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  1. Hi Philmayfield, I'm in the process of upgrading to a Cessna 172 Skyhawk from a Jodel 112. What flight simulator would you suggest might be helpful for use on a standard laptop?
  2. Well Brew, to see on a bright winter day, partially deflated santas etc, blowing aimlessly in the breeze, tied up with string, is not what I would regard as seasonal decorations. Traditionally, holly with berries etc, (the birds, unfortuneatly, have feasted on the usual crop), I feel is far more appealing than partially deflated economy flashing decorations. I am personally indifferent to mass seasonal lighting though a few, I agree, may enhance the spirit of the season. I do tend to indulge my wife and trditionally decorate our home as she would like. As for the seasonal spir
  3. I prefer a just few decorations, mostly LED lights, but my wife enjoys the season (we're not anyway religious and me totally agnostic) with a tree, door wreath and illumuninated garlands etc. I cannot abide those disguting plastic santas, reindeer, sledges which appear as ridiculous tat which only fund the pockets of the Chinese manufacturers and just empasise the poor taste of the individuals who erect them and think they are being trendy. I would rather spend this outlay on decent wines, champers, Tarquins (Blackberry) and grub, which I have done. Good old Braithwaite
  4. I know it's off piste Ben, but do you remember Chambers butchers in (Main St or perhaps Commercial Road). I had an uncle who worked there in the 50's. They had a daughter who had slight learning difficulties and one of the sons, who's name was Edgar.
  5. Hair grips, Ben? Can you still buy them in Bulwell Market.
  6. Can anyone recall the term a 'trackless' as an alternative name for a trolley bus.
  7. This particular topic on NCT trolley buses appears to have gone off piste into the realms of womens workplace behaviour. Can we please keep on track.
  8. No. I was referring to his time with NCT up to approximately the 1970's. Was the main NCT depot located on Lower Parliament Street?
  9. Beekay, Les Anderson lived in Beechdale and retired there. An avid card player, I believe, at PSD.
  10. Now, there's a surprise Phil. I'm sure Ben would like to comment on the lack of refinement in old Bulwell.
  11. Beekay, Catfan, I probably confused the routes and termini. Routes 44 and 43 are the ones I recall. There was another family member. His name was Jack Alcock who worked as an inspector on various routes.
  12. Can anyone recall Les Anderson a trolley bus driver with NCT up to the early to mid sixties? I believe one of his runs was from Trent Bridge to Hucknall Road teminus and back. He mentioned that it took only two runs to complete his shift.
  13. Ben, Re: the egg heads referring to Bulwell in their programme, I take it was not a culture related discussion....
  14. Yes, Phil, It's now spot the white man and family on these adverts that the politcally fearful hand-wringers have reduced us to.
  15. The British establishment appear so desperately inadequate that they will grasp at any inconsequentially remote connection with any personality to enable them to be seen to win at anything.