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  1. If I'm right, was there a large open concrete culvert over a metre in diameter in that park with the opening next to the footpath?
  2. As many to this forum are pet lovers, it is inevitable that not all people are. In my locality a family have two noisy beagles who bark on any occasion, typically when the owner returns home. A recent addition, a rescued labrador has a yelping bark and the sound of an opening door often starts the barking off. The dogs are seldom taken out for exercise and are mostly left to come and go in the garden via a dog flap in the conservatory. The LA has been advised of this nuisance and adjacent neighbours have made numerous complaints. The dog owner is arrogant,
  3. Its not a black thong by chance Ben? When you said black and silky well...
  4. How can UKG't allow this bodily contact beach continuing? Is it because these overrated ball kickers and rugby players are so full of arrogance that a time has arrived for banging thick heads together. Get a grip waffling Boris and for once do something constructive! My vote for the cons have been lost.
  5. Condolences Lizzy, a beautiful bride and and a very attractive girl. Life can be cruel!
  6. Hi Mary1947, I too went ice-skating Saturday afternoons and in the evening and remember good times spent there. I remember vividly when it was announced the assassination of JFK. We would often sit in the top row seating on the right as viewed from the entrance to the rink. Perhaps we may have passed by each other on the ice!
  7. Mary, My thoughts exactly, typical of the, 'other world', these advertisers come marketing companies live on.
  8. A beautiful picture post card image of your home environment NonnaB. I can understand perfectly to your endearment to living there.
  9. Hiya! Guys, Reading about your lives in Aus makes me feel envious, especially so in winter in the UK. I nearly was a £10 Pom in 1963-4, but circumstances intervened in my application. My two friends who I applied with went and I suspect my mail was interfered with by a close member of my family. Had I been more persistent in pursuing my application things may have been very different. A simple 'phone call to Aus House may have been all that was needed. Happy New Year!
  10. Phil, I feel the same as you with past comedians apart from Tommy Cooper who was a natural. Most of the 'stand up's, of both sexes e.g, Sara Millican, amongst others, make me hit the off button.
  11. Hiya, Stavs, In your following quotation; "Amazing pictures. We are so lucky to still have it and be able to wander round the grounds and lake for free. We go there regularly, it’s about a half hour walk, and I am always in awe of the hall it’s so beautiful, seems amazing one family owned so much." I immediately thought of all the miners' sweated labour that paid for most it. We are now constantly reminded of the African slave trade. We, in England, had a slave trade of sorts right on our own door step! I would not be surprised of where the Middleton's original wealth c
  12. Beekay, I remember the bus depot on Beechdale Road on the left just past Freemount Drive. In my early years I remember it being woodland with a few concrete (Wartime?) excavations. Then followed the development of the depot. A terminus existed at the junction of Freemount Drive and Beechdale Road facing the then Beechdale Junior School. I can't recall the service number. Perhaps this could have been the 16 service? As I remember it ran from Beechdale Road via Western Boulevard and Aspley Lane and then to the city.
  13. Beekay, was it the 53 service that routed from the the Crown, (terminating at the lay-by at house number 27), to the northern end of Western Boulevard and back?
  14. I know this is off topic but the image illustrates the outline of the Babbington mineral track bed from above the Western Boulevard bridge to melbourne park passing through the then Player's sport's ground. The signal box on the Trowel line still visible.