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  1. Iron Maiden. (Instrument of torture, for the unitiated).
  2. Are they all your bikes Rog ? Or were you at an exhibition?
  3. A re-enactment of the Titfield Thunderbolt...
  4. That bottom picture Rog, there's a parking space vacant. You want to nab it while you can. Lovely pictures, are they yours ? B.
  5. Where's the mudguards Rog ? You're gonna get your back bloody soaked when it rains. Not only that , but there's no pannier carrier on the back. Where's Mrs. Plantfit going to sit when you go for a picnic.
  6. Would the tie worn by velvet voice Michael Holliday be a 'Wyatt Earp tie? He was Britain's answer to Bing Crosby.
  7. Here's a cycle for P.P, and an engine for me mate Rog. Always assuming I've not already shown it... London to Brighton rally.
  8. @benjamin1945, nice picture Ben. That's one of things I remember about driving up Aspley Lane when the Cherry Blossom was out. A wonderful mass of pink and when it was windy, as it always was then, you'd be driving on a carpet of pink. Very pleasant scent too.
  9. @Blakey, I agree wholeheartedly , but in my case, it's finding the buggers. It would appear nobody went to my school.
  10. What about the ones that wear knee length socks with sandals or flip-flops. A few years ago we going to take a couple of our neighbours out for the day and he was dressed as you describe, sandals, bare feet shorts and a vest, which hung really low under the armpits. We weren't even going to the seaside. Needless to say, we never got out that day as I flatly refused to have him in my car and he wouldn't go home to change. Day cancelled.
  11. Welcome to the Twilight zone Bethany. We look forward to hearing some of your memories.
  12. Only 23 older than me Phil. So old enough to big sister.
  13. Already made a start Ian. Take care Sunbeam !!
  14. Not too soon I hope. I'm not quite ready for joining Bluebirds over Dover white cliffs, or Severn sisters either. I'm too young.
  15. She lived in Ditchling. I used to attend meetings with her when I worked at the League of Friends coffee shop, Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath. Lovely lady to talk to. R.I.P.
  16. Not on Facebook so alas, I am unable to view them.
  17. The Lifers long term prison and Lewes Bonfire Society. Oh, and a Tesco AND Aldi. X
  18. And not a Lister engine or bicycle in sight. Have a great day mate ! PS. That's it, I've now reached my 10,000 posts.
  19. just for thee Jill Sparrow....
  20. Thanks for the extra info P. Much obliged.