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  1. It's not the leaves of the fig tree that concern me, but where the figs have gone and why?
  2. 16 degrees in south Devon. Ckecked my potted fig tree, all the little budding figs have disappeared!
  3. Although it was promoted as a 'state' funeral, the so-called, family, should have footed the cost themselves. It is not as though they cannot afford it! As an aside to the Windsor mafia, no doubt to boost their popularity, the inner circle of those mysterious courtiers have been using Kate (and family) at every publicity opportunity, presenting one's self as normal is grossly patronisingly and sickening. The difference between Kate and the overburdened working population is obvious. The mandarins will stop at nothing and will use any opportunity to promote and raise the
  4. It was Dalgleish Brothers, Bobbers Mill, a building on the left, down a yard just above Albert Avenue.
  5. Beekay, Thing's aint going to get better! What bright side?
  6. Hi, Nonna, please don't be too dismayed for being unable to visit the UK. I would say you are better off staying at home. It's too late in the day for me to think of leaving the UK, but If I were younger I would be off. The situation here, apart from a war, cannot get any worse. This whole nation is under sentance.
  7. What of the ten commandments, Thy Shall't Not... Or, Ye shall follow in the footsteps of the lord! Contradictory to the last, Phil.
  8. The gods’ or whatever they are, must be finding it difficult to substantiate their existence and principles of love between peoples, graciousness, sacrifice, and turning the other cheek somewhat increasingly delusional, especially in the so called centre of ‘holiness’ in Jerusalem! In the end, it’s just a mere figment of fantasy.
  9. Plantfit, what method do you use for removing ethanol from fuel?
  10. I've taken the option by subscribing to ITVX for advert free viewing. Worth every penny.
  11. 1. Religion 2. Communism 3. The monarchy 4. ECHR 5. Parole Board 6. Advertising 7. VAT 8. Social Media 9. Football 10. TV Game shows
  12. Lineker and Co. Do we really want to listen to this inane talking head drivel anyway? Get rid!
  13. Your title is a good characterisation of her appearance and stature; though in earlier years she looked confident, energetic and smartly dressed. Inevitably, time as the leader of the SNP appears to have taken its toll on her more recently; in particular the gender issue finally swept her off course. Who's tipped to take on the burden of political leadership?
  14. I'm reading Tales From Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb. I find the tales and characterisations somewhat akin to Alice in Wonderland and simply randomly compiled. I cannot understand the the huge appeal of these stories or Shakespeare in general.
  15. Fantastic! Brilliant! The use of 'them' when the correct pronuciation is 'those'. Yes, and it spoken like this on the Archers!