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  1. I found out from the YT clip I was watching that it was the 5th Duke of Newcastle who commissioned it to be built. It was supposed be a slope of 1 in 18, but the architect built it at 1 in 12, thereby rendering it, ( as Carni said) too steep. The central bit was left open to provide light. There are 92 steps from this section to the top, which comes out on Upper College Street. I found it fascinating, due to the fact that as a child up the age of 14, I lived only a couple of miles away. As a bus driver, I drove by it every day! When we were kids, living off Denman Street we used to go scr
  2. Talking of tunnels. I've just been trawling my nets on Youtube and came across this tunnel from Derby Road to the Park. Half my life in Nottingham and never knew it existed. Anybody got any info on it? (Please).
  3. As you and I are roughly the same age, what I'm referring to is well after your school days. Don't forget, I was married at the time and my mate was a bit older than me, (RIP). His name was Dave, but everyone called him Day. For the life of me I cannot recall his surname, (could ask his widow but she is over 90 and I don't want to stir memories).
  4. A recap from me with cap in hand. I had the schools wrong!! Never knew about your senior school. The one I was referring to was the junior school that is actually on Arno Vale Rd. I see from the sign that it now an infant school. I remember me and 'er indoors going through the gates to his bungalow for tea. So sorry for mistake Margie and Phil.
  5. I'm not talking about when you were at school Phil., this must have been late 60s early 70s. Just had a look on Google as another memory clicked in. Our dentist was at the start of Arno Vale Road, it was Brown's then, looks like Woodthorpe dental practice now. Mr Brown was the first dentist to give me an extraction using injection in the gum, (always had gas before). Edit.. Just had another look on Mr.Google, the school is now called Woodthorpe Infant school. The bungalow is still there. Maybe this was not your school after all. Sincere apologies for any confusion.
  6. Thanks Phil., you have just jogged another memory. Old mate of mine used to be a caretaker at Arno Vale school. He lived in the bungalow just inside the entrance. Sadly, passed away many years ago, after moving to Peacehaven, on the South Coast.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong Phil, but wasn't there a bridge over Thackereys lane, just before you got to the island?
  8. Thank you Margie for the insight. Would I be right in thinking the main line ran from Victoria, heading North, ( I've seen pictures of a tunnel just outside of Victoria. Have walked our sons on Woodthorpe park many times. Just can't imagine a tunnel running underneath. Did the main line head towards Mansfield or Ollerton or perhaps some of the collieries up there somewhere.?
  9. I know Breckhill rd., also Woodthorpe park, as I used to live near there for 10 years. I used to learn some of my bus driving with crashbox on Breckhill. What I'm having difficulty is placing a train track and tunnel in that area.
  10. forgive my ignorance but I'm having trouble identifying and placing where you are with this one.
  11. Our shed, when we lived in Boolwull...
  12. I can see the gates I painted. Is all that complex your gaff ? Could see your swim pool, zoomed in but dint see you sitting there.
  13. I'm ok with that Nonna, just thought it was a grid reference. Just received me monthly prescription of medicines. Kitchen cupboard looks like a bloody pharmacists shelf.
  14. Morning Margie, I think I might put a map picture of where I live. Once I can work out where you get the link or map reference. "Happy days".
  15. Had a look at your map Col. Pity you couldn't do an outline of your route, for dimwits like me. Zoomed in but couldn't see your gaff or you waving.
  16. Good news Nonna, I sincerely hope all goes well and Alex has his operation. May I wish him a speedy recovery.
  17. LOPPYLUGS, you can always turn down the brightness of your screen....Go onto Settings and click on Appearance. This should take you to the screen brightness where can adjust. On my tablet I could also turn down the blue light and make the screen softer. Try it and let me know how you get on. Take care mate. B.
  18. Just remembered this one, which could be Ben's signature tune... "To all the girls I've loved before," Julio Iglesias (or Julie Church if you prefer).
  19. Just had a look at your link Col. That BMX track looks rather fancy, with the concrete banks and curves etc. And I also noticed the Lord Nelson pub has disappeared. We used to hold our CB club meetings in there on Wednesday nights. I remember there used to be an alleyway from the stonemasons, opposite Bulwell cemetery, that ran right down to Greasley St. It was interesting seeing the house we lived in, before moving to Sussex. It all looks totally different now, with trees growing everywhere. To be honest though, I'm not sure I would want to live up there now.
  20. Hi Oz, my bro is just like you. He bought a lot of his gear from his firm getting rid. I once asked him what he would do if ever he wanted to move. He explained that there was no chance whatever of that happening, because he'd never find accommodation for his workshop.
  21. Do you have them on mute?
  22. Are you going to do a duet with the world famous PhilMayfield, Brew. I'll be your roadie.