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  1. You've got me on this one Mr. Mayfield. Explanations accepted.
  2. @mary1947 "Big Ears"!! Is that all I get for sending you a birthday card. And what's more, I didn't even put the receipt in. Not to worry, ta'ra Noddy. Catch you later.
  3. Hiya Jill, Happy New Year!! Doe's your opening line infer that I'm not a gentleman, along with all the others on here? Incidentally, I will still do your barnet for 22 dollars and now only 75 cents tip. Say hello to that Ian bloke.
  4. Don't forget to add LOL. (silliest thing I've ever heard of).
  5. Ian, I woulda done it for 22dollars and only 2dollar tip.
  6. 'Er indoors has had her invite for a Covid jab, over at Uckfield. Me, no chance, I've gotta wait cos' I don't count.
  7. Glad I was able to help ma'am. Always happy to oblige.
  8. That's ironic . A comparative apprentice explaining to a teacher... First off, are you on old school theme, I.e a parchment colour background with dark brown at top of page? If so, you need to go right to the bottom of the page, where it says theme...private us. Cli ck on theme and it will give you an options box. Click on the top one, "default". ( if you're on old school it will show in this options box with a tick). Hey Presto ! You're done.
  9. Change your theme to 'default Lizzie, then you have a white background with just the logo in colour.
  10. Another one I like...."Ben, the two of us will weep no more, "We both found what we were looking for". Michael Jackson.
  11. Don't forget "Galveston" Ben, " I still hear your sea winds blowin'". "I clean my gun, and dream of Galveston".
  12. Why, what's happened today Nonna.?
  13. I reckon Col is missing his sparring partner. I don't think any of us could keep up with pair of them. I know I'm left dumbfounded sometimes, but then again, thats's nowt new.
  14. Maybe Compo, it's living where you do, people assume you are a railway enthusiast. I take it you don't want this pair of buffers and NCB Bestwood coal wagon then?
  15. As Kenny Lynch said Margie, "Up On The Roof". 'At night the stars put on a show for free, And Darling, you can share it all with me'.
  16. Gotta admit, I have cancelled two appointments by phone this morning. 1, This Friday, for Diabetic retinopathy, (would have to go by bus and not happy about that). 2, Next Friday at Uckfield hospital for Diabetic check up (m.o.t.), changed that one to telephone appointment. After last nights bulletin from Uncle Boris, doing as I'm told and staying at home. They were very understanding when I rang, explaining that like others, I'm running scared, with this sudden increase in the South East. They just keep adding another tier on each time the graph spikes. How long before the
  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! Mary1947. Have a great day, especially if you're up to running upstairs to dance on your bungalow roof.
  18. I seed that one coming.
  19. That's enough of your corn. You'll soon be scratching around for more quips. Hope PP., doesn't get any ideas.
  20. Stumbled across this family whilst browsing...Have a listen,
  21. But what happens if you DON'T own an iPad? Mine is a Galaxy tab8. Can't afford the luxury of an iPad.
  22. My dad's name was Cyril, but everybody knew him as Sid. Used to know a girl who's name were Sydney.
  23. I agree with Mary, put the school leaving age 27.
  24. Of course Loppy, it goes without saying. Using the three dots only gives you an edit option on your own post, and that for a limited time. Then becomes like everyone else's, just 'report or share'.
  25. Ahh Craig Douglas Ben., Another one of his was "Teenager in love" also "only sixteen". Once heard Marty Wilde sing teenager in love, he must have been about 46 at the time He had daughter Kim by then.