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  1. Parliamentary, governmental, ministerial and individual incompetence is rife throughout society; wrong people in the wrong jobs who, unfortunately, always seem to get into positions of influence and power. Try, as you may, to get rid of these politicians, they are replaced by other incompetents. We can't seem to reverse the situation by using our power of selection by voting as they all seem to have the same inherent attributes of incompetence. The start in attempting to rid society of these cretins is not to vote at all or, to respond to any referenda offered by the politicians to find another way in to make their case. The political class, as a whole, has to be brought down. As a replacement a governing group of experts in their field free of political influence or interference could be a way forward, but that would be years ahead of our time. Could C19 , running rife through the Houses of Parliament and at local government level be our saviour? Nice to think so!
  2. It appears to me that NHST managers form a protective clique around themselves and their executive which run their management roles on a fear process. None are brought to trial for their level of negligence. Their criminal mis-demeaners most of which are prima facie cases of individual or collective manslaughter. Seldom any are ever named or even remotely brought before the courts or public account tribunals.
  3. I remember, I believe it was Len Brooks who told me, that when they were contracted to demolish part of Radford Colliery, the winding gear wheel was cut from its housing and rolled off towards some property fortunately stopping before any damage resulted! Jeanette, Did your mum have a younger sister, Joanna and brother 'Bod'?
  4. Done Jonab, all clear! The warning indicates a threat originating from the leads I have indicated. regards,
  5. Cliff Ton, This warning also appears when I open the 'Battle of the Somme' topic but not the others.
  6. This is the Unsafe Site Warning that appears when I click on the following page.
  7. Cliff Ton, I took a screen shot. Unfortunately it's too big to attach, 140 kb.
  8. Cliff Ton, I have the Padloch visible on the N web bar. I'm using New MS Edge browser with upto date virus protection, firewall etc. The apps attempt is notified via MS Edge notification box. The Unsafe Site Warning alert was visible in a box immediately to the left of the Padlock web bar.
  9. Not quite sure Jill but I believe she died with complications associated with a severe form of dementia!
  10. My PC has issued an 'Unsecure Site Warning', which states the images on the site may be targeted by attackers that may try to interfere with posted image content being viewed. I've also had a warning that unwanted apps have attempted to infiltrate my PC when viewing in 'Activity' from one or two contributors. Please ensure PC protective measures are taken and anti-virus and other attacking software are regularly updated. Regards, Alpha.
  11. Good morning Sonia, Did you know of a family with the name of Alcock, they had two daughters and the street in the diagram appear familiar as it terminates at the works wall. My aunt worked at the instrument works for many years, painting lumiescent (radium) on dials. One reflection of her's was that she moistened the small paint brush on her lips to keep the bristles fine for more intricate work! No H&S then nor were the implications known of radioactive poisoning untill the mid 70's when this kind of work was closed down.
  12. I too am envious Nonna . It looks clean and civilised there and with the Mediterranean glass of wine culture that Blair erroneously thought he could encourage the yobs of the UK to adopt. The UK has fast become a lost society. The end of lock down has demonstrated that the lower element of society is becoming the norm for selfishness and bad behaviour.
  13. That's correct. Whitemoor Junior School prior to construction, complete with attached brick and concrete slabbed roof air-rad shelters, most of which are still there. Far right of the image is the beginning of Wilkinson Street from Western Boulevard. The road going diagonally up at the near left from the Newcastle Arms was known formally as High Street, since 50's-60's renamed as Basford Road. The Newcastle Colliery clearly defined, though the embanked mineral line extension immediately south of Newcastle Farm coming in from the left and marked as a track is yet to be laid. Part of the farm premises, opposite the end of Basford Road, was where Ted Breffit's garage and forecourt was to be later occupied.
  14. Any Nottstalgians attended Whitemoor Junior School 1950's. Here are some of the teaching staff I remember.
  15. I remember a chapel almost opposite the Miners Welfare that had a hall. It was used by the Boys Brigade around 1954. I has been demolished and now re-build as business premises