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  1. Can’t remember what soap she used could it have been sunlight but can remember the smell I loved it. She had a big stick and used to stir the copper and push the clothes down as well whilst standing on a stool. So glad for my washing machine.
  2. I had a flat in Nottingham and Jon Pertwee had relatives nearby. He used to turn up in a vintage car wearing his Dr Who coat. Used to hear the local kids shouting “It’s Dr Who”. He was always mobbed and was very good with them as they used to ask him all sorts of questions. He was a very imposing figure. Haven’t watched it since a David Tennant left but have recorded new episodes to see how the new one will go.
  3. Thanks will have a go. Am usually on iPad but will have to charge up my laptop, still in a box upstairs since I moved.
  4. I cam remember Lux soap flakes, my mum always used Persil. Sometimes it wouldn’t dissolve and would go into lumps. Can remember my gran had a wash house outside the kitchen door. Monday was washing day, she used to have a copper whic I am sure she used to lite. Her mangle was in there as well, got my fingers caught in that a few times. Can remember the small of soap. She never took to new fangled washing machines even though my dad bought her one. She said they clothes weren’t cleaned properly.
  5. I have met Joe Brown and his backing band. But my claim to fame is my friend and I got into the Rolling Stones dressing room when they were here on a tour in the 60’s and they were all there waiting to go on stage. Later on we took some others by our route but only Brian Jones was there. He trod on my friends foot.
  6. Oh dear managed to get photos onto post but can’t work out how to transfer them. Will ask my sister to see if she can sort it out for me. Obviously a senior moment!
  7. I an looking for old school friends Jill Blanksby, Linda Clarke who married Graham Ellis and Janet Gunn. All went to Bilborough Grammar in the 60’s.
  8. My boys are gentle giants and just want to play with every dog. Unfortunately being so big they can be a bit intimidating. The most they do is cover you with hair. Tried to put a picture on but can’t work out how to do it.
  9. Having just moved to this area to be with my sister we found a really nice place to walk my 2 malamute/German shepherd crosses. They can be let off lead to have a sniff and play safely and there is a dog friendly pub where we can get a drink (non alcoholic) and my boys can have water. Whenever we see other people with or without dogs they are called back and put on lead. They are never out of our sight at any time. My pet hate is people who do not put their dogs on lead when they see us, sometimes saying “it’s okay he’s fine”. So are mine but isn’t it better to put your dog on a lead just in case the other dog isn’t? The other day we encountered 2 dogs who appeared to be on their own, one of them was being aggressive to our 2 dogs. The owner eventually sauntered by, called the dogs who completely ignored them and just carried on his way without a word. Most of the dog walkers we meet are really nice friendly people and we can have a chat, but this minority drive me mad!
  10. I have just found out I have a wasps nest in the loft of the house I have just moved into. Wondered why I kept getting them in my bathroom, obviously they were showering before starting work!
  11. Hi LizzieM. From what I can remember he was a quiet boy, never in trouble. There was just him and his mum I think.
  12. No she isn’t. Doesn’t have much time with her job and keeping me in check!
  13. Thanks for your welcome. Still finding my way around at the moment. Think I am finding what I want by chance rather than purpose. So glad my sister told me about this it is excellent.
  14. Hi Anthony Gavin do you have a brother called Robin?
  15. We had to wear light tan tights with seams. Total nitemare. I can remember when the Beatles came to Nottingham for a concert. Teachers trawled town and rounded up pupils who were there waiting for them to arrive. Not me I was a Rolling Stones fan.
  16. There was a thing about fringes being in your eyes which was the fashion. My friend had hers cut at school by Miss Thompson I think. It ended up about 3 inches long. Can’t remember knicker inspection but can remember us all surrounding one girl who came to school wearing black tights, supposed to be flesh coloured & really thick, so she wouldn’t get caught. Very racy for that time black tights.
  17. I think I lived near her on Huxley Close for a while. I can remember twins that lived near the green on the close. They used to hold hands and had bows in their hair, usually dressed the same. Didn’t know her very well as we lived near the bottom of the close. I think they had an older sister as well?
  18. I really liked Mr Downing his classes were one of the few I enjoyed. The punching incident happened when we had to wait outside a classroom, can’t remember why. We were all lined up & when Mr Downing arrived he was not happy at us all being outside the room. Don’t know why it happened but he suddenly punched the boy in the stomach which doubled him over. From what I can remember we were sent into class minus the boy. Never heard what happened after. I was also in Miss Trails form, disliked her intensely. It was Beatles/Rolling Stones era so we all had long hair, mine was wavy which was the Bain of my life as it should have been straight, she told us people with long hair were dirty. Told my mum who complained to school about her. She was always reporting our class to Peake. He would stand outside the classroom door watching her lessons with us. Someone put a note in the class register which said snitch. We all knew who it was but didn’t say anything. Miss Thompson had a nervous breakdown in my last year there. Our year got the blame! She was a bit of a bully, tried to get you to cry if you had to go to her office. She used to watch us walk out of assembly and would check colour of our tights & length of our skirts (mini skirts were in). If she thought they were too short she would make you kneel down and would measure from skirt hem to knee.
  19. I have just joined today and have read with interest this forum. I have only just moved back to Bilborough after more years than I care to remember. I was at BGS during the 60’s and this has brought back many memories, both good and bad. I can remember Mr Downing, very accurate when throwing blackboard rubber or chalk at someone. I can also remember him punching one of the boys in my class in the stomach, I think it was Darryl Barker or Baker. Dr Peake was a pompous little man I disliked him intensely. I can remember Miss Louden she took us for maths. There was an English teacher whose name I can’t remember who was very easily sidetracked from what he was supposed to be teaching us. Miss Rattray was our PE teacher, she played hockey for England. Mr Carlson took us for geography, his lessons were so boring. I can remember the woodwork teacher, we used to hang around the clock room near the stairs to his classroom to see who his latest conquest was. Also Miss Rose who married Mr Henry and had to tell some 6th form girls to leave her husband alone.
  20. I have just moved back to Bilborough after being away for more years than I care to remember. I got married in 1976 and then moved to Doncaster as my husband got a job there. I always thought of Nottingham as my home and my husband and I were planning to move back in the next few years. Unfortunately this was not to be as he passed away earlier this year so I decided to come home to be with my family. Moving was very stressful but I am glad to be back.