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  1. Dark Angel et al, I am unable to copy images here including Google earth for some obscure reason. However, if you look at Google earth or similar historical images you will find existing evidence of the continuation of the mineral line as it continues south from Melbourne park. Just north of Holbeck Road at the bottom left of the old Player's Sports ground the gravel track bed of the line is visible. This line as you have now correctly stated did run approximately 80m east, parallel with the route of Western Boulevard. In the attached link,, appears the new Western Boulevard road bridge taken from the approximate position of the Babbington mineral line crossing. Vane St. cottages appear in the distance, I believe.
  2. I've this photo link - which might assist, if you do not have access to it. As usual MS Windows photo apps and this site cannot copy or paste photos for some obscure reason.
  3. I remember Freda Jackson who lived (or perhaps visited) on the Whitemoor Estate at the time on Bracknell Crescent or Didcot Drive area. I saw her once or twice as she walked past our house on Nuthall Road going to the bus stop at Western Boulevard end. At that time her smoking in the 'street' and walking out in trousers, (Slacks) were then considered somewhat of a vulgarity. I remember my mother and grandmother's comments to her dress and smoking quite clearly.
  4. Keith, I last saw Robin in about 1960. Regards, A.
  5. Hi! kj792 I am afraid I have no information on Robin only that I knew him as working for a pork butchers, who's name I forget, at the bottom of Denehurst Avenue. The only acquaintances' I am able to recall Bobber's Mill are Alan Hambleton, Mary Brown and Adele Jackson who lived further up Nuthall Road at the corner of Whitemoor Avenue. I wished to emigrate to Ozz in 1962 with two friends if mine, unfortunately my mother intercepted my applications which sadly I failed to follow up. An opportunity lost forever as I joined the Marines instead.
  6. That is about right where the bus terminated at the end of Valley Road rather than Arnold. The other terminus I recall was at the end of Western Boulevard somewhere near Ilkeston Road. This was around 1952.
  7. I remember as a young boy of about 9 year's old being put on the 53 bus by my mother at Nuthall Road bus stop alone and going all the way to the Arnold terminus and remaining on the bus returning to the terminus at the other end of Western Boulevard (Ilkeston Road?) an then back to Nuthall Road bus stop again to get off and to walk back to my grandmother's house as a means to keep me out of mischief! How time's have changed.
  8. Willow, I remember the buildings and their location quite well. Especially, Lillicrapp's and the post office. The house on Table Row just up from the Nag's Head had a rather crude weather vane in the back yard and remember it drawing my attention for years as I passed on by. All of that local character ending as demolished for a car sales and showroom.
  9. Cliff Ton, excellent image. do you have any info on the house surrounded by a copse behind Whitemoor House (the Pub)?
  10. Has anyone any further information on the industries in the surrounding area of Dalgliesh Brothers' premises and any information on any residents of the larger houses? I also have a recollection that the term 'whitemoor' may have arisen due to the expanse of whitish marsh grassland from Bobber's Mill to Old Basford, New basford and the high ground of Whitemoor school. Obviously it was moorland with the river Leen (stream) flowing through it.
  11. Willow, I remember Bert Sheffield's butchers shop and his two sons Pete Sheffield and his brother who's first name I have forgotten. Bert's shop was on the left next to the old Wardle's store and post office and further down towards Basford Road and near to Harris's bike shop. The pork butchers I mentioned in my last message was on the other side of Denehurst Avenue which, apparently is now a funeral Directors premises. My early heart throb Mary Walker lived at the first house on the right of Denehurst Avenue , happy memories linger longer.
  12. Does anyone recall a small workshop/store owned by Dalgliesh Brothers at corner of Nuthall Road and Albert Avenue. I recall the names of Alan Hambleton and Mary Brown who lived on Cyril Avenue. I also remember Robin Soar who worked for a pork butchers on the corner of Nuthall Road and Denehurst Avenue. That particular area of Bobbers Mill always had a particular charm as it was untouched by and noticeable building change or development. I remember the post office near to Albert Avenue, the owners had a daughter who also attended Whitemoor Junior School.
  13. FLY2, I remember cobbled Lincoln Street, (Basford Town) as it was often referred to, as a very vibrant community with numerous shops and 'characters'. The Old English Gentleman on the original Brown's Croft, all narrow side streets with their own special features. The untitled 'Lord Mayor', of Basford , Ivor Liddington for one. Rubin, often shoplifter and drunkard and many others I'm unable to name. Three butchers shops, herbalist, fish monger, grocers, cycle repairs, (Martins) news agents and chemist to name a few. Basford Manor on Church Street was owned by Mr & Mrs Telling (Builders & Plasterers). Basford wakes by the river Lean with its quaint arched bridge. Gone and forgotten. To see Lincoln Street now via Google Earth is saddening. The flats and housing ruined completely a thriving area. As you say perhaps a fly-over would have been for the better.
  14. Hi! FLY2, As a Basfordian, I believe you would remember Lincoln Street before the apocalypse!
  15. Hi! Jackson, I thought I would like to reply with my similar fine memories of Aspley Library. With its green rubberised flooring and immaculate shelves of books to get lost in. I started in the junior section then moved on to the senior section. My earlier recollections of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn kept me happily absorbed for hours. I do remember a young girl librarian about the time you might have been in attendance and I would have liked to have the courage to have asked her out but, being of a shy disposition I regret now that I didn't have the necessary level of confidence to do so. It is very sad that the library we knew now has barred windows and a re-inforced main entrance (Google Earth). Yes, Aspley 'pictures', the shops, Mick and Olwen at Pinketts's , the snooker hall and the frothy coffee café opposite the library all bring back happy memories.