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  1. Did as you suggested Phil., and had a virtual walk across Valley Road. Wouldn't want to live up there now.
  2. We used to live opposite that field Phil, on Upton drive until 1978. I remember seeing that field flooded many times. On one occasion my lad and I were looking at this "lake" and my young un said, "Can't we play football then dad"? (This from a lad in a wheelchair) There used to be a little putting area there too. The only place 'er indoors managed to score a "hole in one"!
  3. Alpha, if you referring to Valley Road Park, the culvert you allude to carries the Day Brook (not the area, but stream). Don't know if it still happens, but to used to be prone to flooding.
  4. Don't mind helping you out little sis.
  5. I mentioned counting the wagons from our ward window. My brother and I were in an isolation ward. When we were on the mend, we were allowed outside for a short walk. We used to walk across the field in the hospital grounds toward the railway line, as the hospital kept some pigs in the top corner. From memory, I think it would be towards the direction of Arnold road/Hucknall Road Xroads area. Looking on the maps, I suspect the rail line came from Bestwood to Leen Valley. It was always coal wagons we saw, with empty ones going the opposite way.
  6. Tina has no problem giving me my worming tablets. She just wraps them in a piece of gammon.
  7. Mary, I'm not quite sure what this is alluding to.??
  8. The model railway moved to the Heritage Transport centre, Ruddington. It is called, The Nottingham Society of Model Experimental Engineers, N.S.M.E.E. for short. It's sited adjacent to the Transport centre, (GCNR I think). I'm sure it's been talked about on here before. No doubt our Guru CT will confirm this. This is where it was.
  9. I will follow the master o Holy one.
  10. I'm pretty sure we didn't count coal wagon along there Ian. That miniature track club moved to the transport museum at Ruddington, years ago. There is a thread on here somewhere.
  11. I just knew you would have. I'll bet you're a third Dan.
  12. yes Margie, I was being flippant. When you mentioned three items I just jumped in. Forgive me.
  13. The red line from Bestwood through Leen Valley junction, I notice, passed by City hospital. I remember when in Heathfield isolation hospital, with my youngest brother, we both had Gastro enteritis. We spent many hours counting the coal wagons passing by us at the top of a field. I was 11 and my brother was 6. We were in there for weeks, not allowed visitors.
  14. Isn't that called Ikebana Margie?
  15. As an aside, I lifted this picture from a on YT. It's called, "Daybrook to Bestwood walk", going along the old track bed. The map shows the old lines that were around that area. I can post the video if anyone wants to see it. I found it very interesting.
  16. Thanks for that link CT. Interesting to find it was talked about all those years ago. Also surprising not a lot of people, including me know about it.
  17. For the benefit of Jill and Ben... I present,
  18. Love it Compo, absolutely love it !!! Wish I had your flair for jigsaws.
  19. Four versions were made of "The 39 Steps", 1935...Robert Donat 1959...Kenneth More 1978...Robert Powell 2008...Rupert Penry-Jones.
  20. Morning Oz, well it is here!! The film "Brief Encounter " was a film starring Trevor Howard as a doctor who had a chance meeting with a woman, played by Celia Johnson. She managed to get a bit of coal grit in her eye on the station platform. The doctor removed said bit of coal cinder from her eye while they were in the station buffet. They had a cup of tea while waiting for their respective trains. They met the following day and so it goes. The station used was Carnforth, and they still have the platform clock, seen in the film. Do ya wanna copy??
  21. I found out from the YT clip I was watching that it was the 5th Duke of Newcastle who commissioned it to be built. It was supposed be a slope of 1 in 18, but the architect built it at 1 in 12, thereby rendering it, ( as Carni said) too steep. The central bit was left open to provide light. There are 92 steps from this section to the top, which comes out on Upper College Street. I found it fascinating, due to the fact that as a child up the age of 14, I lived only a couple of miles away. As a bus driver, I drove by it every day! When we were kids, living off Denman Street we used to go scr
  22. Talking of tunnels. I've just been trawling my nets on Youtube and came across this tunnel from Derby Road to the Park. Half my life in Nottingham and never knew it existed. Anybody got any info on it? (Please).
  23. As you and I are roughly the same age, what I'm referring to is well after your school days. Don't forget, I was married at the time and my mate was a bit older than me, (RIP). His name was Dave, but everyone called him Day. For the life of me I cannot recall his surname, (could ask his widow but she is over 90 and I don't want to stir memories).
  24. A recap from me with cap in hand. I had the schools wrong!! Never knew about your senior school. The one I was referring to was the junior school that is actually on Arno Vale Rd. I see from the sign that it now an infant school. I remember me and 'er indoors going through the gates to his bungalow for tea. So sorry for mistake Margie and Phil.