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  1. Hi Everyone, The problem at my age is that there is too much to do and now with a couple of great grandchildren added, the time to sit and write is limited. My introduction to the school was walking down the yard in my new uniform only to be soaked from the cloakroom above. How the memories stick and that cap, it stayed with you forever, gradually shrinking to the back of ones head only. It was used for everything including games. I do recall one winter when I had not been at the school long and the older children had built a huge slide in the lower playground. I joined the line, ran
  2. Hi LizzieM, Thanks for replying. I am somewhat overwhelmed that the site exists and looking at the first entry, it would appear to go back many years. I have always had the memories but they were mine alone until finding this. Have had to ask my brother if there was a train station at Hathern as I lived a few miles further East and caught the 7.45 at Costock to travel the A60 into Huntingdon street bus station. The 4.45 took me home again unless kept in by detention or at one point the St. Ann's Well riots. Catch a later bus in the morning and you were late for school as it always became
  3. Hi All, Not sure how I got here but could not believe what I was reading so have signed up but not sure how to get back here again. I was at the school also 1957-60 I think. It closed the following year and everyone was transferred to the new comprehensive school at Clifton. Yes, I was nicknamed Polly, yes, I went to the Shangrila café on Heathcote street for dinner and my parents received a letter from Miss Norris because the cellar below was for prostitutes but we were not allowed down there, we were only interested in looking at the lovely ladies that frequented the place. Ye