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  1. £4/6/5d per week for working underground and on shifts, 1958. Bilbraborn bus far to town from Bilborough was 6d.
  2. I allus thought the 'Mucky Duck's was a nickname for the 'White Swan. But what do I know?
  3. I'm sure my jab were TIZER Jill.
  4. Much as I agree Brew, try telling to the birds, in the depths of winter. But they had cake as well. We always made sure the bread was well watered before the birds got it. It's only dry bread they should eat. Sometimes it was covered in penicillin.
  5. Sunblest again, when I were a Park ranger at Holme Pierrepont, every week we used to nip up to Sunblest to collect stale bread for the water fowl. We never left with less than two flower sacks full of bread, cakes and all manner of goods. Back at the park one of our rangers used to scrummage through the bags and would often surface with a fruit cake or sponge saying,"too good for the birds, only 3 days old. It'll do for us". When we used to get a coach load of visitors, we always said they were just in time, as we were going to feed the birds, didn't matter when it was, the birds were alw
  6. Fried Slice. (Dont ment fried eggs, you'll upset PP)
  7. Lovely boat Tracy15, thanks for posting and a big welcome to Nottstalgians. I look forward to more pix.
  8. More power to your Pevril Aquatic Wildlife park. A pair of Flamingos should complete it.
  9. Show us narrowboaters a picture I've and I'll show you me narrow boat art.
  10. CT, maybe it's a bias against West Midlanders. Don't tell Carni I said that.
  11. A sight you don't see every day. Emptying the Pontcysyllte aqueduct for annual maintenance into the River Dee, 126 feet below.
  12. I've had a notification say Cliff ton has quoted on this thread 20 mins ago, but alas I can't find it. Oh the shame of it.
  13. PAGE 3!!! I don't buy those sort of mucky papers. How very dare you.
  14. What's the link to Carni? I clicked on it and all I got was Photobucket adverts. Was looking forward to seeing a narrowboat. From what KatyJ said, it sounds like the boat has a Bolinder engine.
  15. This one's just for you Ube (yours truly, Llangollen canal).
  16. Is there any room for humans? And which one fits in the tow harness?
  17. Greetings David and welcome to NS. I'm sure it won't be long before someone joins in your chat and brings you into the fold.