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  1. My two dogs are included in all the cards I send ( from me and my boys) as are my friends dogs (they are part of the family after all). However they dont receive any cards just to themselves, but my Dogs Trust sponsor dog does send me Christmas cards, birthday cards and a valentine card with a message telling me what he has been up to. Obviously a very educated greyhound!
  2. The house I am in now has what was once an outside loo. Luckily the previous owners amalgamated it and the two storage sheds into a room at the side of the house otherwise it would definitely not have been used. Haven’t decided what I am going to use it for as yet, but it is a big room.
  3. I had an uncle and aunt who lived on Heskey Street in Nottingham. I used to stay there regularly and hated their outside loo. It was right at the top of the garden near the gate into the back alley. It gave me nitemares. Don’t know what was worse going in the dark or braving the spiders (which are a pet hate of mine). My cousin and I used to go together when it was dark (at the time there was some trouble with someone lurking in the back alleys). That was just as bad as you had to stand outside in the dark waiting for each other, no security lights then, imaging the worse.
  4. I had a Hotpoint twin tub and it always worked well although it used to jump around if the spin dryer wasn’t loaded evenly and you had to hang on to it to stop it jumping all over the kitchen.
  5. Everyone seems to be in a rush (or on their mobile phone) these days. It wasn’t like that when I was younger (oh dear sound like an old fogey), people seemed kinder and had time for things, but perhaps that is rose coloured spectacles?
  6. Nothing wrong with a Nothing wrong with having a rest day, gives you time to take stock of things. I sometimes have pj days, especially if the weather is like it was yesterday, (nothing better than snuggling on settee watching box sets or reading while the rain is lashing at the window). I was a bit worried about retiring, thought I might get bored as I have always worked, although only part time the last few years, but it is great being able to do what you want when you want. I can heartily recommend it.
  7. Try to be pack leader as per Dog Whisperer but they do have their moments, they are male after all! Had their chicken this evening so peace is restored, both sleeping it off at moment.
  8. Oh dear had a slight blip yesterday, chicken wasn’t properly defrosted. So I spent the evening with two dogs with the hump. They made it very obvious they were not amused as when I touched them they turned their heads away and wouldn’t look at me. Made a point they were not happy by dropping as many biscuits on floor as eaten. Thankfully it is defrosted this morning so hopefully I will be forgiven and can come out of the doghouse.
  9. Been thinking back to my childhood trying to work out if we were deprived or not. We were always fed and clothed and had a council house to live in. We didn’t have anything that could be classed as luxuries, but then neither did anyone else on our close. There was one family which my mum would describe as “scruffy” and we were told not to get too close (nits), but everyone else was like us as far as I can remember. The biggest difference to nowadays is that the close was a community in itself, celebrating things together (coronation etc.) which you don’t get nowadays. I can remember my mum giving the scruffy family some of my outgrown dresses for one of their daughters and was told on pain of death I wasn’t to say anything about it (which I didnt although as a child I really wanted to). Perhaps I was just lucky? .
  10. My Monday Club are having a Secret Santa, told to get something silly for a pound. I have been searching all week with no real success. Getting really desperate even had relatives searching for me! Who came to the rescue? Aldi with chocolate Brussels and chocolate Christmas puds. Problem solved. Can now get back to trying to ignore Christmas.
  11. Not sure about that I would get the German shepherd “look” which they are both very good at
  12. Got up this morning and felt a bit sniffly with a sore throat. Had a choice stay in and feel sorry for myself or take my boys to the park I have found nearby (don’t walk them on my own where my sister and I walk them as it is a bit lonely just fields and a wood, not good when you have to consider these things as a woman). So decided to take them out, I have to take them separately (the one left behind kicks off) but I don’t take them out together as if they decided to go I would be pulled over. Glad I did it has made me feel a lot better and they have now contentedly settled down for a nap (will have to keep moving them when I hoover). It will be a good day, walkies and chicken for dinner (the boys not me).
  13. I have finally had a PIV unit installed in my loft (just couldn’t cope with the damp any more), had it done yesterday. One of the ladies from a club I go to had had one installed a while ago in her bungalow which was a help. Although I had done research (put a white coat on while doing it) it was better to speak to someone who had got one installed, she was able to answer my questions (I know the installer would have but they would have a vested interest) and gave me the phone number of her installer. I had contacted someone on line and by telephone (leaving a message) who advertised they would get back to you in 24 hours, still waiting. The installer came out, did an inspection and took me through everything, he was very helpful and explained it all. So, it has been working for about 24 hours and already the horrible damp smell has disappeared from upstairs. I am going to change the damp traps today to see if they collect anything as he did say sometimes they do need tweaking a bit (he has left it on factory settings for 3 bedroomed house). The really good thing is I have a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work and they will take it out and make good the landing ceiling. So hopefully this will work and I can start thinking about decorating in the new year instead of thinking about selling again. Got my appointment at the hospital for the beginning of January to get my thyroid medication sorted out. I am seeing someone who is a diabetic specialist (?), is this normal? Went to the doctors today for a check up, he says everything is okay and although my heart was thumping it was a normal beat, still is a bit disconcerting when it does it especially when I am in bed. The stopping smoking is going fair to middling, I do occasionally have one but am getting there, I can see what I am saving in my bank balance which is an incentive. (Bit mercenary I know but there are things I want to do to house and I am my fathers daughter, who was very careful with money.) So hopefully things are looking up a bit and next year will be better.
  14. This sort of thing pi***s me off. I knew it was a scam but if this had been my dad when he was alive, who loved the internet, he would have thought it was genuine and done what this s**t was asking him to do and have lost a lot of money. That is why I posted it so people can be warned about it. People who do this want flogging in public. (sorry if this is not pc but it really pi***s me off.)
  15. My two dogs react to other dogs on tv. We regularly watch the Dog Whisperer together. When one of them was younger he used to dash into passage from front room if the dog disappeared from screen thinking it would be in there and would come back very confused!
  16. Match as in strike a match, match a pair, football match and matchmaker.
  17. Been getting recorded messages telling me my broadband was going to be cut off in 48 hours as it had been compromised. The message had what sounded like an American accent which was a bit strange so I just ignored them and it wasn’t cut off. Then I got a phone call from an Indian gentlemen who said he was from BT who monitor all broadband lines (?). He sounded like he was in a call centre from the background noise. Told him I wasn’t with BT but he insisted that Bt monitors all broadband for problems (they must be very busy). He said people were using my broadband line and I needed to correct it and he would be able to help me sort it out. Didn’t have much to do so played along a bit. He asked me to put my laptop on and then gave me a code to put in (which I didn’t) and then said can you see all those lines of code, they are people using your broadband, he said there were over 300! Then he gave me another code to put in which I wrote down so I could repeat it to him and then asked me to click on download. I told him I didn’t know who he was and was not inclined to do that as I didn’t know what I was downloading, after a bit of to and fro he said he would connect me to his supervisor. There was a silence and then the same guy spoke to me again pretending to be the supervisor. I had to stop myself from laughing, but pretended to click on download. He then gave me another code which I pretended to put in again. At this point I decided to end the call, told him to go away and multiply and not to ring my number again. I contacted my broadband provider to tell them about it. I just wonder how many people have fallen for this, the call does sound like it comes from a call centre and he is very persuasive.
  18. Watched David Attenborough’s Dynasties on tigers. Absolutely spellbinding (tigers are my favourite big cats). Couple of heart stopping moments when the female was hurt in a fight and also when she went near a village to hunt. The bit at the end when you saw how they got some of the footage was interesting, made you realise the patience it takes to get the captivating images. Another gem from David Attenborough.
  19. My doctors have 2 automatic doors, 1opens inwards and 1 outwards. Always catch me out can never remember which is which, usually meaning a quick jump backwards. On the way out think I have it sussed but it is the other way round so same thing again. Must be an age thing!
  20. I can remember my mums divi number and her saying not to forget it. I can remember the Bilborough co-op when the upstairs was open. It used to have shoes, furniture, records and I think white goods. Not sure if it had clothes as well. Mum used to have a book where she wrote her order and I used to drop it into co-op, later a boy on a big black bike with a basket in front for a box would deliver it. They had a good sweet counter as well.
  21. Sometimes find it takes a couple of times before it will accept my password. Keeps saying caps lock is on when it isn’t.
  22. Oh right. Thinking about it the accents don’t have the normal Australian sound. Still like it though.
  23. I have started watching Brokenwood Mysteries. Watched the first box set and now the new series that has just started. It is set in Australia and is a gentle detective/murder series (if you could describe murder as gentle) with a touch of Columbo about it. I am really enjoying it, makes a change from the more graphic murder mysteries. It is set in a small town (wouldn’t like to live there as your chances of being murdered seem very high), so it has the same characters in it each episode (oh dear it sounds like a Brazilian soap). I must say it is a change for me to watch something like this as I do tend to veer towards serial killers who I find fascinating and horror movies, Insidious etc (would hate to think what people would assume if they saw my programmes viewed and computer search log, think I would be a “person of interest”!)
  24. Fly2 glad you enjoy Heavy Load, I also have a copy with a message from one of the authors that I know well. I know how much blood, sweat, tears and love went into it.
  25. Are the waxed cartons that I get my dogs goats milk in a better option to glass bottles/plastic cartons?