not to tackle them but it is hard not to, everyone else pays for the goods they take in the prices in shops. I have been working and have had regular male customers frogmarch shoplifters out of the shop with a few choice words. Would I work in retail again, yes I enjoyed it even though at times I had to bite my lip. I am always polite to retail staff I know what they can go through but do get frustrated with bad service. So all in all I would say most of the general public are fine but those that aren’t are a pain in the rear end but this is no excuse for bad service or rudeness to customers, as the good make up for the bad. What is the answer for bad service? Complain to the right people but remember perhaps the customer before you was one of the 5% of “difficult” customers but this is no excuse for verbal abuse to customers as, yes, they do pay your wages and without them you would not have a job. Sorry didn’t intend this to be such a long posting.
  23. Always loved Billy Connelly since seeing him at Nottingham many years ago. (Some Scottish friends got the tickets and dragged us along, we had never heard of him at that time, it was before he became popular.) Love his “Welly Song”.
  24. Knew Christmas was over yesterday, co-op have their Easter eggs out.
  25. Why when I am watching something interesting on tv do my two dogs decide they need to go out desperately but not at the same time and then either just have a look round and come back in or just sniff all the garden and come back in. This process can be repeated at least twice during a film. I have tried letting them out before I settle down to watch but they just look out the door and go and lie down again! I’m sure they plan it between them