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  1. Thanks Brew and Fly for the information. My back garden gets sun all day as it is south facing, so have moved her into my side room off the kitchen near the french windows to see if that helps. I am going to “bonsai” her so I wont end up with a full grown tree in there! She looks good there actually.
  2. Help needed. Why are the leaves on my acer going white at the tips and then brown and crinkly. It is Still producing new leaves. Am I over or under watering it or doesn’t it like too much direct sun?
  3. We used to go to Llandudno for our holidays with my parents many years ago in the late fifties/early sixties. Isn’t there some sort of a tram that goes up the Great Orme? I can remember trekking up it quite a bit, I am fairly sure my dad met Randolph Turpin at the top once. Also went to Conway and Caernarvon (spelling?) as my dad had a thing about castles.
  4. I haven’t seen Brock The Beast for a while so decided to venture into my conservatory. Opened the door announced that I was coming in and then jumped in a bit like Jackie Chan with both hands raised and saying aaaha. Jumped round to face the door and waited. I fully expected to see him reclined on my chair, drink in one leg, fag in another, just chilling but there was nothing. Bit spooky really. Hopefully this means he has either moved out (hooray) or popped his clogs (oh no I hope I didn’t hurt him). Checked around and there are no webs or deceased flies to be seen. There is one other explanation unfortunately, perhaps he has managed to get into the house which doesn’t bear thinking about. So I have hoovered beneath everything I could and moved things I couldn’t to hoover behind them. He is probably sat somewhere safe laughing at me. I am getting quite neurotic (spelling?) about him, keep thinking I see him sauntering across the floor. Can they climb stairs, will have to google that or perhaps not, I don’t want to know. My dad always said they are more frightened of you than you are of them but somehow I don’t think Brock is that worried to be honest.
  5. Not a parent but my nan used to say “I can’t hear you I haven’t got my glasses on
  6. I don’t kill spiders unless really necessary, much prefer to catch them and let them go outside, they do more good than harm. Killing them is easy, catching is the problem. I take my hat off to you Margie you are far braver than me. Picking them up would be one of my worst nightmares
  7. A long while ago I worked for legal department that had a firm of solicitors who were Jewish. They had an office in our department. They would open out envelopes that mail had come in and use them as notepaper, it became a running joke with both him and the rest of the staff. He did say “how do you think I got all my money”. In other ways he and his son, who was a partner in the firm as well, were very generous, his staff were treated very well. Anyone who had a birthday in the department was always treated to a large bunch of flowers and a cake. Nice people who would also help out with any legal problems which they did once for me. Couldn’t fault them.
  8. I have been told to put a saucer of water in the conservatory. Apparently Brock (called him after a WWE wrestler) should go and sit in it? Dont know if this is true or not, but what am I going to do with him in it? There is no way I would pick up the saucer with him reposing in it, I just know he would run straight for me (they always seem to do that like a cat goes to someone who doesn’t like cats). He might think he has a jacuzzi and invite his mates. Could end up with a spider party house in my conservatory!
  9. As with most religions or nationalities there are good and bad mixed in. I try to take people as I find them and form my own opinion. All in all I must say I prefer my boys to a lot of people, probably a bit anti-social but as long as I have a few close friends and my close relatives that is all I need. I don’t really understand how you can tar a whole religion or race with one brush everyone is different thankfully.
  10. With great trepidation I decided to venture into my conservatory this morning, haven’t been in since my confrontation with my “beast”, it has been securely locked since then. I armed myself with my hoover and my trusty brush. Felt a bit like Clint Eastwood in the spaghetti movies when he confronts the bad guy, throwing his poncho over his shoulder so he can get to his gun or perhaps Dirty Harry might have been better with his big gun! Had a good look through the patio doors before venturing in, very carefully opening the door and put my hoover in. Waited a bit and then stepped in protected by my brush. Moved away from the patio doors where he dashed under after last time in case he jumped out and got my leg. Hit the plastic lip a few times with my brush to see if he emerged, nothing happened. Feeling a bit braver I swept under the blinds and then put hoover on. The air was electric, would he emerge in fighting mode or just skulk in his hiding place? Finished hoovering, victory I thought. I was adjusting one of the blinds when one of my boys wandered into the room unbeknown to me and touched me on the leg with his nose. After I climbed down from the ceiling I beat a hasty retreat back to the safety of my kitchen. Perhaps he has moved on having had his fun with me or perhaps he could not stand having to deal with a mad woman hitting him with a brush and screaming?
  11. To be quite honest it moves that quick we haven’t managed to have a conversation except for the odd expletives when it was clinging to the brush bristles.
  12. I am finding myself creeping down the kitchen and peering through the patio doors into the conservatory to see if my giant arachnid has emerged from his hiding place. Nothing as yet. This begs the questions is he a) digging his way into my kitchen or b) plotting his next move I have now armed myself with a bigger plastic container. The internet says if you place the container in front of the spider and approach it from the rear it will run into the container. Right - If it is sat in the middle of the floor facing the patio doors and I have to approach it from the rear that means it is in between me and my means of escape. Plus it could run straight past the container and disappear into my kitchen which means I will be living in my conservatory. Doesn’t sound like much of a plan.
  13. He is that big and built like a tank it will have to be thick card! I did notice he has a pattern (tattoo?) on his body that is how big he is. (I suppose it could be a she, aren’t the females bigger than the males, if not I definitely don’t want to have to deal with the female of this species.) He hasn’t appeared since our first round so will see what tomorrow will bring. Perhaps a good talking too will make him move out? On on a side note I was hanging my washing out and noticed I had a young toad sat next to me. Am starting to feel like I am amassing a zoo!
  14. Got up this morning and there was the Mike Tyson of spiders sitting brazenly in the middle of my conservatory (I swear he had tattoos on his face!). We eyed each other up whilst I had my breakfast. I don’t like spiders, they make my skin crawl, but I don’t kill them just catch them and put them outside, usually over the fence into my neighbours garden so they don’t come back! But this is the biggest one I have had to tackle so far, tarantula comes to mind. So I went into ninja mood, got my (quite small) spider catching kit and my brush and went into battle. Went into the conservatory and it stood its ground, thought it might be dead but no luck. Tried to catch it but off it went towards the door into the house. It could have given Usain Bolt a run for his money. Stopped it with my brush, definitely don’t want it in the house, and it disappeared in the bristles. The door out of my conservatory is a bit suspect, I could open it and shake him out of the bristles but not sure if the door will shut. Definitely don’t want to take the brush through the kitchen in case he makes a run for it. I swear I could hear it laughing. I managed to get him out of the brush and commenced chasing it round the conservatory eventually getting my plastic jar over him so he was contained I then realised I had to slide the top under the jar to put him outside meaning I would come into quite close contact with it. Went and had a cup of tea (vodka might have been more fitting) and then went back into battle. He obviously wasn’t very happy but I tried to slip the lid under jar without hurting him. Unfortunately I dithered at precisely the wrong moment and he was off like a shot and went under the lip of the doors into the kitchen. I have shut and locked the doors to the conservatory and am wondering if it might just be easier to sell the house!
  15. Having been at the grammar school in the 60’s I have had a look at the pictures with interest. Couldn’t remember what the buildings looked like but can remember the “new block” building. I can remembered the gym (I once put my hand through one of the windows when running) and the lab with the pipes for the Bunsen burners, also going up and down the staircase inbetween lessons. The smelly girls changing rooms and those awful showers where you were given 5 minutes to have a lukewarm shower and then get dressed with Miss Rattaray shouting at you to hurry up and going to the next lesson still damp! Cant say I enjoyed my time there, but have happy memories of friends, things we got away with and a few teachers that weren’t boring or disinterested. All in all I was glad to leave and get on with life!
  16. It seems my sparrow godson has flown the nest (well the garden really). He was practising flying this morning up and down the garden in between feeds before I went out. Came back and let boys out who hunted all round garden for him to no avail. I have been and had a look in his favourite hiding place and done a general look round of garden and can’t see him. Very relieved mission accomplished
  17. Just had boys out again, he is quite safe where is so am leaving well alone and keeping them away. Not easy to do as he seems so vulnerable. Hopefully will see him fly away in a couple of days.
  18. I went out for a bit this morning, got back and let boys out. Went out with them and then noticed them both sniffing something in the (very long) grass. Thought it might be a bee so started going across to rescue it when I saw something run from them down the side of the conservatory and hide in (what is left - see older posts) of the blackberry bush. Couldn’t see anything so herded them both in. A bit later they asked to go out again and they again found something in the grass. When I got to them it was a baby sparrow so I got them off it - it was being thoroughly sniffed but not hurt - only for it to run and I couldn’t see where it was and was worried about treading on it. Anyway I managed to get them reluctantly in. I kept an eye on where it was and saw the parents coming in to feed it through the afternoon so left it alone. Then they wanted to go out again I think really to have another inspection of their “find” more than anything else. My back garden is a triangular shape and it had moved right into the point behind the line post so luckily they didn’t see it. There were however two very anxious sparrow parents in the privet that overhangs my garden getting very concerned and swearing quite loudly. Now they want to go out again having been fed and I don’t know if it is still in garden or not. If it is I don’t really want to touch it as the parents are looking after it and my boys won’t hurt it unless they or I accidentally stand on it and it is safe as no cats come into my garden having been seen off by my boys. I think I once read somewhere that you should leave baby birds where they are as long as they are safe so am in a bit of a quandary what to do. This was supposed to be a relaxing afternoon with my podcasts and doing my new crochet project (just learned a new stitch) but has become quite stressful as I keep an eye on my new sparrow godson!
  19. I used to watch the wrestling on World Of Sport, it was on from 4 - 5pm on Saturday. My mum used to love Les Kennet, if my dad came in while we were watching it he used to say it was rubbish. One of my uncles was in the dressing room and heard the wrestlers going through what was going to happen in their match. For my sins I watch WWE, even been to a couple of the live shows over here (had a thing about Kevin Nash, Big Daddy Cool, a gorgeous 7’ hunk with the most perfect pecs I have ever seen, even better in the live shows!). I went with 2 friends who had never seen it, after the show finished they wanted to know when they were coming back again so we could go again. One memory that sticks with me is taking my friends grandsons, one of them loved the Undertaker. We didn’t tell him that he was appearing in the show. The expression on his face when his entrance music started is something I will never forget. It always makes me laugh when people say “you know it is fake” ..... no really ..... would never have guessed!
  20. I had a relative ask if they could take my boys out this morning as they were going walking with a friend and as I had things I wanted to do said yes. They arrived, got backpack sorted (water for boys, poo bags etc) and off they went. Boys went out quite eagerly without a backward glance, puts my role into perspective! Got loads done. Hoovered carpets without hairs appearing when I turned my back, washed floors downstairs without having doggie footprints all over them whilst they were still wet. Cleaned upstairs, battled with a hanging bag in the shower to put shower gel etc in, still can’t get the stupid thing to stick, so just cleaned the bathroom instead. Sorted out a few boxes (still have quite a few from the move last August that I haven’t emptied, need more storage), looked through some photographs I found. Finally finished, made myself a drink and suddenly realised how quiet and empty the house felt. Then they came back, waggie tails and tired, water bowls attacked and water dribbled all over my clean floors, hairs on my clean carpet. Lots of fussing and vocalisation about their walk. Relatives left, boys settled with me in kitchen, things back to normal. Heaven
  21. I had an enormous bumblebee visit this morning, sounded like a Vulcan bomber. Had to put boys in front room as they were trying to catch it. Finally managed to catch it in my spider catching jar and let it go outside. Few minutes later it (or one of its white b*mmed mates) was in again. Went through same procedure but gave it a good talking to and let it go over the fence into my neighbours garden. Do the different coloured b*ms show what hive they are from I wonder? I do like bees especially bumblebees, always look as if they shouldn’t be able to fly really.
  22. Been to hospital for appointment for my overactive thyroid. Tablets have done their job apparently but they now don’t want me to go the other way (underactive) so I am going to be weaned off them. Going to take them every other day at first instead of every day, if they are stopped straight away my thyroid might start being naughty again as I have only been on them for 6 months. But it was caught early when it had just started acting up so that is why tablets have worked so quickly. It makes me wonder if it was stress induced in the first place and now is starting to right itself with the help of the tablets. I have put a bit (about 2/3lbs) of weight on, still underweight for my height but hope to put a bit more weight on now so my clothes fit better (they feel like the clothes my mum used to buy that you would “grow into”). At least it is heading in the right direction and hopefully by the beginning of next year I should be tablet free.
  23. I’m here again with a question DJ360 don’t know if you have already answered this. Is it possible to suddenly become more sensitive to something that never bothered you before? Or would you have reacted to something new and this made you react to things that were always in your environment? If so quite a scary thought as any one of us could end up with “the itch”.
  24. I got back to the 1800’s on my dads family tree. It was only on my grandads side as my great grandmother was French (we presume my great grandad met her during the First World War). It was easy to start as my grandads name was Gresham and all his siblings had unusual names mostly biblical and we could remember my Great Aunt Zena (formidable lady) and my Great Aunt Lizzie (always with Zena but like a little mouse, always hung onto her handbag as if someone was going to steal it). It was very interesting, my Great Grandad was a Geordie coalminer who moved to Nottingham but my Grandad always said his boys would never be miners. I married a Geordie who was from a coal mining family and he ended working as a miner, came full circle.