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  1. How do you get home PP?..Cycle. Don't forget to stop at Scotch corner for tea and toast.
  2. Suppose I was lucky then Phil, my appointment was for 09.25, I arrived at 09.10. I went straight in and went through the formalities then all finished and in the waiting area by 09.16. My ticket said " do not leave before 09.30.Went back to me car and 'er indoors said" blimey, you've not been resting long enough". I was done and finished 9 minutes before my appointment, (excluding waiting time). What amused me was, they asked me if I was a carer?
  3. Hiya Margie, it were from a bottle of Tizer.
  4. Well I've just got back from Cv jab and still standing. Must say, I was very impressed with their system, including the two car park marshals who were sorting us out. My only disappointment was, I couldn't find where the tea and biscuits were. Back home now and going to have a lie down in a dark room.
  5. So sorry to read your post SG. My heart goes out to you. I know how it felt when we lost our Standard Yorkie of 19 years old. It's like losing a limb. Don't know what to say to ease your pain, so will just say I'll be thinking of you.x
  6. Done the Port Erin WB. Bought the T shirt and made the film ! Great little engines. Another place we enjoyed was Peel. The castle and the Viking museum, (didn't bother with the kipper factory). On one excursion, the driver took us to a little industrial estate to visit a Fudge Factory, really interesting for a diabetic ! I did ask if our next stop could be an insulin factory.
  7. WB, when we went to IOM, we stayed at a golf club and sports centre, 3 or 4 miles outside of Douglas. My brother lived on Victoria road, Douglas at the time, but we were unable to visit him because we were on a coach break and had no way to get to him. He obviously couldn't be bothered to come to us, ( unless his missus never told him when I rang). Would love to come back one day and stay in Douglas. That way I could ride the tram all the way to Ramsey. When we went on Snae Fell by tram, as soon as we passed Laxey, we couldn't see a bloody thing due to low cloud. In fact, we couldn't even see
  8. Can you not catch the tram, or are you the other side of the island?
  9. It was not a criticism Brew, just an observation.
  10. Margie, I had a phone call from my surgery last week, inviting me for my CV jab, which is tomorrow. But today I've just received in the post a letter inviting me to apply via 119 for an appointment. A bit like left hand not knowing what right, etc.
  11. Swat I'm using at the moment. A Galaxy tab8, running on Android 9. Ain't got a clue what that all means. Cheers mate !!
  12. Wot yer get Den? Not bein' nosy like.
  13. You're right Ben, not a bit like the big city of Ramsey.
  14. As agreed with you. The memory images are still there but the fog seems to get denser as we move on. It's these sort of posts that clear the image and enable us to relive our early years. After CTs post, I've just spent a Happy half hour selling tickets on Castle blvd., and chatting to the girls while standing on me platform. Ding, Ding.
  15. Been a conductor on that service CT. As the saying goes... "I was there, I was that soldier"..
  16. Remember that service CT. It went, as you said, along Castle blvd, onto Lenton blvd., then Radford blvd., turned right on Hartley Road and terminated just before the lights at Alfreton Road. "58 Radford."
  17. Thanks Phil, much appreciated ! Now I know my mind wasn't playing tricks. I could have been anywhere up to 13 years old then. If that's the case, then I could have been walking to Trent Bridge, to go swimming with my pals. Was still living on Denton Street at that time.
  18. When were the Collins Almshouses demolished. I seem to have a very vague memory of walking past there, though Heaven knows what for. I could've only been a tiddler.
  19. Wasn't there a pub down the approach to Old Broad Marsh bus station? I seem to remember it had a rather notorious reputation. You approached it from Listergate (I think) and it was on the left and set slightly back. Said to have regular punch ups in there. The sort of place you hurried past when going for a bus. Pity I can't remember the name.
  20. Hola Señor Ben, como esta? ¿La gusta Èspania? ¿Donde en Espania usted prefiero?
  21. I meant on his way back Phil.
  22. PP, stop at Scotch corner for a cuppa tea and bacon sandwich.
  23. A bit sluggish PP? Are you sure you've not sprung a leak or left the mooring rope still tied. Look on the bright side. "It's downhill all the way back !!
  24. Mary1947, Hello Noddy, to add a bit more to your post...We have alternated between Morrisons and Iceland, depending on our needs. What I DON'T do, is book a delivery spot first. I make out my shopping list first and then go to check out. I'm told then to book a delivery and continue to check out and pay, (I do make sure there is a spot first). On one occasion I made a list of shopping but then went and did something else. The list was still there two days later, so I added a bit more then booked a slot. Job done ! Been on line shopping for 11 months now. Never been able to find