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  1. I can remember shopping at Birdcage used to get all our “mod” stuff there (that dates me), got other stuff from Biba catalogue.
  2. With reference to the word games I play them as I enjoy them. I don’t post as much as I used to having had a couple of experiences where I have had negative responses to my posts, don’t get that with the word games. There are subjects that don’t interest me on the site, but obviously do other members, so I just scroll thru them, each to their own I say.
  3. I got a Saturday job at Woollies on Hyson Green whilst I was at school, I am fairly sure we had an overall to wear think it was turquoise. When I left school I worked there full time until I started at Boots offices on Station Street. Do Saturday jobs still exist now?
  4. When we lived in Doncaster we used to come to my parents in Nottingham on sundays. I think we came down the A1 (down past Clumber Park is that the A1?). There were very often time trials (I think) for bikes and the journey could be a bit of a nitemare. Most cyclists are responsible but there are some who seem to think they own the road especially when they are in a crowd. We once had an instance where there was a crowd spread across the road, my husband patiently waited (whilst muttering under his breath about car tax, insurance etc.) and when they moved over went to pass them, when halfway past them one di*****d pulled out in front of him don’t know how my husband missed him and then proceeded to berate my husband. My husband stopped the car and got out, I had to hold him back he was so angry about it, the cyclist never checked to see if there was anything behind him and I have no doubt if he had been hurt my husband would have been blamed. I always hated that journey after that when there were cyclists about it made what should have been an enjoyable day very stressful.
  5. I was in the Philatelie Society at Glenbrook in the 50’s run by a Mr Hill if my memory is correct. I can remember the club going with him, not sure where, and we had to take our stamp books. It would have been for the competition that she won, think it took place every year. Don’t remember this though.
  6. It must be cold as when I let my two dogs out first thing they were back in very quickly (and they are part husky), usually they are out sniffing around for a while. They are both laying on their beds near the radiator! No walk today then I am pleased to say.
  7. I can’t see the school across the road. It looks like something from the walking dead out there. Could be a “pj” day. Retirement does have some pluses!
  8. Concentrate on English history as well. When I was at school it was all wars on the continent, I learnt about ours from books I read not from school.
  9. Just been crawling about in the cupboard under the stairs to get my monthly meter readings, spider at eye height said hello and was very interested in what I was doing told him to mind his own business, Octopus are very good, got the amount of my bill straight away, have tried to cut the gas bill down, managed a couple of pounds, electric as well. Can’t decide which is cheaper, having the heating on low all day when I am in or just on in morning and evening. Will just have to get my fleece out, roll on summer!
  10. Sorry I don’t. A letter of apology doesn’t make any difference he was to blame. The woman with the broken arm did a tv interview and she said it was cloudy not sunny so someone is wrong. Bet I can guess in one who will be believed.
  11. I had friends who had a flat in one of the tower blocks can’t remember what floor but was really high up. It was a really nice flat, but they never really settled there. Later another friend got a flat in one of the smaller blocks, she was really happy but I always got lost when I went to see her, it was a bit of a rabbit warren and looked quite hideous (concrete jungle comes to mind in more ways than one).
  12. Have fond memories of the Palais. Met my first serious boyfriend there. Can also remember the announcement “Our friend is back, watch your bags ladies” when the purse pincher was about!
  13. Finally, 3 weeks after appointment at QMC got letter about medication for my naughty thyroid, doctors appointment on monday to finally get it. It is exactly the same as my doctor was going to start me on a while before Christmas which means I could have been taking it for over 2 months now. Whilst I can understand why doctor sent me to hospital it means I have been suffering symptoms, which whilst not severe are a bit worrying when you wake up in middle of night and feel like your heart is banging against your ribs, which could have, hopefully, been alleviated. At least it is sorted now, got appointment for ultrasound on thyroid as well now in February as well as first telephone appointment to see how I am going on medication. So it will be all systems go from monday and I can get back to normal (whatever that is).
  14. I can remember a place we sometimes used to go after the pubs shut, think it was called the Belvedere (?) From what I can remember you sometimes had to queue to get in, it was up a flight of stairs and wasn’t very big and it didn’t serve alcohol.
  15. I do shop on line, get my dogs frozen raw meat (easier to get it delivered monthly) and dog biscuits and chews as they are cheaper and since I moved here there isn’t a pet shop near. I also do some grocery shopping online at Iceland, I do like rice type things so like the bags of ready meals which are for 2 people so I could get 2 meals out of them (must admit I usually eat the whole bag, their portions aren’t very big, at least that is my excuse). I still do a small shop at the local Asda once a week (Aldi is a bit too far away and to be honest I don’t really like it) and through the week go to the local shops just down the road (Co-op, Heron, Greggs etc) for anything I need or fresh stuff. I don’t buy clothes (prefer to try on before buying) and very occasionally buy shoes (see previous comment) but it is very rare as I have had times when things ordered have not fitted and sending back can be a hassle as well as having to pay to send items back. It is useful to be able to get stuff delivered within 24 hours especially if the weather is going to be bad and it does stop me impulse buying but don’t think I could ever just buy on line and not go to shops, the rosy glow of finding a bargain at Primark would be missed!
  16. On a more personal note, my late husband always pooh-poohed any ghost thing even though I met him when I lived in the Sherwood Rise flat, he was in the ground floor flat which he shared with the lad that saw “Fred”. Anyway a little while after he had passed away I was in my front room and our two dogs suddenly left the room and went into the kitchen and I could hear them messing around. I called them back in and they came into the front room. At the same time there was a cold breeze that came in with them. They laid down but were watching something in the room. The breeze came round me and it was very comforting, it seemed to move round the room and then disappeared. I thought I had left the bathroom window open and checked it but all windows and doors were shut. Few days later I was in bed and was woken up by a noise in the landing, I thought one of the dogs had managed to open the child gate on the stairs but then I heard my husbands voice saying “It’s only me”, I replied okay and went back to sleep. The nite before his funeral I heard him calling my name, he had been in a bed in the front room before going into a nursing home and I automatically thought he wanted me so got up and went downstairs, then realised what I was doing. Perhaps it was my imagination but found it comforting somehow. I mentioned the breeze to my sister in law (his sister) and she said she had a similar experience after her husband died. As for it being complete waffle, each to their own and no I don’t believe in UFOs until I see one.
  17. Where I lived in Rossington there was a haunted lane which ran down the side of the old church, a woman had been murdered there apparently. One of the woman I worked with lived across the road from it and used to walk her dog down it. She told me she was walking the dog as usual and it suddenly stopped dead, she couldn’t get it to carry on walking, then suddenly turned tail and ran. It was on lead so she had to run with it or strangle it. As they were running she felt they were being chased and could hear heavy breathing as if someone was running alongside them. She found another place to walk her dog, never went back there. There was also a female hitch hiker on the road that ran from Tickhill along the top of Rossington, she would hitch a ride get into the back of the car and then would disappear. It was said she was trying to get home, very sad if true. Don’t know if it was true, there are a lot of phantom hitch hikers, she was apparently hitching a ride home but got hit by a car and killed. I agree Jill about the atmosphere in some houses, a couple I viewed although what I was looking for did not feel “right” and there was one that as soon as I walked in the door I felt very uneasy about and almost unwelcome. It just seemed very dark somehow. My present house, despite all the problems I have had with it, is very welcoming and has a nice “feeling”. I would never use a ouja board. In The house I was on about the lad upstairs did one with his friend he never said what came thru. They went out afterwards and when they came back the bedsit was in disarray with broken glass and things thrown around. Don’t know if it was “Fred” but if it was he definitely disapproved.
  18. I used to live in a flat in a house that was haunted in Sherwood Rise. Light would go off (especially on the passage to our flat which meant you were going backwards and forwards switching it on as you couldn’t see to put your key in the door, if asked to stop it would, things would be moved and sometimes we would see a dark shape going up the stairs to the bedsit on the floor above. You would also hear footsteps behind you as you walked down our passage. My cats would also react to something in the room you couldn’t see. Whoever it was had a thing for my flat mate, used to whisper in her ear at nite and wake her up, she could never make out what was said, until she told him firmly to stop. It never felt threatening only curious about what was going on and we all just accepted that it was there and part of the household. One of the lads downstairs actually saw him in his bedroom during the day, he came running up the stairs to our flat ashen faced, thought he was going to pass out on me, and said it was a young man (probably why he liked my flatmate, she was very pretty) and he just faded away. No one else ever saw him. We named him Fred. We always knew when he was about as the house would go very still somehow, although there would be days when he wasn’t about. Our landlord lived next door, at one time there was a communicating door from our passage to their house which had been bricked up as two related families lived in the houses, and odd things happened in their house as well. So possibly he was something to do with these families and moved from one house to another. We would always say hello when we got back from work etc. to let him know we were there. As I said he never felt threatening, wouldn’t have stayed there so long if it had, it never bothered me when I was in the house by myself, in fact many times I wasn’t. We said goodbye to him when we moved to a better flat. Quite missed him for a bit.
  19. I was in an office in 1979 working as a typist on manual typewriters so the power cuts didn’t affect us too much. Some sort of lamps were provided as well that sat on the desks (about 6 desks were pushed together). So we never had the 3 (or was it 4) day week. Hated going back to my flat when the power cuts were on though had to manage with torches, luckily we had a gas cooker but it wasn’t very easy to cook by torchlight, lighting the coal fire wasn’t easy either!
  20. I can remember going to Sneinton Market with my Nan, we would spend ages there going round all the stalls. She would get her fruit and veg from there, she always insisted in getting them from the front of the displays as she said if she didn’t there would always be one that was bad and told the stall holders so. She also used to haggle over prices.
  21. Will he be prosecuted for careless/dangerous driving I wonder.
  22. My youngest brother got into to see The Exorcist when it first came although he was only about 14 at the time (it was at the time there was a lot of hoohar (? Spelling) about it with people fainting etc. My Dad was furious and phoned the cinema manager to complain. The manager said it was not easy to assess ages and my brother was very tall and did look older than his age as did his friends. He was grounded for a while but said it was worth it!
  23. Could be possible, his name was Sam, everyone was after him, and he was an ace kisser. Also cheated a lot so I dumped him
  24. I can remember getting into the Moulin Rouge (whilst underage) with my boyfriend to see a film about Crippen starring Donald Pleasance. It was X rated but from what I can remember a it wasn’t at all. Didn’t the Moulin become a bit “seedy” at one time?