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  1. Any Nottstalgians attended Whitemoor Junior School 1950's. Here are some of the teaching staff I remember.
  2. I remember a chapel almost opposite the Miners Welfare that had a hall. It was used by the Boys Brigade around 1954. I has been demolished and now re-build as business premises
  3. Ben, wonderful memories and photographs of times past. I too can not understand today's style of men's dress, which appears to me a clown's outfit, especially so with the often attendant beer bellies and singlets. Hoodies look particularly offensive and were banned in Singapore, well done to them. Where did our sartorial decline come from? USA?
  4. Robert, did you attend Beechdale Junior School before moving up?
  5. Jill, This reminded me when I contracted shingles in the early 60's. On two occasions my GP visited my home to check on my condition and administer injections. How times have changed.
  6. I worked the cost prior to Decimal Day in 1971. There were 240 pence in one pound sterling. Twelve pence made a shilling, and twenty shillings made a pound, e.g. forty-two pence would be three shillings and six pence (3/6), in 'old money'. 42 pence divided by approximately 4.54 (litres per imperial gallon) = 9.25p. per litre.
  7. Ian Finn, I remember this garage for Jet petrol sales at Nuthall. At the time I filled up I believe it was priced at three shillings and six pence per gallon. 42 pence per gallon, equivalent to 9.3 pence per litre now!
  8. Alpha


    Alan Ladd in, 'Shane', often the film and story-line were copied by Clint Eastwood as an actor, director and producer in his films. Never bettered. 'Paul Newman in, 'Hombre' with (Michael Desilver)?, as the Mexican bandit who stole a few scenes. Burle Ives in, 'The Big Country', out-shone the male starring roles of Gregory Peck and Charlton Heston. Yul Brynner in, 'The Magnificent Seven', with Steve McQueen, one of the greatest films that appears to have faded into obscurity. John Wayne in, 'The Searchers', brilliant photography and storyline though some scenes did appeared a little silly and out of context but provided some light-heartedness. Still watchable after all the revisits.
  9. The writing was on the wall with demolition of Trinity Square and the construction of the awful Victoria Centre and that den of crime the multi-storey car park. The closure and pedestrianisation of the once lovely Lister Gate with the equally diabolical awful Broad Marsh Centre and Maid Marion Way set the tone for a deserted city scape. I escaped the ruination of a once plesant city in 1965 and have never regretted doing so. Remember the stabbing of a man in the News House pub off Angel Row which pulled the trigger for the notorious violent episodes of criminal escalation that seemed to follow and gave Nottingham the reputation of the gun crime city of the nation.
  10. Many thanks, Jill. I now remember he was Mr Booth. His name had escaped my memory.
  11. I remember being taken by my mother to a dentist on the boulevard, a large house on the left up from Alfreton Road but not as far as the forest in late forties or early fifties. I remember running from his dental surgery up the stairs in the vestibule to escape, followed by the dentist with a amalgam to fill my tooth cavity. I believe he was bald and could have been the butcher of Gregory Boulevard. Whimp or what? Due to immigration Hyson Green and everywhere else was changed for the worst for forever .
  12. Dark Angel et al, I am unable to copy images here including Google earth for some obscure reason. However, if you look at Google earth or similar historical images you will find existing evidence of the continuation of the mineral line as it continues south from Melbourne park. Just north of Holbeck Road at the bottom left of the old Player's Sports ground the gravel track bed of the line is visible. This line as you have now correctly stated did run approximately 80m east, parallel with the route of Western Boulevard. In the attached link,, appears the new Western Boulevard road bridge taken from the approximate position of the Babbington mineral line crossing. Vane St. cottages appear in the distance, I believe.
  13. I've this photo link - which might assist, if you do not have access to it. As usual MS Windows photo apps and this site cannot copy or paste photos for some obscure reason.
  14. I remember Freda Jackson who lived (or perhaps visited) on the Whitemoor Estate at the time on Bracknell Crescent or Didcot Drive area. I saw her once or twice as she walked past our house on Nuthall Road going to the bus stop at Western Boulevard end. At that time her smoking in the 'street' and walking out in trousers, (Slacks) were then considered somewhat of a vulgarity. I remember my mother and grandmother's comments to her dress and smoking quite clearly.
  15. Keith, I last saw Robin in about 1960. Regards, A.