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  1. Maybe the bats hear the clicks as a sort of Sonar. They send out a series of clicks when flying, it helps them navigate in the dark.
  2. I tried the POD system for repeat prescriptions about 3 times. On each occasion the person on the other end of the phone said, for certain items, " you can't have that as you've still got 7 days supply". Now, I just nip down to the surgery and drop my repeat in a letterbox marked 'Repeat Prescriptions'. It's simpler, the hardest bit about using POD is actually getting through. These calls are taken by people at home, using computers to order (one lady I spoke to said she was working from her bedroom as it was the only place to keep her pc.)
  3. How's me day today? Been down to the hospital for me annual Diabetic Rhetinopothy (photographs of back of the eye, for those who don't know). Had me drops in and after the 10min wait, had me pictures took. The technician was satisfied with the images and said there had been no deterioration since last time (2019), in fact if anything, the back of the eyes had a slight improvement. Must say I came away very reassured. Next will be phone consultation with me GP about my Thyroid, after a blood test a couple of weeks ago. Hope it's the same as me eyes.
  4. Mary1947, had a look on TGA site as per your suggestion. Unfortunately, they all look like tanks. Most of them would require a trailer to transport them and certainly be too heavy to lift. Many thanks for the info. Regards, etc. B.
  5. That's why I said "transportable".
  6. I'm contemplating purchasing a transportable mobility scooter for my 1st. wife. Can any kind soul offer any sensible advice please. I will be most grateful for your help.Thank you in advance. B.
  7. Definition of Retirement....7 day weekends with no bank holidays.
  8. That was known as ,'Hartley road home', a bloke I used to know went there as a nipper. He had no idea who his parents were.
  9. Stuck with it Col. Brilliant ! Ah sed to Roy, brilliant. What did ah say Roy?
  10. Used to know a couple who thought that, unless you traveled a very long way or flown, then it wasn't a 'proper holiday'. But they always trawled the papers for £9.50 breaks, usually in the Sun. Got bugger all in the way of refinements, but eh, they were cheap.
  11. Wilford Hill eh, That's the last time and place I saw my youngest lad. Back in 1978 , Christmas.
  12. In reply to SG, (won't quote,it's too long). Maybe it's just me, but I cannot, for the life of me understand this obsession with, "desperate to get abroad for a holiday". What's wrong with England? I realise and understand that people want to broaden their horizons and visit other cultures, but I've heard folks say they are "desperate". Surely nobody's that desperate.
  13. Welcome Christine, sincerely hope you visit Nottstalgia with memories of Norton Street. I lived on Denton Street, just off Denman Street, (just a little way up from Norton street). Look forward to more posts. Incidentally, I too was in S.& S.M.
  14. Tha's raight thah knows. Eeeh wish ah were clever like thee.
  15. Quite poetic WW., near brought a tear to me eye. When I think of my wife, I had 25 happy years......and then we met !
  16. Some folks buy scanners so that they are able to listen to the pilots conversations with control tower. Was on Gatwick viewing roof and the guy next to me had one. It was fascinating eavesdropping. I asked him if the plane we were listening to was the one approaching, he said no, it was the one behind that !
  17. DJ360, excuse my ignorance, but what does AUP mean.? Knowing my luck it's summat quite simple.
  18. In all honesty HSR, I can't remember. I think I was just trawling through the web for pictures of Nottingham and I saw a reference to nottstalgia so I had a nosey and was fascinated with what I read, so thought I would give it a whirl. It has to be said though, that at that time, I had absolutely no idea what one was supposed to do. Including Facebook, Twitter etc. And I've still no idea about that lot, (the jury's still out). I have joined something called Viber, courtesy of my long lost cousin, who was found after 60 years, thanks to Katyjay. In truth, I'd be lost without NS. Apologies for
  19. Whoops !!, 7 shots HSR. I like it. I must be mistaken, I always thought this was a Social group. On the two occasions I came up to Nottingham to attend meet ups, nobody ever mentioned Nottingham or owt to do with Nottingham. They just made me welcome and we then just gassed about anything and everything (when not eating).