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  1. I had an enormous bumblebee visit this morning, sounded like a Vulcan bomber. Had to put boys in front room as they were trying to catch it. Finally managed to catch it in my spider catching jar and let it go outside. Few minutes later it (or one of its white b*mmed mates) was in again. Went through same procedure but gave it a good talking to and let it go over the fence into my neighbours garden. Do the different coloured b*ms show what hive they are from I wonder? I do like bees especially bumblebees, always look as if they shouldn’t be able to fly really.
  2. Been to hospital for appointment for my overactive thyroid. Tablets have done their job apparently but they now don’t want me to go the other way (underactive) so I am going to be weaned off them. Going to take them every other day at first instead of every day, if they are stopped straight away my thyroid might start being naughty again as I have only been on them for 6 months. But it was caught early when it had just started acting up so that is why tablets have worked so quickly. It makes me wonder if it was stress induced in the first place and now is starting to right itself with the help of the tablets. I have put a bit (about 2/3lbs) of weight on, still underweight for my height but hope to put a bit more weight on now so my clothes fit better (they feel like the clothes my mum used to buy that you would “grow into”). At least it is heading in the right direction and hopefully by the beginning of next year I should be tablet free.
  3. I’m here again with a question DJ360 don’t know if you have already answered this. Is it possible to suddenly become more sensitive to something that never bothered you before? Or would you have reacted to something new and this made you react to things that were always in your environment? If so quite a scary thought as any one of us could end up with “the itch”.
  4. I got back to the 1800’s on my dads family tree. It was only on my grandads side as my great grandmother was French (we presume my great grandad met her during the First World War). It was easy to start as my grandads name was Gresham and all his siblings had unusual names mostly biblical and we could remember my Great Aunt Zena (formidable lady) and my Great Aunt Lizzie (always with Zena but like a little mouse, always hung onto her handbag as if someone was going to steal it). It was very interesting, my Great Grandad was a Geordie coalminer who moved to Nottingham but my Grandad always said his boys would never be miners. I married a Geordie who was from a coal mining family and he ended working as a miner, came full circle.
  5. When one of my relatives got one One of my relatives has one downstairs, she said she heard hers talking in the middle of the night a couple of times, perhaps they get lonely? She also put the guard dog thingy on it, only problem was she couldn’t get it to stop and every so often had what sounded like 5 different dogs barking. She googled it and found there were a lot of people in the same situation, took her ages to get it to stop.
  6. Thanks Enigma that has been very helpful.
  7. My dad was extremely difficult to buy for and if asked what he wanted he would say not to bother. Best thing we got him for Father’s Day was a computer which he said he would never use. He was in his seventies at the time. We set it up for him, wrote out his instructions on how to use it and unleashed him on the internet. It opened up a whole new world for him and he loved it. He also discovered adventure games and spent many happy hours with my older brother getting stuck in boats and unable to find their way out of rooms! If he wasn’t in his shed he would be in the “computer room” set up in the small bedroom, gave my mum a chance to watch what she wanted on telly. Happy memories
  8. I am thinking about getting an Alexa, watching the price on Amazon to see when the best price is. I just wondered if anyone has one and what they think. Also which is best the full size or the small dot. The reviews are very mixed, some saying they are brilliant and others saying they are rubbish. I would mostly use it for audible books and my podcasts, with some music if I can get it for free. Any comments would be appreciated.
  9. And for those of us who would like to send a card.
  10. Did my last vigilating in an exam this morning, Handed in my badge with green coloured cord (started off yellow - can’t be alone with kids need escorting round building to blue - can do scribing one to one but have to be escorted round building to green - can do scribing and don’t have to be escorted badge opens doors). I was a bit nervous the first time I did the scribing, but I have enjoyed it despite the boring bits watching a room full of young people writing for 2 hours. I have had one pupil one to one for all his exams which was nice, I think we had a good rapport and it seemed to help him relax more after the first one. Quite sad to have finished but things can get back to “normal” now whatever that is. My boys might stop sulking now I am not in and out so much. I would do it again at the same school, just got to wait now to get paid. Primark/garden centres here I come!
  11. I can only have pj days on the days the boys aren’t going out, don’t want to scare the neighbours and wildlife we encounter! When I worked in shop in Doncaster we regularly had customers coming in wearing pjs, even one male who wore them with his dressing gown. We even had one male who came in wearing a dog onesie complete with ears and tail, brightened a boring shift up
  12. Had a blood test this morning ready for my hospital appointment next week. Don’t like having them (not good with blood, tend to pass out if I see it). The doctor did it - ouch felt like an “elephant” needle and I am sure he took an armful, seemed to go on for ages. Treated myself to a fuchsia on the way home, red and violet flowers unless I kill it which I am very good at, my plant mortality rate (both indoor and outdoor) is very high. Relaxing for a couple of hours now until I have to go to invigilate an exam this afternoon. Last week this week, must say I have enjoyed most of it, been some boring bits but most has been okay. Only downside is having to get up 6 in the morning to sort boys out etc. when I have a morning one. Normally I am awake at this time, but find on the days my alarm go off I could quite easily go back to sleep - sods law I suppose. Will be be back to normal next week, whatever that is, must say I will be glad although I will miss being called “Miss” and the interaction with those who I have got to know over the last few weeks. Looking forward to going back to my clubs and having a lie in, or pj day, if I want to. I can recommend retirement!
  13. On a slight tangent, my mum used to tell me about a lady who used to go to the shops on Bracebridge Drive in Bilborough with a small monkey. It used to be dressed in matching clothes to hers. I have asked about this at my clubs but no one can remember her, can anyone shed any light on this? Mum said I had seen her but I can’t remember it.
  14. I left Nottingham in the 1970’s, hubby got a job at a pit outside Doncaster where his parents lived, Nottingham pits weren’t taking on at that time. We came back regularly to see my family. Always considered it home so when I was on my own it was a no brainier to come back to the area I had grown up in to be with family again. We were going to move back anyway before my husband passed, we had our names down for a bungalow as my husband was disabled but I didn’t qualify when I was on my own. Like most places it has changed somewhat (I get completely lost in Nottingham city centre) but don’t regret the decision and have had no problem settling into my new life despite the problems with the house I purchased. As I have said before the first time I was called “meduck” I knew I was home!
  15. There is someone near where I live that has a puma and monkeys. He also bought a penguin off the internet (amazing what you can buy on eBay!) as his partner liked them, but found out it had been stolen from a zoo in Scotland so it had to be returned.
  16. Apparently they were finally recaptured yesterday with no casualties. Presume owners got them back and will make their home more escape proof.
  17. Sounds about normal together with food poisoning next day. Enjoy!
  18. I sometimes get itchy but luckily my allergy tablets alleviate it quickly. You. Have my sympathy can’t imagine anything worse, hope the dermotology helpline can sort something out for you. Not sure about the out of date medication though, could still be a bit risky?
  19. Just got back from a lovely walk (about 4/5 miles) with my boys. Not many people/other dogs about so they were off lead quite a bit. Lots of interesting sniffs to investigate (the boys not us), rustles in the undergrowth in the woods (will have to give them a once over with the brush when they are rested) and squirrels to sort out. Finished with a romp and play in the meadow (don’t know why but my iPad changed the last two words to Rotherham, is there much romping and playing there?) Slow plod back home, both the boys and us, and now two tired but very contented dogs are stretched out on their beds fast asleep. It will be a quiet afternoon so I can get caught up on a few things and then relax listen to my podcasts, decide whether to do my crocheting or cross stitch and generally chill out. Life can be good sometimes
  20. When I lived in Doncaster and came down to Nottingham for a visit always went to chippy on Beechdale Road, best mushy peas ever. In Doncaster they were always a vivid green (no pea was ever that colour) and dry, definitely not proper mushy peas.
  21. Some of them are quite attractive, not my cup of tea though. I think there has been another stand off with the goat, it’s owners and one of the dogs which has lasted 2 hours unless it is the other days stand off being re-reported.
  22. Oh dear you are supposed to give me words of encouragement, tell me how you just stopped and never had any problems and it will get better. Feel depressed now but at least someone else is suffering.
  23. Not having a good day. Got up and really fancied a ciggie. Just got worse through the morning, the vape thingy just not cutting it. Fighting the urge to wander down to the shops on some pretence or other and get some. Think if someone walks past the house smoking they are in danger of getting mugged!