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  1. Bilborough Girl

    Vanished shops

    Glad to see my memory didn't let me down as I had completely forgotten the existence of Judges until I read about them up-thread and remembered that was where my mother bought bread circa 1950. I love the way this forum can take me back to things, places and people I haven't thought about in years. It's very encouraging to find that I CAN remember them with a bit of help!
  2. Bilborough Girl

    Vanished shops

    I think Judges also had a shop on Plains Road in the early 50s when we lived in Mapperley.
  3. Bilborough Girl

    Just me then

    I've been thinking about this since I posted it and feel I've mis-remembered. It was Mr Thorpe who taught us biology. I think Mr Bird taught chemistry didn't he? In my day girls weren't allowed to take O-level chemistry; that was reserved for boys and we had to take biology, which, of course, the boys couldn't. Imagine distinctions like that happening now!
  4. Bilborough Girl

    Just me then

    Mr Bird!.....who, of course, we called Dickie.... I'd forgotten him. He taught my class O-level biology. He lived in Wollaton and a friend and I occasionally babysat for him and his wife.
  5. Bilborough Girl

    From Basford

    That's VERY different to how I remember the area. Interesting to see that the shop between McDonalds and the houses on Valley Road is now a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom showroom. In my day it was a typical corner shop which I am sure was called Fergies. We used to buy the tea, coffee and biscuit supplies for the office there and also cream cakes when it was someone's birthday. This site is bringing back memories of so many things and places I haven't thought about in thank you!
  6. Bilborough Girl

    Portland Junior School - Glaisdale Drive

    Wow, that is amazing! We moved to Hoylake Crescent in 1951 and if Baxters wasn't open then it certainly was not long after. My parents became friends of Mr and Mrs Baxter and later of their daughter ( who I think was called Doreen) and son-in-law Lindsey. My dad was a great d-i-y fan and he must have been one of Baxters best customers over the years. I wonder if the shop is still in the family?
  7. Bilborough Girl

    Glaisdale & Hadden Park Pictures

    I remember seeing the original Glaisdale being built while I was a pupil at Glenbrook Juniors which was part of the same campus so it was still quite new when I first went there in September 1954. It was a beautiful building, very light, airy and modern, with every modern facility a school could want. It had a good reputation as well and I feel very lucky to have been there in the 1950s.
  8. Bilborough Girl

    Just me then

    I was at Glaisdale from 1954 to 1960 and was in Castle house. Mr Unwin was the head, Mrs Newton the deputy when I first went there. They both scared me to death! Miss Wing (later Mrs Wrathall) was my form teacher and English teacher. Her husband taught metalwork at the school. 25 years later my 11 year old daughter came home from her first day at a comprehensive on the other side of the city and told me her form teacher and English teacher was called Mrs Wrathall and her husband taught metalwork at the school.... Yes it turned out to be the same couple which seemed very strange. Mrs Wrathall and I spent a good part of the first parents' evening we went to reminiscing about our days at Glaisdale!
  9. Bilborough Girl

    From Basford

    Used to go to the El Torreador after doing homework in the old Central Library.
  10. Bilborough Girl

    From Basford

    Yes, that's where I worked for 6 years - lovely to see it again, thank you. The building is still there then? What is it used for now? The Driving Test Centre was in a tiny single story building at the back of us and the examiners used our "facilities" including our rest room so we knew them quite well. I can only remember two of them and I suspect that includes the one who someone here describes as miserable. He hardly ever spoke to anyone. The other one I remember had a daughter the same age as me who he was teaching to drive. He offered to teach me....and I declined as I was very nervous at the thought of driving. I must have been mad - imagine being taught for free by a driving examiner when you are about 18! As it was, I waited years before learning to drive and it cost a small fortune. Is The Shoulder of Mutton pub still on the corner of Radford Road and Valley Road? I thought about it this week when I read about a pub in York that is changing its name from The Shoulder of Mutton so as to appeal to vegetarians and vegans.
  11. Bilborough Girl

    From Basford

    I worked at the Employment Exchange in Basford from 1960 to 1966, in the days before it moved to David Lane. I used to catch the number 13 bus from Bilborough which I think only ran in peak times. Unlike the other Bilborough buses which went into town up Ilkeston Road, the 13 went up Alfreton Road so I would get off at Bentinck Road to catch a 43 or 44 to Basford. One lasting memory of my journeys to work is of Tuesday mornings which was the day Shipstones delivered beer to the Alma pub which was just across the road from the bus stop on Bentinck Road. The dray would be parked by the kerb and those beautiful matched grey Shire horses Shippos had would be standing waiting so patiently while the driver unloaded to barrels. I remember once going to my doctor because I had really bad catarrh.He asked where I worked and when I said Basford he repkied "Oh well, if you will work in the smelliest place in Nottingham, what do you expect?" Between the gasworks and Shipstones Brewery it certainly WAS smelly!
  12. Bilborough Girl

    Plains Road Primary

    Miss King was my teacher when I was at Mapperley Plains for about 18 months 1949 to 1951 and she seemed incredibly old to me but, I realise now I'm incredibly old myself that she can't have been! The head teacher was a Mr Smith but I have no recollection of any of the other staff.
  13. Bilborough Girl

    Where were these Trent photos taken (1)

    Gainsborough is my nearest town and whilst it isn't the prettiest of small towns a lot of regeneration and redevelopment has gone on over recent years, especially along the river bank. I certainly wouldn't describe it as a tip. I did wonder if the photo was taken in Gainsborough although I can't relate the buildings to how it is now. I will show it to one or two friends who grew up there and see if they recognise it.
  14. Bilborough Girl

    Vanished shops

    That's them!
  15. Bilborough Girl

    Why Lincolnshire yellerbellies

    As an adopted, honorary Yellowbellie these days I have been told by the born and bred ones that the name comes from the yellow uniform waistcoats of the Lincolnshire Regiment.