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  1. If You Don’t Know Me by Now ... Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes
  2. We once had a German Shepherd called Tess, she had stomach problems and would have bouts of an upset stomach which used to gurgle and make the most perspiration noises. There is a name for it, something German Shepherds get, it just flared up every so often. When it did we had trouble getting her to eat anything at all but she needed to because this settled the condition down quicker. We found she would eventually have chicken soup (Heinz of course) and this would settle her stomach down. We once saw an elderly vet when our usual vet was on holiday and Tess had diarrhoea. He didn’t give us anything just told us to starve her for a full day just water, but not cold water, then the second day nothing all day just a bit of yogurt at night. The third day yogurt and plain ice cream (he said the yogurt coated the stomach and the ice cream cooled it down), obviously not on the same dish. By this time she was so hungry she would have eaten anything. Next day the same but a bit of bland food and then gradually bring her normal food back into her diet. Surprisingly it worked.
  3. Famous last words. Veterinary Nurse yesterday “don’t give Kai raw food at the moment it might have bacteria on it, just add the spring water from a can of tuna to his biscuits to soften them (he has had to have 6, yes 6, teeth out, I am devastated never had a dog that has had to have teeth out) and he will eat them”. Firstly there isn’t much liquid in a tin of tuna and certainly not enough to soften biscuits for my 36kg boy, not even in 2 cans of tuna. I also mixed the tuna in as well, he had taken the few bits I hand fed him and also added just a bit of water that I swilled the cans out with. The biscuits were a bit softer and he was interested in what I was doing so I put the rather unappetising looking bowl on the floor for him. (This was an hour ago.) He sniffed it very suspiciously and gave it a lick and backed off. So I did the encouraging bit, gave him a bit of tuna (which he ate) and a biscuit (which he spit out). Picked bowl up and mixed it up a bit more to see if the biscuits would soften any more, tried to get some of the bigger bits of tuna on top to get him (hopefully) started and tried again. With a bit more encouragement, did everything but get down on my hands and knees and eat the flipping stuff, he had a sniff and then very gingerly started eating. I didn’t want to make any more fuss so sat down with a drink and my vape just making encouraging noises and not looking at him. Success ...... not a chance. When I eventually had a peek at him there was a pile of biscuits by the side of the bowl, I think he was eating the tuna chunks and sucking the tuna off the biscuits then spitting them out. Gritting my teeth I got the fork I had mixed the concoction up with and moved what was left in the bowl into the middle, he does tend to push food into the edges of his bowl, while surreptitiously putting the pile of biscuits back in. More encouraging noises, more suspicious sniffing (Kai not me) and a quick lick, then the “look”. We are now at an impasse with definitely a war of attrition going on. He is now laying next to his bowl looking suitably unimpressed and every so often sighing, obviously trying to make me feel guilty, not only can he not have his lamb spaghetti/pigs ears (he gets 1 treat every night when I have a cup of tea) I am trying to get him to eat what is obviously a meal not up to his expectations. Stealing myself against his emotional blackmail I am going to leave it down, perhaps he might try it again later on (not holding my breath). Back to raw again tomorrow, unless I get some chicken gravy granules and try to soften his biscuits with that? So much for “experts”!
  4. Thought I would sit in my back garden on my new “Bistro Set” (table & 2 chairs 40 quid from B&M, really comfy chairs not bad for price) after I got back from Kai’s vet appointment and a little bit of shopping, tuna in spring water to soften Kai’s biscuits with the liquid he is on a soft diet after some dental work. (Vet assures me he will eat biscuits treated this way, he turned his nose up at scolded biscuits but they did look a bit disgusting. Time will tell.) Anyway got back and my neighbour is having some work done so all I can hear is hammering, sawing, drilling and something that sounds like a dentist drill on steroids, plus out of tune singing (including the ice cream mans chimes of boys & girls come out to play etc.) and whistling. Ended up in the front room, which is cooler anyway, curled up on settee reading my book with Kai stretched out on his cool mat In the room gently snoring after his adventure at the vets. Whilst queuing to pay for my shopping I had a woman without a mask standing so close to me she was nearly in my basket. I moved forward to get socially distanced from her whilst keeping away from the person in front of me and she moved as well. My mask was uncomfortable as it is so hot, it felt like she was standing on my back (I must admit I do have a thing about people getting in my personal space even before the virus unless invited to do so) I turned round and she smiled at me! To be quite honest I could have hit her with my basket, but I took a deep breath and asked her to move back a bit. Her response? Sorry I forgot (of course you did we have only been doing it for how many weeks?) I then heard the person behind her say “forgot your mask as well then?” At this point I was being served and left the shop. I didn’t mention the mask, although I was tempted to say something, she could have had a reason for not wearing one I suppose, although if you can’t wear a mask then surely you can wear a face shield, these don’t restrict your breathing and are more comfortable to wear than a mask (I have one ) and you can get them on line from places that make them for the general public so you aren’t taking them from the NHS. I don’t know if I am being too sensitive about this but I am trying to do what is right and get really fed up at some people’s attitude. I am not wearing a mask because I enjoy it, they are hot and not good if you have hay fever especially if your nose is running, not a pretty picture! I am wearing it to not only possibly protect me but also you in case I have the virus and show no symptoms and expect the same courtesy from you. Sorry this last bit should probably have been in the covoid19 section, don’t know if someone can move it, if so please do. It’s too hot to type it all out again
  5. In my younger days before I moved to the delights of a Yorkshire mining village we used starving/starved as meaning cold or freezing. Once asked for a cheese cob in a sandwich shop up there, they didn’t have a clue what I was on about!
  6. Goodness Nibbets that is a blast from the past. I loved them but only had them occasionally, never had crisps until I was in my teens (about 14) when my friends mum and dad started running a pub somewhere near the ice rink. We used to stay at each other’s houses alternate weekends, my mum and dad weren’t drinkers so it was quite an eye opener! I must say Wotsits are my go to now, always have a family side pack of them in the house, Kai likes them as well.
  7. Sat in the garden this morning watching a young Robin trying to work out how to get food from my bird feeders. He watched the sparrows for a bit then flew onto the bird feeder and tried to get at the suet pellets through the Perspex (spelling?). Back on the fence, watched the sparrows and then tried again, once again nowhere near the feeding hole. He went back on the fence, I thought he might give up but he tried again and this time found the feeding hole got his suet pellet and went back to the fence to eat it. Success! Now he is just showing off, backwards and forwards like an old hand even trying the sunflower hearts and eventually he found the mealworms which are above the suet pellets in the same feeder. It made my morning as I am on my own at the moment, Kai is at the vets having his teeth sorted so I am at a bit of a loss, brought a smile to my face. Looks like I will have to increase the bird food allowance!
  8. Sorry to hear your sad news Nonna sincere condolences.
  9. Must say I agree with Will Rogers too. The dogs I have had the honour of sharing my life with have been a blessing. Wouldn’t have missed one minute of all the muddy footprints, furry carpets, wet patches (or worse), cold, wet, snowy or sunny walks (sometimes when I really didn’t want to go out just stay in the warm), destroyed lawns and flowers, chewed shoes, carpets and furniture and heartbreak offset by an unconditional love (on both sides). What more can you ask for? I have had cats as well, once had 2 German Shepherds and took in 2 stray cats who ended up thinking they were dogs as well, used to accompany us on our walks. But I must say my heart has doggy footprints on it!
  10. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll ... Rolling Stones
  11. Just taken a Kai for his booster that should have been done in June and his six monthly check up. Had to wait outside the vets, ring to say I was there, then vet called to have a chat before he was taken in by one of the nurses whilst I waited outside. Some of the dogs set their feet and had to be dragged/carried in without their owners, Kai he just went straight in without a backward glance ready for the adventure! Everything okay except for some of his teeth, I had noticed a bit of a tartar build up on one of his canines. The vet came out and said he needed a descale and then they would have a look at the teeth as it is possible he might need extractions, estimated price about £300. Just checked with my insurers what will be covered, the descale isn’t, the extractions possibly depending upon whether he has had regular check ups etc. (He has). Because of his age (he is 10) the monthly payments really went up at the last renewal, plus the excess went up to £135 and I have to pay 20% of the balance that is left. I can understand that he is getting older so the payments will go up but am a bit peeved (what a lovely word although it could have been pi**ed to be honest) as I could count the times I have claimed for him on one hand. Don’t get me wrong I will pay whatever it takes to make sure he can be looked after properly, I don’t begrudge him that, he is worth every penny (as was Wolf). Looks like my decorating will have to wait for a bit longer. Such is life!
  12. Being in the vulnerable category until there is a vaccine/medication, or it is eradicated. Plus the fact that if I did get the virus and didn’t show symptons I would hate to think I may have caused someone else to catch it and possibly pass away. Those who find wearing a mask is too restrictive get a face shield, they are available from Virus Stop website.
  13. Had a venture out this morning, Wickes on Derby Road I think it was (still get a little bit llost on road names) and then in to B&M at Radford. (I am still amazed at all the student accommodation around Nottingham. When my husband & I had a flat near the Forest students made do with bedsits with shared bathroom. In fact I can remember having people sleep on our couch or living room floor at times when they had to leave their rooms, often quite quickly. They are certainly mollycoddled now with their en suites etc.) Sorry I digress back to the subject. It is amazing how the “new normal” has become, well, normal. Picked up handbag, checked I had got purse, phone, mask and face shield. (Always have mask and face shield with us when we are not shopping locally, usually end up wearing face shield, get some funny looks, but it is more comfortable than a mask when wearing for a long time.We were actually asked where we got them from today.) Got to Wickes, out of car, face mask on and proceeded to the end of the socially distanced queue, only 1 wearing a mask and a child with a snood type thing on. Eventually got inside, one elderly gentlemen had his mask under his chin(?) Didn’t get a trolley as we didn’t need one so no need to sanitise anything, got what we wanted, socially distance queued again to pay, card only. Back to car, face mask off, sanitise hands with anti-viral wipes. Same rigmarole at B&M, but sanitised trolley and hands before going in, no queue here though. It is amazing how quickly we have become accustomed to doing it and now do it automatically. I have noticed whilst wearing the face shield how many times I have gone to touch my face without realising it, obviously I can’t just end up poking the shield, it probably means they are safer than masks in that regard, plus they don’t get so hot when you wear them for longer. Easy to clean as well, just give them a good spray with anti-bacteria spray and wipe down.
  14. There was a chest infection going around late last year. Loads of people had it, think I picked it up whilst I was invigilating at the school. It was a really bad chest infection, made it hard to breath but a course of anti-biotics helped although the cough lingered a while after.
  15. It is a friends birthday tomorrow. As I am not going to many shops present buying has been a problem, so as she loves her garden a plant seemed the obvious choice. I got her a really pretty one with red flowers (from Lidl they do have some very nice plants) I have an orange one the same, sorry can’t remember the name it is rather long. Anyway I was looking at it after I got it home and thought it would go very nicely with my orange one so decided to keep it and get her another one. Two days later went back to Lidl and got her a different plant really pretty with pink and red shaded flowers (again can’t remember name, I go on whether it appeals to me not what they are called, only plant names I remember are common ones and gerbias (not gerbils as my iPad thinks it should be) which I have just discovered this year. After a day it was sitting on my patio thingy in a pot and I have ordered her a bouquet (spelling) of flowers to be picked up tomorrow before I walk down to see her. Note to oneself next time you are in Lidl pull your mask over your eyes when walking past the plants!
  16. I have never used a cage but see nothing wrong with them if used properly. My dogs have always had a space that was “theirs”. In my house in Doncaster the front room was “L” shaped so The small part of the L, if you what I mean, was their space with beds and toy box (yes I know dogs with a toy box), although the toys did tend to end up all over the place, dogs did as well really but they had a place to retire to which was their own. I have noticed since losing my Wolf that Kai now beds down in a different place from before. He has 2 favourite places, one in the hall by the front door where I have put his blanket (with his cool pad when needed, although he went and sat on it when I tried to pick it up after the weather cooled) and the other is between an armchair and the settee which seems to be his favourite. He tends to lie touching the settee, probably comforting for him as Wolf and him used to sleep together usually touching each other. He does come upstairs with me at night and settles on the landing, but after a bit I hear him going downstairs again. I know in the night he occasionally comes back up as I hear him sometimes and he comes in to check on me, I can feel him looking at me very intently. When we come in from our walks he still goes all over the house and then has to go out into the back garden. I do wonder if he is looking to see if Wolf has come back, if one went out without the other they did used to have a greeting ceremony when they were reunited.
  17. It seems the Financial Times Have found out the new case figures for Covoid19 that are released are actually only the positive tests done in hospital and not the ones done in the community. (They have got the actual number of positive tests for both in Leicester.) Makes me wonder what Nottingham figures really are. If this is true (and I am sure many including myself are not surprised if it is) it is appalling that true figures are not released. It would appear that there are 36 places under threat of lockdown, some in London (possibly not a surprise), Derbyshire (!) and Doncaster (bit worrying cause of all my friends there). It makes you wonder if anyone knows precisely what the h**l is going on.
  18. Every day BK. Sometimes they even make more sense than my Alexa!