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  1. No Lizzie, it's been the same boring, done nowt day that we've had for 249 days. " Life in the fast lane".
  2. Beekay


    Thought someone might leave the bike and pinch the post ! It's probably worth more.
  3. Thinking of you Blossom. Take care. Ps is anyone able to keep an eye on you?
  4. Our cats names were....1,Andy, 2,Tuppence, 3,Sooty,(she had kittens which we named, whisky, sherry, brandy, Tabatha) 4,Tarot and finally 5, Pip.
  5. Thanks Ben, tell you what, I really think they are good names for a cat and not just because they're my initials.
  6. What am I gonna do? Same as I've done every year since my son passed away, in 1990. Bugger all !!
  7. Like a proper little ray of sunshine eh?
  8. You lot must all be flushed with success ! Me, my plans have gone down the pan.
  9. Why do these bloody tablets keep correcting words it assumes you've got wrong? I'm getting really vexed !!!
  10. Once went down to the Isle of Shelley to x-ray employees at Doulton Sanitary ware. All bogs and sinks !!
  11. Your all just going through the motions.
  12. Somebody's talking a load of crap?
  13. That does it PhilipMayfield, I'm going to sort out a picture wiv me in me dinner suit, just to show I'm proper. I can drink me wine in me mug wiv the best of 'em. And another thing, I can carry a teatowel over me arm.
  14. You stick to dancing Ben, I'll take the rest.
  15. Alright Phil., I'll bring me own cucumber sandwiches, wiv enuff for Brew.
  16. Does that make me older?
  17. Will you be doing a cheese and pineapple hedgehog? If so, I'll pop up.
  18. You're dead right Jill, it's my birthday next week. Just been for heart check up. All working fine, consultant happy with results. Most encouraging and reassuring.
  19. You've cracked it Mary, I'm no good at this, I'll use some Brighton pictures instead. (I reckon the photograph was taken from upstairs of what was Boots chemist, circa 1960s).