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  1. Neither do I, but as with all these types of TV shows it's the audience who appear to be enjoying these inane programmes that’s worrying as they must be brain dead.
  2. Broderick Crawford in Highway Patrol. Thomas Mitchell in Glencannon. He often appeared a little slurred with his lines; probably was.
  3. Whip and top and the mushroom shaped top called the window breaker for obvious reasons. Great fun. Playing Hop Scotsh on the pavement in chalked out numbered sections of the pavement slabs. Playing marbles in the quieter streets and snobs with friend sitting on the pavement. Winter warmers made from perforated tins filled with old cloth and sticks of wood lighted with paraffin and swung round on an attached wire that made the burning contents flare with flames. How childhood entertainment has changed.
  4. To me the so-called holy bible is merely a collection of myths and contributions from those who included their own particular thoughts and interpretations many years or centuries after the particular event as the truth, of which was merely of significant interest to them. For example, feeding the five thousand with a few fish and loaves of bread went way beyond sensible comprehension. With all the other impossible miracles that have supposedly happened should these stories be taken as what actually happened or just the dreaming of a few of the excessively uncompromis
  5. Being slightly off piste with the Spare controversy I do, however, remain convinced that Mr Privacy is not of royal descendant. I cannot bring myself to call these upstarts royal, just opportunists who have managed to remain as state figureheads but nothing more than that. As most observers of the Charlie Diana feud, it must be plain to see that Mr Privacy is closely suspected as being a Mr Hewitt and therefore has no royal standing at all and as such he is nothing more than a mere commoner.
  6. I had disparaging thoughts of patients in hospital with just ‘flu symptoms; when I caught some abominable strain of something that caused severe bronchial congestion and restricted breathing. Given the conditions of being admitted to hospital I would have gladly gone for treatment even it had meant me lying on a trolley in a corridor, box room or an ambulance.
  7. Compliments of the season to Phil and all, I have a partially eaten Dickinson and Morris pork pie of Melton Mowbray from my local Morrison’s in the fridge, a piece of which I will have with lunch. As anyone tried any pork pies from Dickenson’s?
  8. Can anyone recall a Mr Gomersall selling wet fish from his van around the local Melton villages?
  9. You're making me envious Oz. Nice lifestyle.
  10. Hi! PeverilPeril, I'm not criticising others, I do, however, however, find this god-like over indulgent hero-worship with football players and with such other programmes as Strictly Come Dancing just false idolisation. Just get on with playing the game, win or lose, but cut out the rubbish.
  11. Even better Phil, if there were no matches at all! No ‘talking heads’ talking drivel at £1.8 million PA. No hero worship and kisses when the real heroes are the Ukrainians’ living in rubble, being shelled, and having to bury their mutilated and burned loved ones bodies and keep smiling!
  12. A house full of old curios Phil!
  13. Hi! Katyjay, I used the Red Lion quite frequently in the early 60's, in the lounge, of course. A very nice place to have a drink with friends. The landlord was Roy with Eddie in the bar. I remember the two daughters coming down for the evening from the staircase in the extended lounge room.
  14. Hi Mess, I also attended these two very nice doctors and remember them well. Their surgery was on the corner of Western Boulevard and Newlyn Drive. Both would give children sweets when visiting the surgery.
  15. Sounds idyllic Oz. In south Devon, it’s cold with a light feathering of snow over the fields. I’d like to change places with you especially at 16 degrees and sun.