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  1. Miss Wing who married the metalwork teacher Mr Wrathall was my first year form teacher at Glaisdale. 25 years later my daughter started at Greenwood Comprehensive on the other side of Nottingham .... and her first year form teacher was a Mrs Wrathall whose husband taught metalwork at the same school. I felt it just had to be the same couple and sure enough it was! At the first parents' evening we went to Mrs Wrathall and I spent more time reminiscing about Glaisdale than we did talking about my daughter (who wasn't pleased!).
  2. The shoes I wore for my wedding were made by Bally. I bought them in a sale because I don't think I would have been able to afford them otherwise as I seem to remember they were quite an expensive brand. I have a vague recollection that I bought them from Jessops.
  3. I loved seeing these gentle giants on the streets when I worked in Basford, not very far from Shipstones Brewery. They were so beautiful.
  4. I remember all those fantastic shoes shops on Clumber Street and Long Row. They were my second home in the 1960s! I am sure you are right about Manfreds Stavertongirl although it's a name I had forgotten until I read your post.
  5. I was taught geography by Mr Evans too and have to thank his dedicated teaching for getting me through the O-level syllabus in one year instead of the usual two. I remember Miss Bagguley too. Although I was never taught by her she was my form teacher one year. I have no idea where they are now but many years ago met them when walking in Colwick Woods with my husband, daughter and dog. I think they had some children with them but can't really remember.
  6. When we lived in Bakersfields and the Red Arrows were performing at Nottingham Air Show we were able to see them from our bedroom windows so would rush upstairs when we heard them. Now I live about 10 miles from their base at RAF Scampton and, when they aren't away at shows, their practicing often brings them over my garden....and I still rush out to see them when I hear that very distinctive engine roar. Unfortunately the base is due to close next year and they are being moved away from this area. Everyone is very upset about that as we feel they belong to us.
  7. The chef from Griffins restaurant was the husband of a friend of my mother's and he made my wedding cake as a gift.
  8. Back as far as the 1960s I often had the thought "what if there's a fire" when I was in Griffins! It was such a rabbit warren that people would have a job to find their way out. I was in there a few weeks ago and lo and behold, I STILL couldn't find my way out! Is it a listed building? I have a recollection of being told, or once reading, that the shop consists of a series of wealthy merchants' town houses knocked through to join them up. Certainly, if you stand in the Square and look at the architecture, that could be their origin. It would also explain the higgledy-piggledy interior layout.
  9. As I recall there was also a beautiful staircase in Griffin and Spalding ( now Debenhams) but it seems to have disappeared.
  10. Thanks Stuart. It certainly didn't look as though it would be finished any time soon when I was there a few weeks fact, there didn't seem to have been any change since I was last there in October!
  11. I've been shocked at the state of that end of town in recent visits to Nottingham. Getting to and from the station is like negotiating an obstacle course. Does anyone know what the intended outcome of all that construction work is, when it's intended to be finished and if Broad Marsh Centre will ever open again?
  12. So sorry to read of the demise of The Chateau. My father was very involved with the Civil Service sports club and ground which were opposite (anyone know if it is still going?) so, as a family, we would sometimes go across to The Chateau for a meal. As a result it was the place where my wedding reception was held.
  13. VERY newly built by the look of it! Do you know what year that photo was taken? We moved in to our brand new house in 1951. I suppose the estate did look that raw and bare before people had made gardens but I don't remember it looking quite that empty. I guess maybe I was too young to notice such things.
  14. Martins Pond! Yet another reminder from this wonderful forum of something I'd forgotten all about. We used to collect frogs' spawn there for the school nature table....something which I am pretty sure wouldn't happen nowadays.
  15. Yes, I was in 5E....although I'd forgotten that was what our O-level class was called; well done you for remembering it! I've sent you a message.