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  1. Best wishes for your recovery!
  2. That was just what I was thinking, taken from the deep pockets of the taxpayer no doubt.
  3. The whole period of so-called mourning, was vastly overdone, annoyingly repetitive and some of the interviews, with Uncle Tom Cobley and all, was unnecessary. The BBC mostly, and other media, at the expense of world events, just saturated the nation with a spectacle, which I found patronizing and at times, embarrassing. A spectacle of pageantry that should be left to history.
  4. Alpha

    The Queen

    Nice, when one has a choice of palatial, fully staffed, residences available! It’s not so nice for the common peasants, who cannot afford a bedsit at £800 per month, or even a home at all!
  5. What term should be applied to Andrew. Andrew
  6. The embalming could have been done in Edinburgh being a 'medical' city. By the way, did you also notice young Eddie in uniform? Disrespectful to whichever regimental uniform he wore being that he never served in one. He left the RM's as a yound officer under training. He failed to complete even the the first part of the training course, and went into the theatre. A bit like his great uncle of the same name.
  7. Alpha

    The Queen

    That's is also part of my argument. The BBC has still not come to terms with impartiality in broadcasting. This coverage of the the current issue is exactly like DJ360's comment of state control, something we might well expect from a totalitarian state. Who's pulling the strings here, the BBC lovies who still cannot release themselves from the rigorous control of the self governing BBC dictator John Reith, or is it the hand-wringing palace mandarins or both.
  8. Alpha

    The Queen

    RadFordee, That's it I did hit the button, hence my comment. We have monumental events, far more important to consider than the demise of a ninety six year old. The far reaching effects of the energy crisis, a European war, rising cost of living, imminent business closures, housing, unemployment; the possibility of the return of winter covid and the flu and national debt.
  9. Alpha

    The Queen

    The BBC and ITV have again obliged us with a royal bereavement programme shut-down. We've the funeral and a coronation to endure next. I'm not a follower of the monarchy. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with another incumbent monarch, unless Liz Truss has certain ambitions to instigate a change of direction.
  10. Alpha


    Ben, looking at the Happy Day's video it brought back to me how backward we in the UK were compared with the US, or so it seemed. I know it's just a US TV show but the difference in living and life styles, well....
  11. Alpha


    I remember the main PO as a very stately building. The inside was huge and echoing, as it appeared to me as a child. What always caught my eye was the huge mural above the cashiers of a camel rider wearing a fez with rifle slung over his shouder delivering mail across the brown coloured desert with distant hills. I tried to find that image but no luch with that.
  12. Poseur, Phil? Did you make calls in the supermarket too?
  13. The only service I travelled on was the 53 that stared at Crown Island (Western Boulevard end terminus) along Wesern Boulevard, to the end of Valley Road where the service terminated for the return route.
  14. Was, 'The Lord Nelson' at the top of Cowley Street?
  15. Broderick Crawford, 'Highway Patrol'. Thomas Mitchell, 'Glencannon'. Phil Silvers, 'Sgt. Bilko'.