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  1. I remember parking' my car in Camms depot, when they took us to the Grand Hotel, Sandown, I.O.W. That was back in the late 70s. Also remember being at school with Valerie Camm circa 1957.
  2. I reckon this mask wearing is a great idea. I managed to hold up and Rob three stagecoaches on the A27 last month.
  3. Change of subject again, Query for PhilMayfield, as you have experience in the subject, can you tell me if you can do abdomen injections in a sitting position, ie, on the edge of a bed or should they be done standing?
  4. Don't know about anybody else but I can't see the maps because bloody photobucket assessment boxes and ads. A pain in the area map. !
  5. Leebo_c, Thanks for your feedback, it tallies with what I thought about it being circa 1964. I was dating it from what was NOT on the map, which coincides with my time on Nottingham City Transport. Glad to be of some minor help. Regards, Beekay.
  6. Leebo_c, welcome to the Ministry of assistance. Reference to your grandads maps, is there no printers name anywhere around the edge of anything on the back? Forgive me if you've already explored this possibility. I'm looking forward to the outcome of your quest. Good luck. B.
  7. That used to be a halfway decent show but inane banter between Armstrong and Osman leaves a lot to be desired. I've stopped watching it.
  8. NonnaB, Tina and I once attended wedding at the cathedral which was preceded by a full mass. We were in there ages, the longest wedding I've ever been to. And only bloody orange juice at the reception.
  9. CT, it must have opened before then. I'm only saying because I remember as a conductor when the 53 was extended to Green lane, Clifton. That must have been up till November 1964, when I turned 21 and went into the driving school. I was the second conductor to make that shift. The lad who did it the week before me collapsed with exhaustion, when getting back in the depot. (Sunday service only to Clifton).
  10. Carni, at my wedding the vicar said "Do you take this woman to be your loyal wedded wife"? I replied, "Why do you want her"? "Of course not"! said vicar, So I said, "Well why the hell are you trying to Palm her on to me for"!
  11. There is no flyover at Clifton Blvd and University Blvd. So about 62/63. I recall being on the 53 service, Mansfield rd. to Dunkirk remember the turn round being that island, prior to it's extension to Clifton.
  12. Don't tempt fate CT., They might taking stuff out of your arm instead putting it in !
  13. Didn't think they were doing teenagers and whippersnapper yet.
  14. And that's the clean version.
  15. I remember that cafe Ben. Called in there once on me way back from Boston and met my Uncle Sid Devonshire and Aunt, who had not seen for about ten years. They were on their way to Skegness.
  16. There used to be a decent transport cafe on the way out of Bottesford, combined with a filling station. Spent many a Happy hour in there, when I worked at SPD.
  17. I'm in your area Guv' and got some tarmac left over from doin' a job down the road. It's on the back of me truck, so can do it straight away. Me and me mate,
  18. You could allus try an artificial sheep.
  19. Ya don't have to light it Ben.
  20. Yer not on yer own DavidW, soaps have that effect on me. Switch on...nod off.
  21. Ben's jab was more than likely Wetherspoons espresso.
  22. I wish her well Trogg. Hope she feels soon and the side effects wear off. That goes for you too Ben. Have another fag and dance the blues away.
  23. I noticed on the motorbike list was a "See Bee" outboard motor for £375. Got 15 quid when I flogged mine!
  24. It's early days yet SG., don't jump in too soon without investigating all your options. It's not a replacement you're after, but another companion. Good luck with your choice and I've no doubt he/she will be spoiled rotten.
  25. Watt Simmons roller blinds wasn't on Boden Street, it was at the top of Denton Street, with address as Denman Street. It was four doors up from where I lived. We used to go in there to scrounge sawdust for pet cages etc. They had a wood stockyard next door to the washouse (other side of Denman street). Next door to workshop was the Denman Inn, (top of Kyme street).....Just chucked in for interest.