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  1. Mary1947, Hello Noddy, to add a bit more to your post...We have alternated between Morrisons and Iceland, depending on our needs. What I DON'T do, is book a delivery spot first. I make out my shopping list first and then go to check out. I'm told then to book a delivery and continue to check out and pay, (I do make sure there is a spot first). On one occasion I made a list of shopping but then went and did something else. The list was still there two days later, so I added a bit more then booked a slot. Job done ! Been on line shopping for 11 months now. Never been able to find
  2. Thanks Dave5491, much appreciated. Looking at the map you posted, you live not too far from where I lived.
  3. The King Brothers, ( no relation). " Standing on the corner, Watching all the girls go by" "Standing on the corner, Giving all the girls the eye".
  4. "And in whose arms you're gonna be" "So darlin' save the last dance for me".
  5. This is probably a bit off kilter but did Bulwell ever have a "Wakes"? I can remember Basford wakes on the field near Basford crossing, with entry on Lincoln Street I think. It also spilt over to the Shoulder of Mutton, Radford rd/Western blvd. (Not sure if they were at the same time). I just wondered if Bulwell had a fair at sometimes.
  6. Sheer bliss Trogg. I worked in the baths for a while before my 16th birthday and then being old enough to go 'down t pit'. Ironically, I ended up driving for Makemsons, part time. Used to do an evening run to Calverton pit, taking night shift workers and bring home afternoon shift. Also have done Bulwell to Bestwood on Sundays, (both as a driver and conductor at various times). I saw the pictures in one of CTs links and was a real memory jolt. (Would love to take a drive up that road again).
  7. Just a thought LL, but have you considered doing a system reset, ie a factory reset? If you do try it, don't forget to save all your personal stuff before you do, as this will take it back to when you bought it. It will mean you need to log in on any apps. Basically, this wipes the slate clean and you start again. Only a suggestion Loppy.
  8. Travelled up and down both those shafts as well, when I were a lad. Happy days eh !
  9. Walked up this road a fair few times. Not in 1940 though. Used to walk from the 44 terminus and come up over "Bonemill", that was if I didn't catch a Makemsons bus from Bulwell Market to the pithead baths. That were back in 1958.
  10. Cribbins was brilliant as the Porter in "The Railway Children".
  11. Nice wi egg and chips, slice bread n butter Phil.
  12. With a thick crusty edge so you can hold it without getting China clay all over your dinner.
  13. Have a word wiv Mary1947, she appears to have been skiing around City Hospital and snow boarding down to the Forest.
  14. Of course I've got some finesse. Nothing I like more the a Chianti wiv me Canelloni and faggots wiv a slice of bread n butter.
  15. You're more than welcome ma'am.
  16. Wonder what Steak and Kidney pie with spaghetti would be like? Or maybe egg, chips and Tagliatelle.
  17. Annswabey, this is where your Aunt lived. It was lower down the road from us, (it's the one with white door). We lived on the opposite side.
  18. Hello Annswabey, I'm not aware that you've asked the question before, certainly not to me. I lived on Kennington Road from about 1957 to 1965, when I got wed. That road must be close on half mile long and we lived right down the bottom, next to the railway. The name seems vaguely familiar, though I cannot ask any of my family as they've all passed away, (my older brother and two younger brothers). I remember a few names from down there so don't give up on me. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. A pity you can't recall your Aunts house number. Take care. B.
  19. I worked at Raleigh with Wally Swift.
  20. Some lovely memory joggers on that link CT, thank you.
  21. Looking at your picture rings bells, but looking at your link means absolutely nothing to me, I've never seen any of those buildings before. Going back to your picture Stuart, there used to be a cycle shop just above where the hoardings are. Not only that but Camms coaches had a little office cum shop about there too. I once tried to buy a cycle at the bike shop, put me deposit down but when I went back a week later I had turned down for HP as I was only 17. Never did get a bike until I was 68.
  22. Where was this AA garage Phil. Can't say I remember a garage opposite the White Horse, I would have passed it on me way to school. This would be up to 1958. I left that area when I got married in 1965. NB.Had a Google walk down Kennington road, another area totally changed, although did see me old house. That area was known as "Sodom", never found out why. Noticed the allotments had all gone too.