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  1. It's early days yet SG., don't jump in too soon without investigating all your options. It's not a replacement you're after, but another companion. Good luck with your choice and I've no doubt he/she will be spoiled rotten.
  2. Watt Simmons roller blinds wasn't on Boden Street, it was at the top of Denton Street, with address as Denman Street. It was four doors up from where I lived. We used to go in there to scrounge sawdust for pet cages etc. They had a wood stockyard next door to the washouse (other side of Denman street). Next door to workshop was the Denman Inn, (top of Kyme street).....Just chucked in for interest.
  3. I can echo that SG. Thanks to Katyjay, who put me in contact with two cousins, who I have not seen for at least 62 years (might be more). I've found that my favourite Aunt Ethel is clocking along, age 96. I have been handed two photo's of my younger brothers and a 1947 photo with my Grandad on. I can't remember ever seeing a picture of him. Even found out about me great grandparents.. Thank you Kath, I'm indebted to you.
  4. Jasonxavier, if your'e still after a floor plan, this one is from memory.Forgive any errors, it was 63 years ago. Hope this helps.
  5. Maybe they were confused Phil., with no idea what was happening. Could be they were frightened and just wanted to get home. As I have no idea of the facts, I'm just summising.
  6. No finesse some people. Must be your cross to bear. DON'T TELL HER I SAID THAT !
  7. Maybe I shoulda mentioned your name Phil. They would then curtsey and offer a glass of Champagne and canap├ęs.
  8. Jasonxavier, if you're still wanting a ground floor plan of Radford boulevard, I should be able to post you a copy tomorrow. Unfortunately got waylaid today. Are able to receive PMs, or will be OK on open thread?
  9. After I had my jab, I asked if I had to book and the very nice lady who speared me said, " no, you'll be called for". I was waiting for, " Now bugger off !" No tea or biscuits.
  10. Just this minute heard on BBC newsflash... Captain, Sir Tom Moore has passed away. God Bless Capn' Tom. R.I.P. And Thank you.
  11. Well my day started with me self injecting for the first time, for my type 2 Diabetes. GP cannot give me any more tablets so suggested a once a week injection. Always been fearful of this since I was first diagnosed back 1986. Wasn't as bad as I thought. As anyone had any experience of "Trulicity " self injection pens. I'm not referring to Insulin jabs for type 1 Diabetics. This one you don't have to inform the DVLA.
  12. Jasonxavier, I attended boulevard school 1953 to 1958. I'm sure I've got a couple of pictures in my files. Will start a dig out tomorrow for you. Hope this might help. Regards, Beekay. NB. From memory, I could even draw a floor plan.
  13. You're getting your entertainment Kath, putting me in touch with a long lost cousin. (She emailed me today). Was a good job she told me who her mum is, otherwise I wouldn't have had a clue. Bless you Kath.xx I owe you one.
  14. That's a fair old size drone they're working on. I wonder how much one like would cost. It looks like it could lift a medium sized dog. (Not that I would, you understand)
  15. Don't know what equipment was used to take the above Lets, but it's brilliant, even when you zoom in the detail is astounding. Many thanks for posting it.
  16. The system seems to be " Sell printers cheap and make your money up on expensive inks". That's why I changed to Ecotank printer.
  17. Couldn't fault my gang at "The Meads", Uckfield. Even the parking marshals were cheerful and had time for a joke or reassurance for some patients.
  18. Ben, are you using a pc.? The options box comes on the YT image when you right click on the mouse.
  19. Thank M, but it's only what I've learned from your lots teachings. Knew bugger all before that. (Vaccine was Pfizer, by the way).
  20. Ben, I can send you "how to" by pm if you like. It's quite simple.
  21. I treated myself to an Epson 2750, with the refillable reservoirs. They come complete with 5 bottles+ an extra black. Inks should last at least 2 years, under normal use. Can thoroughly recommend this Loppy.
  22. Archie Andrews, a ventriloquist act on radio, unbelievable. Peter Brough was absolute rubbish on tv. He never even attempted to disguise his lips moving.