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  1. Anyone remember Madam Fuzzy (Palmist) who had a small parlour on the ground floor? She was there for quite a few years.
  2. I seem to recall Kardomah coffee was situated close to the Bell Inn on Angel Row. Walking past the aroma of freshly ground coffee was delightful. Date about 1950 to 1960.
  3. Cavalry twill trousers. Pipe smokers.
  4. Men carrying raincoats folded over their arm.
  5. Jill, I'm not sure but I will find out more if I can. He replaced his converted lifeboat to a more conventional type of fishing boat in the eighties. His injured son, due to his accident, also suffered from learning difficulties.
  6. Situated, as Skegness is, on the edge of the cold North Sea, no thanks. How old must that portly fisherman be? Is he on something?
  7. Anyone remember the rowing boats on the embankment by the bridge. One acquaintance from those times with the rowing boats was a Neil Gamble. He had a son who was injured in a bus accident. I met him in Teignmouth in Devon where he owned an ex-lifeboat which he used for fishing and diving trips. He must have lived somewhere near to where he worked. Perhaps the Meadows or London Road area.
  8. Jill, GCW and I have been corresponding recently about Patsy Taylor when she lived at the corner of Fretwell Street and Bobbers Mill Road. Interestingly, do you have any recollections of Patsy at all?
  9. Willow, Yes, Mr Parker, English teacher, grey hair brushed back, quite a gentlemen in his grey suit. I remember him well. In fact I can describe most of the teachers of that period. The best and the worst! Most of the pupils looked fairly well turned out, especially those wearing the school uniform. There's far more recollections of Ellis on an Ellis School thread, if you have not already found it.
  10. Willow, I also attended Ellis School and left around 1959. There's memories of the saddle tank shunters at Newcastle sidings and the lines of empty wagons on the old Western Boulevard spur ready for return to Babbington. Now, Lee and Goodjohn, did they also sell electrical parts and equipment? Pinkett's newsagents, George Jones the barber, Bennet's sweet shop, the garage next to the paint shop, Co-op corner, Bert Sheffield butcher, Wardles Stores and Post Office, Harris's cycles, to name a few, White's ice cream shop among many others. All the te
  11. Hucknall Aerodrome always holds memories from childhood. Standing in the backyard on Nuthall Road waving to to the many types of aircraft eg, Mosquitos flying low on their approach over Saxby's chimney's to land. Of hearing the roar of jet engine tests and thinking of what the noise must have been like in Hucknall. All the days were sunny then before cars cluttered the roads and front gardens were of grass not hardcore for car parking. Ted Breffit's garage, the remains of Newcastle pit, the mineral railway that crossed Melbourne Road, Aspley library and the wide pavements and busy
  12. BK, Jet Morgan was played by actor Andrew Faulds and (MP). Doc was played by a Canadian actor, Guy Kingsley Pointer, Lemmy, played by both Alfie Bass and David Kossoff, with Mitch played by Bruce Beeby and Don Sharp. I miss-spelt the producer Charles Chilton as Chiltern, and 'eerie' voice of David Jacobs, not as earie!
  13. I remember way before the sixties , of course, was the Archer's with Doris and Jack as the main characters and the fire where Grace died with Phil Archer failing to save her. Was there a hidden agenda to her actor being written out? The best and seminal series was, Journey into Space, which I still listen to on iphone. Way before its time and not bettered by any other space radio programme. David Jacobs playing many of the roles especially the introduction with that earie voice of the various characters, crews of the space ships and ground controllers. Van Philips theme music fitte
  14. Nonna, your eating habits sound delightful. I don't knock it but would enjoy that particular menu with relish. Not the relish, relish! I've always enjoyed far-eastern and continental dishes. We have a fairly local restaurant specialising in |French cuisine, really missing it during lock-down.
  15. As DJ360 comments, I quote, And the Drones will still keep voting to be screwed. The drones (Punters) have been sleep walking for decades spending their money to watch obscene over paid louts prance about the pitch like excited school girls. As soon as the transfer fees started rising towards a million the end was, and is, nigh. I never was at all interested in the game. It was not too long before I saw the game for what it was and has become.