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  1. Bilborough Girl

    Where were these Trent photos taken (1)

    Gainsborough is my nearest town and whilst it isn't the prettiest of small towns a lot of regeneration and redevelopment has gone on over recent years, especially along the river bank. I certainly wouldn't describe it as a tip. I did wonder if the photo was taken in Gainsborough although I can't relate the buildings to how it is now. I will show it to one or two friends who grew up there and see if they recognise it.
  2. Bilborough Girl

    Vanished shops

    That's them!
  3. Bilborough Girl

    Why Lincolnshire yellerbellies

    As an adopted, honorary Yellowbellie these days I have been told by the born and bred ones that the name comes from the yellow uniform waistcoats of the Lincolnshire Regiment.
  4. Bilborough Girl

    Vanished shops

    In 1963 I had been doing a lot of overtime so had extra cash to spend. I bought a really good quality sheepskin coat in the Canadian Fur Company's sale which I wouldn't have been able to afford normally. I wore it every winter for years until the edges down the front and on the cuffs began to wear away. I loved that coat and still have it packed away in the loft....although I don't know why since I will never wear it again! I was also interested to see Jeanettes on King Street mentioned in this thread. I bought lots of things there in the 1960s. Anyone remember Rains electrical shops? There was one on Carrington Street and another on either Hockley or Goosegate - can't remember which. There may have been others around the city too. They belonged to a cousin of my husband. My parents bought my first record player from the Carrington Street shop as a Christmas present for me, long before I married into the family.
  5. Bilborough Girl

    Street Name - Bakerdale Road

    We always called it Bakersfields when we lived there.
  6. Bilborough Girl

    Nottinghams Heritage Assets

    "You don't behave like that in MY Square....." ! I remember Sgt. Tug Wilson well, he was a Nottingham institution. Btw I hasten to add, he never had cause to say that to me!
  7. Bilborough Girl

    Street Name - Bakerdale Road

    We lived on Greendale Road and then on Bentley Avenue in Bakersfields between 1970 and 1988. My father-in-law grew up on Swains Avenue in the years before WW1 in the house built by his father who ran a milk delivery business. From what he told us of the area in those days it mainly consisted of fields belonging to someone whose surname was Baker.... the origin of the name is as simple as that! After WW1 the land was sold off to developers or individuals to build housing. My parents-in-law as newlyweds in the 1920s wanted to buy a plot on Oakdale Road but couldn't afford it.
  8. Bilborough Girl

    From the Castle.....

    Are you saying it actually cost eight quid to go into the castle grounds before it closed? Wow! On a recent visit with a friend who was a first time visitor to Nottingham I was disappointed not to be able to take her to the castle because I wanted to show her the panoramic views from up there and the (as I remember them) beautiful grounds....but no way would that have been worth paying £16 for! When we caught a glimpse of the castle and I pointed it out to her, her immediate reaction was a disappointed sounding "Oh....." . She did say it wasn't what she had been expecting Nottingham Castle to look like. Well, no! I have very happy childhood memories of visits to the castle with all the things others have mentioned....the views, the old coaches, the ice creams, Mortimer's Hole... and I often took my daughter there when she was little too.
  9. Bilborough Girl

    Bilborough Grammar School

    My daughter went to Bilborough Sixth Form College as it became, in the 1980s and she was taught A-level history by Mr Downing. She really liked him.
  10. Bilborough Girl

    Hello Nottingham!

    What a welcome! Thank you everyone. I am still in the process of finding my way round the site...trouble is, I keep getting side tracked by interesting threads/posts, then forget where I've seen them and get lost trying to find them again! I'll get the hang of it eventually. I visited Nottingham last week for the first time in about 10 years and it has made me very nostalgic. The reason for the visit was that I have a friend who said she has never been to Nottingham and would like to see it so we came on the train from Lincoln and I gave her a guided tour of the city centre. You'll all be glad to hear she was very impressed with what a beautiful place it is. I'd tolld her that before we went! It was very strange for me as the city has changed so much since we left in 1988 and yet, it was all so very familiar. I was so pleased that I could still find my way around but, I guess, that will always be the case with the place you grew up in.
  11. My family used the library at Old Park Farm in the early 1950s when we moved to Bilborough and I went to a youth club there on Friday evenings when I was older. Looking back now, it was an odd sort of place to find in the middle of the estate. I'm sorry to hear that it burnt down.
  12. Bilborough Girl

    Hello Nottingham!

    Oh, I haven't been called mi'duck for years! That's lovely, thank you and thank you to Jill for the welcome.
  13. Bilborough Girl

    Hello Nottingham!

    Hi everyone. I've just discovered this amazing forum as a result of googling to jog my memory of where Nottingham's tenpin bowling alley was in the 1960s.... Barker Gate of course! My family moved to Nottingham when I was 4 in 1948. After living in rented rooms in Mapperley for a few years we moved into a brand new council house in Bilborough in 1951where I stayed until I married in 1967. After that I lived with my family in Bakersfields until we moved to rural Lincolnshire in 1988 where I still live. My late husband was born and grew up in Mapperley. In Bilborough I went to Glenbrook Junior and Glaisdale Bi-lateral schools. After school I worked in the Department of Employment at Valley Road Basford and Castle Boulevard. I've already seen lots of interesting and familiar things on the forum and I am looking forward to making some new friends....and maybe meeting some old ones?