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  1. Just remember though Carni,.plastic don't rot but lasts forever.
  2. Knowing my luck, she'll probably come and sort me out too.
  3. That's what I said Trogg, only a bit more diplomatic...I don't want her hubbie come round banging on me door!
  4. Now you're just showing off.
  5. I bet you've kept your looks, even if you do cycle along canal towpaths! Lovely picture Carni. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Well it worked Carni. Is that you in the picture?
  7. Addition to above post.... Found it Margie,(direct link). Will give it a try next time I want to put a picture on. The silly thing is that having solved a problem, is the sense of relief that you feel, as though all is back to normal. Postimage lives !!
  8. So at least we can still use it eh, Margie. ( where did you find 'Direct Link?.)
  9. Carni, if you read this, I think I've sussed out the posting problem. Hopefully have attached a picture for you. When you've chosen a picture, then at the top of the screen tap or click on share. This will take you to the choices. Tap or click on Hotlink to Forums. This will show 'copied. You can then go back on NS and paste your pic.
  10. I would love to see some examples of your stencilling Nonna.(if you get chance, that is).
  11. Towd ya I were an oddball. Can't make head or tails of this IMGUR thingy.
  12. Us oddballs have to stick together little sis, (as long as we're 2m apart).
  13. Trouble is Brew, we, the ones who are obeying the rules and doing as we're told, we are the people who nowadays seem to be in the minority. You toe the line and are looked on as being the oddball. Some folks must be on a death wish or couldn't care less.
  14. It might sound daft Stuart, but how do I go about using Imgur?
  15. Okay, Jill and Catfan, who can tell me what the alternatives are? I'm open to any ideas and bow to your longer experience. Carni, re the puzzles, I've had exactly the same results, so not going to bother with rotating. Found loads of Nottingham images to do on there.
  16. This is probably the wrong thread, but a well used one, so I'm hoping somebody can tell me what's happened to my postimage? I don't seem to be able to get any further than choosing an image. Instead of going on to click on 'hotlink, it just goes to a page full of adverts. If I go back a page it just shows 'choose image' again. Am I doing something wrong? It's frustrating not being able to post pictures. HELP, ANYONE.
  17. Stuart has beat me to it Carni. Also I'm struggling to post pictures for some reason. When asked on Postimage to choose an image, this I do but instead of being able click onto Hotline to Forums, I just get put on a page of adverts, with no way of moving anywhere except return.