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  1. The British establishment appear so desperately inadequate that they will grasp at any inconsequentially remote connection with any personality to enable them to be seen to win at anything.
  2. Was Old Park Farm located in the area of the path that runs through the oval of bungalows between Staverton Road that connects with Bramerton Road and onward to Clether Road? It seems such an extravagance to demolish the farm at all.
  3. DJ360, I had full anaesthetic, out like a light. The following morning I was up walking with a Zimmer frame then onto elbow crutches. I think I can manage general mobility without my other knee being replaced but I'm now reconsidering it. That is, if I can get another appointment. Good luck!
  4. I had my left knee replacement 3 years ago. Good result, no pain following the operation or during physio. It straightened the slightly bowed out leg profile and makes the other leg look worse. I could probably walk a greater distance than 200mts I could manage before the op, however, my other worn out knee joint makes walking distance restrictive.
  5. Jobs for the boys and girls and anyone who can muscle in to get into the act. Far too much mouth from so many for so few competitors. Who's the (BBC) male commentator who screams down the microphone. Totally unnecessary.
  6. Mary1947 I remember petrol from the Jet garage at Nuthall at 3/4 or 3/6 a gallon. What times!
  7. The IOC is similar to FIFA. A money making racket, corrupt and run by embezzlers.
  8. Pre-selector gear boxs, column mounted gear levers, 3 speed gear box, bench seats, hydraulic jack up system 'Jackall', triangular quarter-light pivoting ventilation windows at the front driver and passenger windows. Manually operated windows, fabric roofs, spray on coloured roofs. Wing mounter rear view mirrors that often came loose and rusted through the wing. Go faster stripes, white wall tyres. Hand signals for giving directions to other road users including hand signals from inside the car to ; come forward, indicate right or left with the hand held with fingers together and st
  9. Those totally useless vacuum operated windscreen wipers. I had a Ford Pilot, as fitted, which required decelerating to operate the wipers at sufficient speed to clean the screen. Otherwise under normal throttle use the wipers would lazily sweep over the screen with hardly any effect.
  10. I passed the Melbourne Road police station regularly from 1950's until 1965. I don't recall it having a pitched roof. The image must have been in the a 1930's as the Aspley housing estate (the circular road in the image is apparently Bodmin Drive) appears quite newly constructed. I remember the police station minus windows, with the entrance door facing Bar Lane. The aerial image as illustrated with the main door and windows facing east down Nuthall Road). More history on this would be helpful.
  11. Football's ended with relief by most of those sensible minority now that it's all over. Over paid, over indulged ball kickers that couldn't do it at the test. Followed by over excitable followers and the usual drunken yobs behaving like demented school girls. Is this new England? Hopeless!
  12. Hello Mess, Our earlier years appear to coincide. I attended BJS in the later forties. I lived for a time on Ranmere Road. I also went to the canal with friends, Andrew Duckworth was one. I played on Ambergate field as it was right in front of where we lived. Names, of Anthony Poyser (desased I think) Tony Powell, Pat Rhodes and Daryll Edwards as I remember.
  13. Jill, I spent my earlier years on Nuthall Road. Our house was on the right of Didcot Drive by the metal railings facing the Newcastle Colliery's deputies cottages opposite across Nuthall Road. Our the back garden faced the back gardens of the houses on Reydon Drive.
  14. The single line railway went all the way down to Babbington Wharf on Wollaton Road running 200mts east parallel with Western Boulevard. The line serviced coal deliveries to Newcastle colliery before its closure subsequently delivering coal to Newcastle wharf for local coal merchants. This line crossed the LMS route from Nottingham Midland to Trowel just north (200mts) of Western Boulevard road bridge at Beechdale Road. With the construction of Western Boulevard the line ran to, and terminated at, the corner of Melbourne Park adjacent to Western Boulevard on a tre