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  1. My brother in law, up at Stapleford is an engineer. He has worked at R.O.F. The only one I know about. His garage is a veritable engineering shop, including two massive milling machines, a full size lathe and a pedestal drill. In his spare time, he has mad some lovely wrought iron garden ornaments. On another note about metalwork at school, A lad in our class, (Barry Hallet) made himself a Colt 45 six shooter, though the teacher wouldn't let him fabricate a firing pin, also he was never allowed to bring it out of school, (If I remember right).
  2. Just make sure that Robert Wolfe, over at Thursford Steam centre doesn't get to hear about you Phil. He'll be quaking in his boots.
  3. Well, I hope you tart yourself up when you do your piano recitals. Ben, glad I could help. Tina swears by Careco.
  4. Margie , thank you for your comment. I, personally have absolutely no idea what the precedents are regarding CV19. I appreciate not all folks show temperature increase. One thing was told to me on Sunday, at the surgery was that if you've had a flu vaccination within the last seven days, you will not be given the Covid jab. This also applies to any other vaccination. So I won't get me Malaria shots for coming to Nottingham just yet.
  5. Is "Sankey's pad" on Sellars wood road, where the kids have a track for BMXing. When we lived up there it was just a contoured wasteground the kids had turned into a track. I believe it's a more established area now, with starting gates etc.
  6. Oz, my understanding is, (and may be proved wrong!) when my missus went for her first jab, they check her temp first. If your found to be positive you don't get the jab. How would you be aware about Covid if as you say unknowingly, had the virus. That would be picked up at the surgery/dispensary. I know that if you attend and show a high temperature, that's it ! you're not getting access. ( There could be hundred, if not thousands wandering about with Covid and not know it).
  7. Glad your back Brew. I look on you as one of my Mentors.
  8. My wife's sister had her first jab on December 20th.she is 65. But, she does work at QMC, Nottingham, some sort of blood scientist, (analysing blood samples). So her job is imperative. NB. We've got a neighbour who is 93, but no jab yet.
  9. Wouldn't do that Mr. Mayfield, my missus can carry it on her bike!
  10. That'll do for me Guv'. Thanks for considering me. When do I come for the audition?
  11. Well I know somebody on here who is always banging on ! An' it ain't me.
  12. I said Lurex, not Durex !! They'd make it difficult to tickle the ivories.
  13. You're more than welcome sunshine ! Pity it's not your uncle. Were you aware of Mr. Hodgson? I had it wrong, I thought he was a groundsman but he was a Pavilion attendant. I wondered, with your infinite knowledge of cricket, you might have heard of him. AND IT'S NOTTINGHAM INFO.
  14. Are you going to get a pair of candelabra and Lurex jacket? And don't forget the Bling on each finger.
  15. Ben, this is a copy of the email I've just received from my s.i.l. Sorry its not Eric. Hope this helps though. B.
  16. As Frankie Howard said, " Titter ye not missus"!
  17. That's wot I thought Phil. certainly not at minus 4°
  18. Tell you wot I'll do Guv. I contact me s.i.l and ask her. Then get back to thee. Promise.
  19. Well, took 'er indoors for her Covid jab. Must admit, it were like organised Piccadilly circus. I thought "she's a long while". Turns out she'd had the jab and was sitting the mandatory 15 minutes, while I were stood out-bloody side in -0.4% cold. Bloody Covid !!
  20. DJ360, in answer to your question, my wife is 77. She is Asthmatic and suffers from something called Neutrophelia , which makes her immune system virtually non existent. She's had government letters advising her that she is classed as extremely high vulnerability. Hope this answers your question. Regards, Beekay.
  21. "Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl", "But that was thirty years ago" Remember that one Ben?
  22. Thank you very much. Is that from Ian or Mrs. Ian? Not that it matters. Can I be the first to wish you... HAPPY EASTER !!