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  1. They would have been from me, I didn't get good at tennis until I turned eighteen lol. To be honest I don't ever remember any tennis being played at the junior school, more likely the tennis balls were from rounders or some other small ball related game. Unless they were were from the senior school of course. All long gone now of course, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if the houses that replaced the school, factories and remaining houses are not about ready for a rebuild. Keith
  2. I haven't read back to see who this lady chasing guy is, but I'm pretty sure that cutting his head off would slow him down.
  3. I've noticed that there is a heading for Highbury Boys school a little lower down this list, but there isn't one for Highbury Infant school, So now there is. According to what I have read, there used to be a swimming pool in the grounds of Highbury boys school. That and another building were demolished in the late 1940's to create the Highbury Junior School. The junior school was completely separate from the Boys school. I went there for a couple of years (Not sure exactly how long). My recollection is that I went to Cantrell rd school in Bulwell as a first year infant aged five that would have been in 1964. At some point the class was transferred to Highbury junior school which was on Albert Street off Highbury vale in Bulwell. Albert street is long gone but it ran down the right hand side of what was the coop (Not sure what it is now) so it was almost a continuation of Broomhill rd. As you walked down Albert street, you passed a club on the left (working mans clubs Possibly called the Zebra club but I may have remembered that wrong) after the club you passed Highbury senior boys school and a church. A little further down still on the left you came to Highbury Junior school. The school was on one level ie no stairs. The thing I remember most it that it had two air-raid shelters in the playground. You could get into a narrow part of each shelter and the girls used to play kiss catch in there, I don't ever remember being caught or kissed. There was a brick missing in the wall looking into the main section of one of the shelters and the rumour was that a dead German was hanging up in there. No one ever thought of bringing in a torch and putting that rumour to bed. The playground had outdoor toilets which were on the far end, they were pretty grim as I recall with that awful hard thin loo paper. The main part of the School was a central kind of hexagonal hall with classrooms leading off to several sides. I would love to see a photograph of inside that school, I have one below which shows a group from one of the classes but I can't remember the teachers. Across the playground from the school and passed the air raid shelters was another building where dinners were served and beyond that dining area was a room we used to go to to watch Schools TV. There were set programs on the BBC in those days what presumably were part of some learning process. The questions I have apart from has anyone got any photographs???? are , who were the teachers around 1965 to 1968. Was it normal practice from the infants at Cantrell to be sent to Highbury Junior. And what year did the Junior school get demolished. The reason for my last question is that at some point I returned to Cantrell rd school and stayed there until eventually leaving to go to Alderman Derbyshire in Bulwell aged 11. I was part of the first influx of pupils to go to Alderman Derbyshire when it became a mixed comprehensive school, the previous year it was an all girls school. Finally the photograph below:- That's me (Keith) on the far right of the photograph. The boy with blond hair bottom left I believe is Gregory Turner but I'm not 100% sure of that. The boy in the middle pointing at the snake is Adrian Hallam I'm 100% sure of that as he was a....well lets just say I didn't like all! Not sure about the other kids in the photo I did know them but I'm afraid their names escape me. The girl bottom left probably went on to become a stunner wasn't she pretty, only just realised lol. Perhaps someone could help with the other names, I'm thinking maybe Kevin for the other guy but wild guess, the other girl lets say Julie, there were a lot of Julie's around then or and this could be my mind playing tricks was she Mavis or Maxine?
  4. Ok the part went very smoothly, now let see if the important part works. If it does I'll repeat this on a new entry on the Forum for Highbury Infant school as we don't seem to have one (just Highbury senior and junior boys school) So assuming you are now looking at a photo this would have been taken around 1965/66 if I'm correct. That's me Keith on the far right (not my politics, the guy pointing at the snake in the centre is Adrian Hallam (who I still dislike to this day even though I haven't seen him for fifty years, he knows why) The guy at the bottom of the photograph on the left is I think Gregory Turner (not 100%) Can't remember any of the girls names, I wasn't into girls back then...But I did get over it. I bet the girl bottom right became an absolute stunner, wasn't she pretty.
  5. I think I've Gorritt lol, should have used that as my user name. I'll have a go and if it goes horribly wrong I'll let you know. Thanks very much for your time.
  6. I've never used a hosting site, how do they work? Do they have access to all your photographs or just the one's that you upload to them? How do they work in relation to getting a photograph onto this site?
  7. Thanks Cliff, I've just had a look and amazingly I've found a class photo from around 1965 ish (I'm guessing) From Highbury infant school and I'm on it!! The problem is it is more than the .05MB so I can't upload it at the moment.
  8. I guess at the end of the day it was the early 70's and schools were all still in the dark ages. There was still corporal punishment at Alderman Derbyshire and I received both the cane and the slipper! The caning by the head was totally unjustified. The class was waiting outside the music room after lunch for the Teacher to arrive. One of the class morons, of which there were many, decided it would be fun to set off the foam fire extinguisher and spray it around, I didn't manage to avoid getting 'foamed' and the head suddenly appeared grabbed several guys including me just for getting soaked and caned all of us.I wonder if I can still sue? Having said that in many ways I wish corporal punishment was around today as there is absolutely no respect for teachers any more, by the pupils and a lot of the parents. One of my son's is a teacher but teaches 6th form Psychology so that's not so bad. One of my Daughter in laws teaches younger children it isn't good. My Daughter was also an English teacher until she started producing Grand Children, she taught in some really rough schools, not sure if she'll ever go back.
  9. Hello Jill. It was I as thought then, Elizabeth passed her 11 plus, I'm glad she did as she would have found Alderman Derbyshire a real challenge. Synesthesia would have been no use to me as I'm colour blind, all my memories of people would have been in miss-matched clothing lol. I don't know if you ever saw it, but there was a brilliant series on the BBC in 1996 called The Mind Traveller with Prof Oliver Sacks all about neurological issues like yours, you can find it on Youtube. I've read a couple of his books including an Anthropologist on Mars (not about Mars at all) and The man who mistook his wife for a Hat, both about neurology something I am very interested in. You may remember the 1970's series Taxi with Danny Devito. The female lead in that series Marilu Henner has a really rare weird condition in that she remembers every moment of her life and can tell you what she was wearing on the 24th Of November 1983 if you asked her, along with what she did all though that day, who she spoke to, what the conversation was, everything. Hello Katyjay. I'm all for annoying previous leads. I was a lead on a community website here in Warwickshire (Small village mentality around here I'm afraid) When ever I tried to introduce anything new and interesting some miserable toerag would complain, didn't think it was funny, not what the site was for. I once made a comment ending with the Badgers arse comment, but not only didn't I say arse, I didn't say bottom, I actually said Nose. The comment I got back was "I am an animal lover and I don't think we should be cruel to Badgers!" I knew it was time to step down lol. Motel south of the big hole hey my goodness that's quite a leap from old Nottingham City. I only managed fifty miles although I do have a place in Cornwall where I spend a fair chunk of the year. I guess the problem with this site in Multi media everywhere else, Facebook, Twitter none of which I use, but I should imagine that is where people are going to chat about schools, jobs etc.
  10. Hello Jill. I'm sure there is/was only one Elizabeth Leverton she most likely went to Manning after Cantrell, was Manning an all girls school back then or a Grammar school perhaps? I'm sure she didn't follow me to Alderman Derbyshire (lucky for her lol) I would have thought she was quite intelligent, I remember and god knows why I do, she had very dark hair cut in a fringe. Although I have mentioned a number of names from over fifty years ago, I'm not generally that good with names I'm a faces person. I saw a guy on BBC's Bargain hunt a few years ago who I instantly remembered from fifty years previous, my partner thinks I'm a male witch being able to do that. I always joke that I never forget a face but never remember a name to balance it out. Julie Breakspear also sounds familiar and if shes 58/59/60 she would have almost certainly have gone to Cantrell and I would have seen her. It's a pitty people don't put their faces on this site as that would help tremendously and it would also be useful if the women put their maiden names. So what's your story Katyjay. How did you end up in Trumpsville? And how and why are you part of Admin for a site about Nottingham. Should I guess that secretly you long to be back in town..I'm joking of course. Keith
  11. I have to say I'm finding this site a little strange as two of the three schools that I attended were not on this list of Nottingham schools? Could someone explain this to me? The Previous school I just entered 'Alderman Derbyshire' in Bulwell must have had literally thousands of pupils pass through it's sorry doors between 1970 and the year 2000 alone, why has no one set up a discusion page about it? Or has there been one and it's been removed??? I don't get it. And the same with Cantrell Rd school. that's been around since 1948 and is still open, where is the discussion forum for it??? Anyway that aside, Cantrell rd I went there as an infant in 1964 when I was five, at some point we were moved to Highbury (possibly Highbury infant school) all I know is that it was on Albert street (which doesn't exist in Bulwell now) that school had two air raid shelters in the playground, outdoor toilets and a room we went to watch BBC education programs in. I'm pretty sure while we were at Highbury the decision was made to demolish the schools and we were moved back to Cantrell rd where I stayed until moving to Alderman Derbyshire in 1970. I remember a few names from Cantrell rd including Elizabeth Leverton bless her she was heart broken when she accidentally knocked the classroom Goldfish off killing the fish, some of the class toe rags (and there were a few) used to tease her and whisper dead fish in her ear and get her all upset again, poor thing, hope you are ok now Lizzy. I also remember Neil Drury and his mate 'something' Hallam can't remember his first name, only that he was removed from the school, I don't remember his mate fondly!! Teachers Mr Richy with his stick insects he was very nice, Mr Anderson who was less nice, he used to write too quickly on the blackboard and then start wiping it off before you had time to copy it down. I hold Mr Anderson responsible for my awful handwriting to this day. The head was Mrs Eyre Jane actually, yes our head was also a novel by Emily Bronte. Anyway if you were at Cantrell between 1964 and 1970 I would love to hear your memories and add a few more names to the list.
  12. Do you know why Alderman Derbyshire was not on the schools list? Seems very odd.
  13. Hello Jill. Do you know the name does ring a tiny bell, but I couldn't be 100% sure. I've decided to write my autobiography to leave to my children and grandchildren, nothing especially exciting but I think it's important for them to know what life was like back then to how it is now for them as so much as changed. My father sadly died aged 64 and I regret deeply not talking to him very much about his past, he was in WW2 and I know very little about that also. So I didn't want that to be the case for my future generations hence to story.
  14. I'm pretty sure you are wrong about that catfan. I worked at Laskys from 1975 to 1979 and it was on lower Parliament street between where Urban outfitters and Boots are now, There was a cafe next door called the Golden Egg and the Miltons head Pub was nextdoor the other side. in the early 1980's Laskys were bought out by Comet, who kept the name for a while and the shop was moved to the building at the back of the Council house opposite Littlewoods. (presumably Primart now (I no longer live in Nottingham).
  15. I have to admit I'm not completely sure how this site works yet, but I'm quite surprised that Alderman Derbyshire school in Bulwell doesn't seem to be on this list of Nottingham schools. I realise that through the last years of its existence it was in special measures and had some awful press. But why isn't it represented on this list? I was there as a first year the very first year it changed from an all girls school to a comprehensive in 1970 and left in 1974. It wasn't wonderful but probably fairly average for 1970's education in Nottingham. I certainly didn't dread going there every morning (perhaps some mornings lol) The head teacher was Mr Turrent (may have spelt that wrong) There was Mr Foister the sports teacher, Mr Edwards (poor Mr Edwards (English) had a lot to put up with) Mr Reed (tall Mr Reed RE) Mr Belshaw my form teacher for a while. Mr Harrop (Metal Work) and many other's that I can't quite bring to mind at the moment. Pupils included Paul leatherland (long blond hair looked like Brian from the Sweet) Dean Smith Pauls mate. Louis Curtis the first guy I sat next to on day one. Robert Evans, Richard Hunt (long hair looked like a hippee became a close friend of mine after school finished. Lee Ramage (Rampage) Nicholas Read one of my mates at school. Evan Sorosski (almost definitely spelt wrong) he was almost never at school, I remember a teacher writing missing presumed dead on one of his reports. Glen Birkin, excellent footballer, Michel Prescott (don't think he became an MP) Peter Butters who I copied my first decent hair cut from, when I finally got away from the side partin. Maurice Staples (the haircut I didn't copy), Loads more and I'm sure the names will come back to me. Oh Keith Hull he was a great guy and became me. The girls well lets think, the one that sticks out above all others was Lindsay Binks (still gets my heart raising and for all the wrong reasons) Loretta Lowe (excellent athlete) Margaret Brodie, married Paul Marshall I think. Julie Thornton (surname not 100%) but I went out with her briefly, she was a year maybe even two below me when I was a Fifth year (cradle snatching I know) but she was tall and very pretty and looked older, she had a friend and I'm ashamed to say I can't remember her name but she had a glass eye, someone must remember her. There was also a lovely girl called Michelle who I really fancied she was the same age as me, quite athletic and we used to chat when i lifted weights in the gym just before the end of school in 1974 I remember doing the classic thing of carrying her books home along St Albans rd until we parted and she crossed Bulwell common, I'm guessing she must have lived on Rise Park or there abouts. Anyway far too much blabbing from me, perhaps someone mentioned could reply, I'd love to trade a few memories.