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  1. Maid Marion Way. A road to nowhere as featureless as a dead scrub land track.
  2. I have been a buyer of wine usually from Laithwaites or my local Morrison's. Sav Blanc, Pinot Grigio, either from Oz, NZ, south American, Chile and some eastern European varieties, all whites. Lately, I have found the the Sav Blanc's a little more full bodied, than ussual, on the palate. The pinot's a little harsh and acidic. I tried a Reisling, going back many years, and WOW! what a pleasant surprise. Smoothe, dry and fruity with a refreshing finish. Morrison's too. Topped up the wine rack. Cheers!
  3. I saw them perform at an outdoor venue many years ago at Ratcliffe on Trent. During their perfomance, and much to their disgust, a removal lorry past by between the stage and the audience. Tends to sum up their waning popularity at the time.
  4. I bet Camilla had a hand in this!
  5. Unfortunately, the political administration is, by its very nature riddled by self interest and inter-party rivalry. We have muddled economic policies, and instantaneous ill-thought out responses to various national and international crises. We are in a national crisis as regards fuel and power supplies; the administrators have been, yet again caught napping. We have fuel and energy reserves. But once again the power lobby have been obstructed by the green activists into obtaining partial self-reliance on fuel and energy. We have a national emergency, so our energy reserves should be util
  6. As a republican we are unable to shut up! It must be obvious to most that we are not in a true democracy. The monarchial family are so ingrained within the culture of our nation, by their guile, that the republicans amongst us are unable to remove them. Unless by the ballot box. We could, given sufficient support by a majority of government ministers, if they are strong enough in temperament, they could be removed by an Act of Parliament. This is democracy! Pomp and ceremony may be said to be an aid to soften and tranquilise the criticism of the wanton indulgence enjoyed, as a life long p
  7. This royalty farce is all pomp and no circumstance. Bejewelled non-entities with medals never earned. Perverts, womanisers, parading their high military ranks never earned or deserved. A lot of the population fall for this glittering pagent of grossly over privileged, unmerited, confidence tricksters and all of their hangers-on. Makes me sick to see the pompous hoards of them dressed in their ridiculous outfits smirking on the palace balcony. Time to go!
  8. The Golden Fleece at Upper Broughton I remember well. It now appears to have changed its name. There is a brook passing under the Melton road near to Nether Broughton which is the Dalby Brook, the main source of this stream rises from the grounds of Old Dalby Hall passing on its north easterly route under the railway embankment. Six Hills (Wartnaby) was an area of earlier iron stone extraction. Six Hills rifle range is still extant, located on Six Hills Lane, opposite the golf course and next to the solar farm. The once existed a Broughton Grange, a fine residence demol
  9. Nonna, what a lovely fig tree. I've a potted one and it's producing a fairly good growth but not, as yet, as prolific as yours. Good luck!
  10. In my earlier post of visiting G&S, my mother and grandmother were not posh merely because we had tea there. We were a one parent family. My mother, grandmother and I; living in a two bedroomed prefab, that, by necessity, we also had a lodger for a few years at a time to help boost the household income. I, as a young boy, had to share my room with this lodger, a practice that would be severly criticised and frowned upon today. Posh! not at all. When I reached working age I became the main bread winner, Until I married and my allotment stopped.
  11. I remember the restaurant on the top floor of G&S where teas, coffee and light meals were served by waitresses dressed in white pinafors. I often enjoyed the view over slab square from the window tables. It was a large carpeted lounge and the waitresses had an enlosed cubicle in which to sit and for orders taken from the menue and for bills to be written before being brought to the tables.
  12. Thanks for the memory. I lived near the railway track next to Old Dalby station and sidings, with a view along the railway embankment over to Upper Broughton. Apart from the loss of the old station very little of the surrounding countryside appears to have changed, apart from the closure of the Ordnance Depot and adjacent REME/RAOC camp, the test track development and the closure of the through services in the sixties to Melton and Nottingham. Another, once pleasant, railway history lost and demolished.
  13. I never found Outlook easy to set up, amend; to add another email address or synchronise with other e mail providers. Outlook was always difficult with IMAP and SMTP settings. G mail every time!
  14. In retrospect Phil, I bet you would have now.
  15. Was that Saga or Gaga! Phil?