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  1. Ian, I'll ask my cousin in Prince George, British Columbia to nip over and lend you a bearskin and pair of gloves. Then you can keep hiding when the authorities come looking for yuz.
  2. My first car I bought off my brother, it were a Ford Popular 1954. The valves were so worn that it used more oil than petrol. I was not a car to follow uphill !
  3. Yes! He buggered off to Canada.!
  4. Mary, sorry but Goldeneye is one word. It's a duck !! However,........ Golden Syrup.
  5. Twice I got caught out with underseal treatment. Paid to have it done. Came with a six year warranty. My missus said, " Ya daft bugger! The car's got a 3 year warranty and ya swapped the car after two years". I undersealed for somebody else's benefit!
  6. Or sneak in through the caves under the castle, after all, Mortimer did it so why not Nonna! What do you reckon Ian?
  7. As the saying goes, " Bin there, done that, bought the T-shirt and made the film".
  8. If you are referring to me Carni, much as I would dearly love to cruise again, I'm afraid we would need a bit of assistance nowadays, as 'er indoors is not so nimble on her pins and would find it difficult hopping on and off the boat or managing the locks, (she flatly refused to drive). We've both said we miss the canals and it's been a few years since we've splashed around. I have to make do with my video travels or relive events with YouTube contributors. Take care Carni and stay safe.
  9. Thank goodness for Doro old faithful.
  10. That is a story and a half SG. It reminds me why I've stuck with my old Doro. Can phone, text, photograph or listen to a radio (if I remember me headphones). Other than that can't think what else to do with a phone. When I changed my car two weeks ago, the salesman said he would pair my phone with the car. He nearly fell off his chair when he saw my phone! He managed to pair up but said that I would have to tap in any number as the car couldn't lift my contacts list from my ancient phone. Talking of apps, does anybody know anything about 'Viber'?
  11. Well that just about covers it. Not a lot to be said now.
  12. The great thing about wing telescopic is they could be superceded with a wire coat hanger, after some oik had broken the original.
  13. Good on ya Nonna, if ya feel like swimming over to England head for Dover, they even assist you ashore and feed you.
  14. Hi Oz, another thought regarding night parking. I remember when my dad had a 1938 Ford 8, this was back in the mid 50s. He, along with other motorists, used to put a paraffin hurrican lamp at the side of his car, with the flame on low. Quite often it would have a bloody great chain so it could be locked to the front or rear wheel, otherwise it could be nicked. Can anyone remember the little parking lights you bought from motoring shops, which was like a little plastic box with a single low watt bulb inside. It was clear one side and red on the other. You clipped it on the door window and
  15. Don't worry DavidW, I still think you did a crackin' job a top bloke to boot!
  16. Now you'll be spoiling Mary, Monseiur. The manual choke, always used in conjunction with a half matchstick to stop the bloody thing from going back in. Never realised you could twist it and it would stay out. Dip switch, with that reassuring click each time you pressed it. Another one Phil, vacuum wipers on Ford Pops, always slowed to a stop when climbing hills.
  17. So now you know Mary, here endeth your first lesson in "Obsolete Functions On A Post War Car". I trust you will much richer in your education of the motoring industry. My thanks go to our generous benefactors for their enlightening contributions.
  18. Mary, those little 'orange things' as you call them were indicators, like little semaphore arms. Prior to their fitting, the hapless driver simply stuck his arm out if turning right and did a circling motion when turning left, (it used to be in the Highway code). Don't suppose young drivers would have any idea if you did it nowadays.