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  1. Taking Kai out this morning we did the usual routine making him sit with his lead on whilst I opened the door and then wait until I told him to go out. As he was sat there I noticed a rather large spider come hurtling out from between the wall and floor slab ready to fight! I moved Kai over a bit, think it was a bit overmatched or more likely Kai would eat it, he is very partial to the odd wasp, beetle etc. I had a good look, from a distance I must add, and it seems to be Big Bertha who was obviously in a bad mood. Perhaps I woke her up when I lent my walking stick against the wall. Making sure the door to the kitchen was shut we proceeded with our walk. When I got back she was sunning herself on the wall. I sorted Kai out with water etc. and then went back into my side room. She had moved a bit so we were eyeball to eyeball. Although I do NOT like spiders, she is quite magnificent really apart from the way she runs and the fact that she is a spider. We have renegotiated her tenancy, same rules as before. She stays in the side room, can eat as many flies as she wants, no partying or having friends over. All webs must be discreet and must not be where I will walk into them. I have agreed not to let Kai sniff or eat her and she won’t try to attack us when we are going for walks and she is not allowed to accompany us on them either. Any rules are broken and she will be in next doors garden immediately. So hopefully we can co-exist peacefully.
  2. Don’t know if I am being a bit dense but if there isn’t a reliable antibody test and they aren’t exposed to the disease how do they know the vaccination has worked?
  3. Don’t know what a brickbat is so never thrown one. I have no problem with her delivery, she is doing the best she can under difficult circumstances. Don’t consider myself omniscient (which is a marvellous word) either, neither am I in a panic or on the verge of it, just getting on with it as best I can like most people. I I was just putting my thoughts forward for discussion. I would just say that there are other “experts” who totally disagree with the statements she has made and it has even been said she should resign.
  4. Whilst not defending the government, if as is repeated over and over again “we follow the science” then I can understand them getting this wrong if they followed Dr Harries advice. They are only as good as the advice they get from the “experts”, so I think quite a lot of the mess we are in now would seem to be down to her advice possibly? Last night a question was asked about people coming into the country unchecked. The answer was that you could check someone coming in and they would be okay but could then show symptoms a few days after. Surely the answer to this is a mandatory 14 days quarantine? It just seems like common sense to me, but then I am not an “expert”. Let’s hope the drug trial starting on Thursday is a success. Does anyone know how they conduct these, do you get vaccinated (my iPad changed this to fascinated) and then get exposed to the virus somehow?
  5. I watched the daily briefing with amazement last night especially wondering which country Dr Jenny Harries is in. This is the person who said it was okay for people to congregate outside in large crowds. Football fans from Spain then came over for a match in Liverpool from Milan where there were a lot of cases.Suprisingly Liverpool became a hotspot, I wonder why. At the time Spain had stopped football matches. Cheltenham Races also went ahead. I would have thought anyone would perhaps have thought if you get a contagious person in a crowd the disease is going to spread, but of course I am not a “scientist”. I presume this was the “herd immunity” that, I think it was, Chris Witty spoke about which was dropped when they realised the amount if deaths this would cause. She also said last month we had a “perfectly adequate supply of PPE”. We have all seen how that worked out over the past few weeks. Yesterday took the biscuit, apparently we are an “international exemplary in preparedness” and we had a “containment phase and it was successful”. On the first statement the answer is, I am sure, no we weren’t and on the latter if it was successful why did we have to go to phase 2 when it was appearing that the virus was getting out of control? I don’t know how she says these things with a straight face to be honest. It seems she doesn’t believe that general testing (if we could get it done which looks very unlikely), contact tracing etc. doesn’t work. Then why have the countries that have done this not had so many deaths if it makes no difference. It seems nearly all other countries are doing more testing than us are they all wrong? Whilst not absolving those that call themselves a government (I am not a labour supporter so have no axe to grind with the conservatives) from this shambles I wonder how much of this so called “science” is to blame for our position at the moment. Personally I think schools should have been closed earlier. Another pearl of wisdom from Dr Harries was that children only get it mildly. Okay but what about those who they pass it onto? We lost a lot of time at the start, should have locked down instead of the first voluntary social distancing and I believe the population is paying the price now. I am so angry that all of these people have died before their time, that their families have had to go through this, that the NHS staff are not being protected and having to deal with all this tragedy (sorry clapping although showing our thanks just isn’t enough), that care workers seem to have been left to just get on with it and more selfishly that my way of life has been changed for the foreseeable future. I just want my life back with the plans I had made for the next few years, whereas I can see being in this “lockdown” for quite some time yet (funny I never thought of myself as being elderly, that was always someone else). Sorry this rant is so long, going to have a cup of tea now and, although I haven’t had one since just after Christmas, I could reeeaaallly smoke a ciggie. Suppose I had better fill up my vapey thing better than nothing
  6. The first time my friend and I saw the Rolling Stones was at the Albert Hall, that is where we met them (which at 14 was completely overwhelming, first time I saw my friend speechless!). It was love at first sight (Mick Jagger not the Albert Hall). From what I can remember BGS had their speech day there I think, can remember sitting on benches without backs for long boring hours with my back aching and my bum numb.
  7. Highlight of the day getting an Asda order and an Iceland order after much trying. Bit like buses none at all and then two arrive together. A big thank you to retail staff and delivery drivers who make this possible may you all stay safe and well. Heroes all! Must admit it was exciting getting the deliveries brightened up another day stuck in!
  8. I saw this when he first started his laps and made a donation. I stand in awe of both him and all those who have contributed to make this amazing total. The generosity of the British public never ceases to amaze me when they do things like this especially at a time of such uncertainty and when many are struggling. As to the politicians the phrase lions led by donkeys comes to mind. Happy birthday Captain Tom and many happy returns.
  9. New slots open for next Tuesday if anyone is interested but be quick.
  10. I got an acer last year. It is in a garden pot, about 2’ high at the moment. I will be keeping it at about that height, don’t want a full sized tree. The leaves have now gone the lovely ruby red colour with all the sunny weather. I did get some leaf scorch last year, but have moved it now so it has sunlight and shade as well. i haven’t noticed any aphids on it though. When my Dad used to get aphids on his roses he used to spray them with soapy water to get rid of them from what I can remember. Don’t know if that is any help?
  11. Had an email today saying I had won 1,000,000 dollars. How nice I was a dollar millionaire for a few seconds until I deleted the email unopened.
  12. Been down to the local parade of shops with my mask on, feel a bit silly but wasn’t the only one. No queue outside Heron so just had to wait for someone to come out. Same at the Co-op. Managed to get most of what I wanted although no washing up gloves and I forgot a pack of tomatoes. Still I did get a box of eggs. Won’t need to go out for quite a while now. The gossip was that both the local Asda and Aldi had enormous queues again. Wonder if the panic buying is back again as the lockdown is being extended?
  13. Amazed to see all my roses survived my first ever pruning session as well as my acer. One of the fuscias is taking its time but has shoots on it. The sedum is really flourishing, I love those always remind me of my dad. Unfortunately the 2 acorns I planted haven’t made any effort at all but an apple pip I planted has sprouted much to my amazement. When do I start feeding the potted plants?
  14. If it did come from the “live” markets in China they haven’t learnt anything, they are open again, business as usual.
  15. Took Kai out for our morning constitutional this morning. Decided to go to the woods, haven’t been there since we lost Wolf just before Christmas. There were a lot of walkers, people on bikes and walking dogs. Also a lot on horses, does this count as exercise? As The Engineer said some don’t understand the 6’ rule so we ended going up banks and into fields to avoid some. Started to get a bit tiresome after a while. Finally got to the woods, the bluebells are starting to come through and it was full of birdsong, hard to believe what is happening outside of it. It was a bit emotional on the meadow, I chased a Kai round a bit and then sat on the bench whilst he had a sniff around. I could see Wolf running round the meadow, he did love being there chasing around, must admit I shed a tear or two, we still miss him. But all in all it was a good walk, nice to have a bit of normality for an hour or two before coming back to all this mess.
  16. Well done Rob.L. I am still waiting to hear, does seem to be taking a long time.
  17. I have thought from the beginning of this that I would like to know which area those with the disease came from, I.e. Bulwell, Bilborough etc. At least if it wasn’t in my area it wouldn’t feel like playing Russian roulette when I had to go out. I would still take the necessary (hopefully) safety measures as outlined, but I could see that there would be some who if it wasn’t in their area would disregard them, as some seem to be doing now. It is a bit of a conumdrum.
  18. Decreasing numbers is such good news gives hope to everyone else. Apparently we have small green shoots starting to show their heads unless winter kills them off!. Hoping that is positive as well.
  19. Had a really nice walk with Kai this morning. Only thing that spoilt it was people racing round on bikes. I don’t always hear them coming and they don’t seem to slow down or let you know they are coming. Don’t bikes have bells now? They could at least shout and slow down to let me know they are coming so I can get Kai on the lead and let them past. I have had a couple of close calls and if one hit Kai they would find they are wearing the bike. It is really starting to annoy me
  20. Yesterday morning I was out walking Kai. It was a beautiful day, birds singing, loads of rabbits frolicking in the sun and I saw 2 male pheasants strutting their stuff across a field. It was so lovely, made me forget the madness that is going on for a bit. Then I got a txt on my phone from the government telling me not to go out bringing me back to reality with a bump. Today I have contacted friends in Doncaster to see how they all are (a couple of them are in the ‘high risk’ category). They had escaped it initially but it is starting to ramp up there now, 3 deaths at the local hospital. Thankfully they are all okay at the moment, either in lockdown or working from home. On a lighter note, had a delivery and the driver took a photo of my ‘doggy’ slippers. We both found it quite amusing!
  21. An expert has said that it may be that some people have a natural immunity to the virus. He was citing one of the cruise ships that had to be quarantined. A small ray of hope possibly?
  22. I was thinking more horse whipped.
  23. Different sides of human nature: Don’t know how true it is but I have been told that an elderly lady managed to get some eggs in the supermarket, went to get something else and someone took them out her basket. Words fail me. When I was at the supermarket yesterday I saw an elderly lady and someone younger go for a jar of coffee (The last one). Younger person got it then turned to the elderly lady and insisted she take it. Felt she should have got a standing ovation. My hairdresser is opening up on Monday (her day off) so a relative and I can get our hair done with no one else in the shop. It is only a small shop and I didn’t want to be in such close proximity with so many people. Big tip I think.
  24. I have just been out to go to the chemist to pick up my prescription and have a wander round the shops to admire the empty shelves. Got milk but bread is rarer than rocking horse teeth, tea and coffee about the same. There wasn’t any bird stuff for my bird feeders either strangely, unless someone has recipes to use it? I wore my mask for the first time, felt a bit silly, but then there was someone else in the supermarket with one as well. Gave each other a thumbs up and queued together at checkout. I did get some strange looks, but better safe than sorry and I have read that there are some who don’t have any symptoms but are still contagious which is quite scary. Apparently a fight has broken out at the local Asda, this is really bringing out the worst in people, know now why I prefer my dog! Of course the scammers are on to it as well, didn’t take them long did it, I really do despair of some of the human race they really are despicable. So now I will be self isolating, just taking Kai out for a walk each day to get some exercise and fresh air. Got loads of pod casts to listen to and plenty of knitting etc. Just wish we knew when it will be over, at least the news from China is better, have to hope the virus doesn’t re-emerge when the lockdown is finally eased there. Glad your cough has eased Brew, keep safe NonnB and family my thoughts are with you. Be healthy everyone.