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  1. Will try the spray, don’t want to end up with a vaping habit instead of a cigarette habit. Thanks for all your support, will battle on. I have noticed the house smells better now, but have noticed some of my coats smell, can’t believe I smelt like that. Sorted out with PIV unit, it will be fitted in 2 weeks, got a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work. No smoking for 4 months will cover the cost with some left over to treat myself.
  2. That is true but can smell someone smoking in street from a mile away! I keep reminding myself how much money I am saving and what I can do with it.
  3. Still battling ciggie cravings, must admit have given in a couple (well perhaps a few more) times. Don’t have any now so am depending on willpower and occasional puff in my vape thingy. Didn’t think it would be this hard but have smoked for over 40 years, don’t know which is best to have a packet in house so I know they are there and be tempted to have one or not have any and worry about that Got someone coming out to have a look at condensation in house and see about a PIV unit in loft. (Thanks to Brew for telling me about them, had never heard of them.) Have done research (well had a look at them on internet and they sound like what I need ). Contacted a couple of firms in the area but only 1 got back to me despite the other firm advertising they get back to you in 24 hours so will see what he says. I would really like at least 2 inspections to be on the safe side. Got mixed feelings about it, half of me wants one to sort out problem and the other half is baulking at the price (my fathers daughter he was very frugal with money). Life seems very complicated at moment!
  4. When I moved here I joined a monthly book club. The present book we are reading is Home Front by Kristin Hannah about an American woman who is a reserve helicopter pilot in the army. She has just been called up to go to Iraq. Although this is not my usual sort of book (I am more a Stephen King kind of book reader) I am getting quite immersed in it and find myself rooting for her and her co-pilot to survive. It is quite unusual reversing the normal male/female roles, her husband is left looking after children etc (not coping very well which might be a bit of stereotyping) and she is coping with being shelled in her camp and shot at whilst flying her helicopter. Nice to read a book with a strong woman as the main character.
  5. The 5 shillings was money from my Saturday job that my mum gave me back after I gave her my wages. Before that we didn’t get pocket money. When I started work full time I got the princely sum of £4.50 a week, got £1 of that back. Those were the days!
  6. Dad making the coal fire in the morning. Walking to school in all weathers. Lumpy school custard. 5 shillings pocket money.
  7. My mum having a co-op number which was put thru till when you made a purchase, can still remember it and queuing up to get the divi. Winning a goldfish at the fair .
  8. That is so terrible but unfortunately not surprising. Hope they find the driver and throw the book at him.
  9. Been to Ikea for only the second time looking for something to put in the dining bit of my kitchen (which is bigger than my front room, could hold a dance in it). I was looking for a table and chairs but then I saw a red 2 seater settee, it would match my black and red kitchen (not my colour choice) and a really nice coffee table. Got my sensible head on and decided to measure before buying. Got back home and just by looking can see it will be too big, feel crushed. Oh well back to the drawing board.
  10. I can remember the Siamese cat that was at the Baxter’s shop, you could not stroke it as it would scratch you. They used to sell knitting wool in the back room.
  11. I can remember the first time I went to the Dungeon. Went down the stairs and Baby Love by the Supremes was playing. Don’t think H&S would have let it open nowadays with just the narrow staircase down to it. I was about 15. Luckily my friends and I missed the raid but I heard that the floor crunched when it was walked on because of all the pills that had been dropped. I went to Bilborough Grammar and we were told we weren’t to go there, it was a den of iniquity apparently, so of course everyone went. We were never offered anything when we were there. I can remember the dance marathons they had there, think they were on Sunday afternoon/evening if I remember rightly. . I am sure I saw Screamin’ Lord Sutch there as well as the Crawdaddies. Saw Long John Baldry there as well a couple of times, he was gorgeous. Also used to go to the Britannia Boat Club, didn’t the floor move a bit when everyone was dancing? I did enjoy my misspent youth!
  12. Like the sound of a spiraliser - what is it, sounds really useful?
  13. Just been to shops to get bread. Picked up loaf and then noticed it had “Merry Christmas” written on side. Others had “Let It Snow” on then, no dont let it, I hate snow especially when it gets slippy and sloppy.
  14. A microwave that does toast. By the time you have pressed all the buttons the toast has popped up in the toaster anyway!
  15. Stop killing houseplants. Get my house sorted out. See my relatives in the USA, hug Mickey Mouse. See the Rolling Stones in concert one last time. Be contented and happy.
  16. I am pleased to say Kai is fine, glad I didn’t go back to vets with him. Have started both my boys on flexi joint (they are 8 years old) just to make sure. Only way to get tablets down them is to get wafer thin ham and break tablets in half and wrap them in ham, any other way and they clench their teeth so even a pill popper isn’t an option. If they start to sniff the ham suspiciously I change to wafer thin chicken although I get the feeling they still know what is going on. I do have to check after they have had them, (1 and a half each) to see if any have appeared on the floor as they seem able to carry them in their mouths and spit them out when I am not looking. When I do occasionally find them I just get “the look” from both of them, neither look guilty, they don’t sprag on each other and no one will own up that it was them.
  17. We used to call alleyways snickets, also any short cut. I thought gennels were dead end alleys but might be wrong. Or it could have been the other way round
  18. Wish I could put on weight, I lost 2 stone with this thyroid thing that has flared up. All my clothes hang on me but I am loath to buy anything new in case I start putting weight back in when I get medication sorted out. I never was fat but hate how I look at moment, just skin and bone.
  19. On day 4 of being a non-smoker. Still getting cravings, especially after a meal, using my vape thingy but only occasionally as don’t want to end up stopping one habit for another. I have seen some who are puffing in them continually, don’t want to have to give up cigarettes and then have to give up vaping as well. I was in the front garden and someone walked down the road smoking, I could smell it from a distance away. Ignored the urge to wrestle them to the ground and get the ciggie! Been told after 2 weeks the cravings get less and less, seems like an age away.
  20. I have had many German Shepherds and like most breeds there are good and bad. I know many people are intimidated by them, but I have always found them faithful, loving and protective. My 2 boys are German Shepherd crosses and I feel completely safe in the house at nite on my own. Would not be without them. There are some breeds of dog that I am not fond of, I prefer bigger dogs, but the world would be boring if we all liked the same.
  21. I do agree with you Brew about vaping and I think the jury is out on whether it can have harmful effects. It is amazing how many people have the vape pipes, almost like a fashion statement. I have tried them before but could never find an oil that I liked, I thought they tasted like dirty ashtrays smelled to be honest and can’t see the point in flavoured ones when I don’t smoke strawberry cigarettes. Each to his own I suppose.
  22. Advanced Nostalgian, goodness makes me feel quite important. Thanks everyone for the encouragement. Seemed strange tonight doing my Friday night shop and not getting cigarettes. Saved some money as well, less than half what I normally shell out so will concentrate on that as I want a table and chairs for my kitchen (Ikea here I come). Did treat the boys to a toy each though, lots of running around squeaking (the dogs not me).