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  1. VERY newly built by the look of it! Do you know what year that photo was taken? We moved in to our brand new house in 1951. I suppose the estate did look that raw and bare before people had made gardens but I don't remember it looking quite that empty. I guess maybe I was too young to notice such things.
  2. Martins Pond! Yet another reminder from this wonderful forum of something I'd forgotten all about. We used to collect frogs' spawn there for the school nature table....something which I am pretty sure wouldn't happen nowadays.
  3. Bilborough Girl

    Glaisdale Comp

    Yes, I was in 5E....although I'd forgotten that was what our O-level class was called; well done you for remembering it! I've sent you a message.
  4. Bilborough Girl

    Glaisdale Comp

    Was Mole played by a Michael Shepherd? Don't know why that name has come to me as I can't put a face to it! That play was such fun to do wasn't it? I think our drama teacher in those days was Miss Jefferson. I haven't yet found that photo but I'll keep looking as I know I would never have thrown it away. I can still quote chunks of Macbeth having learnt it for O-level all those years ago!
  5. Bilborough Girl

    Glaisdale Comp

    Somewhere I have a photo of the Toad of Toad Hall cast: I was a weasel. IF I can find it and IF I can work out how to do it, I will post it here. That may take some time though!
  6. Bilborough Girl

    Vanished shops

    I know Pork Farms is part of a group of companies now but the name lives on as their pies and sausage rolls are in the supermarket. I always thought their pork pies were the best.
  7. Bilborough Girl

    Vanished shops

    Both my father-in-law and my husband, both keen d-i-y-ers, used to buy tools from Gillotts. The building in the photo is an interesting shape: it looks as though the top has been neatly sliced off!
  8. Bilborough Girl

    Vanished shops

    That building had an interesting history I remember there was a lot of controversy over the destruction of the Oriental Cafe's ceiling some time before I left Nottingham in the 1980s but I don't recall the details. Does the actual building still exist?
  9. Bilborough Girl

    Vanished shops

    I'm pretty sure it was Staddons....something else I didn't know I remembered until someone mentions it....but I can see that clock in my mind's eye now!
  10. Bilborough Girl

    Vanished shops

    I remember Skinner and Rook being in a kind of courtyard off Clumber Street about halfway down on the left going towards Parliament Street. By the 1970s it had become the back way into Littlewoods store.
  11. Bilborough Girl

    Glaisdale teachers

    I was taught history by Mr Sadler who was also my house teacher. He was a lovely man and a great favourite with all his O-level history group. Derek Parkin Marshall taught music and I will be eternally grateful to him for introducing me to classical music, a love which is still with me 60 years on. I also remember Mr Evans (geography) and Miss Rose (science).
  12. Bilborough Girl

    Glaisdale & Hadden Park Pictures

    I remember the music and drama festivals at Glaisdale which were competitive between the four houses. If I remember rightly, they were held at the end of the summer term every year that I was there and were great fun. Glaisdale was a good school for music and drama in the 1950s.
  13. Bilborough Girl

    Vanished shops

    Glad to see my memory didn't let me down as I had completely forgotten the existence of Judges until I read about them up-thread and remembered that was where my mother bought bread circa 1950. I love the way this forum can take me back to things, places and people I haven't thought about in years. It's very encouraging to find that I CAN remember them with a bit of help!
  14. Bilborough Girl

    Vanished shops

    I think Judges also had a shop on Plains Road in the early 50s when we lived in Mapperley.
  15. Bilborough Girl

    Glaisdale Comp

    I've been thinking about this since I posted it and feel I've mis-remembered. It was Mr Thorpe who taught us biology. I think Mr Bird taught chemistry didn't he? In my day girls weren't allowed to take O-level chemistry; that was reserved for boys and we had to take biology, which, of course, the boys couldn't. Imagine distinctions like that happening now!