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  1. Reading an old forum about old Nottingham sayings, that eventually got onto 'Notts or Forest' banter, Beefsteak's comment reminded me of a Forest v. Notts game (old First Division and well before the Cloughie era). I was with my Dad and we always stood ('stood'...remember those days?) in the same spot and were familiar with other Reds fans in the same patch. There were 2 unfamiliar figures there, that night, but we didn't take much notice as they were very quite.....until Notts scored! They clapped politely and said 'Good goal!' Then Notts scored a second goal and they opened their overcoats t
  2. I knew an avid Liverpool supporter, from Scouseland, who regularly boasted of how they would get into games without tickets. As Alpha said, blame lay with more than the police but, I believe, the poor souls that did perish were innocent victims who had been in the ground well before KO and were at the front near the wire fence. Sad day in football history. And don't forget, Liverpool have history...Heysel? When I read the first comment that it was 32 years ago, I thought 'what! where do the years go!'
  3. Jennifer Warnes - 'Famous Blue Raincoat' Album (Leonard Cohen songs) What a voice!
  4. I never knew you could get fish and chips at Skeggy! Yull be tellin us next they've got donkeys there.
  5. I get all my gear from Jeff's down Hockley!
  6. That's jogged my memory, Lizzie, something I'd long forgotten. I believe it was Mrs Pearson lived in The Park and we went to service a lift she had there (1962?). There would be a connection as our company, W J Furse, had lots of 'masonic' connections within Nottingham. When we'd finished she gave us a cup of tea and a sandwich.
  7. I'll be popping into the Dog & Bear for a couple of Worthingtons, then across the road into The Fountain for a Home Brewery bitter and that'll do me! Doubt there'll be any queuing.
  8. Bobby was greatly underrated in early years regarded as just a pretty pop singer with some good records out but he was a very talented musician and, by all accounts, a very humble human being. Died far too young with Alzheimer's but had still managed some videos with the early stages of it. Also see You Tube for Buddy Holly melody live! Great Guy!
  9. Steady on there, Brew! BC was a legend and the man that kick started 'Rock 'n Roll'. Elvis adored him and his Sunday radio show. Billy Cotton...Rita Williams and the Bandits....Alan Breeze...where are they now? They kicked down doors so that Elvis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Tiny Tim etc could march through and into our lives!
  10. Great story about someone not recognising Linda R!...probably the greatest female singer in the past 60 years. Very sad that illness curtailed her career.
  11. Mastermind "And Benjamin, your specialised subject, 'Marsden's Meat Counter'"
  12. @radfordred - we always sat round the table for dinner, Mum, Dad + 3, and when we kids had finished we had to say "thank you for my dinner, please may I leave the table". School dinners - when I started having them, early 50s, they were 9d a day.....3s/9d a week. Later in life there was summat else that used to cost 3s/9d.... from the barbers...and it wasn't a haircut!
  13. He was good at Forest (after being signed from Wolves) but a certain Mr Clough got the best out of him at....can't bring myself to write it!....D..D....Derby
  14. .......From tin to plate in less than eight! Bloody great!
  15. Ben, do you remember the 'I-Spy' books in the 50s? Covered all sorts of spotters' delights! I-Spy on the Road...I-Spy in the Countryside....I spy on the Bus...etc. Did they ever do 'I-Spy in the Grocer's Store'? Bet you filled it up in about a week and bagged maximum points!
  16. Earlier post mentioned Lamcote coaches. When I went to Bramcote Grammar our school bus was Clarkes of Epperstone where it would commence with stops at Calverton, Lambley, Arnold, Daybrook and last pick up at Mansfield Rd/Valley Rd junction. At that point a Lamcote coach would join the same boulevards/Derby Rd route to Bramcote. Our last pick up, a swotty lad named Peter, would excitedly advise whether or not the Lamcote had already passed. This would be an indication to our driver to put his foot down and beat the Lamcote to the Bramcote. Most of the drivers were up for it and there were many
  17. Bloody 'ell RR, you were quick off the mark!
  18. Correction Mary! 9th October 1965 at the City Ground, those fabulous boys in red played West HAM! ....and scrapped to a 5 - 0 win! Addison, Hinton, Storey-Moore, Wignall and Wilson the scorers. The attendance was 19,262 and, for the moment, I can't recall all their names but I'll get back to you.
  19. Mablethorpe, Sutton-on-Sea, Anderby Creek, Chapel and Ingoldmells (Skeggy too big & posh!) what great places in the post war decades! The village name Mavis Enderby always intrigues me whenever I see the road sign but wonder if you actually drove through it on the way Chapel. The 5 sail windmill is still there at Alford. Memories, such memories!
  20. Wow! Holidays abroad 1950 - 60! We didn't have a holiday until I was 11 years old in, Mam & Dad + 2 sisters, auntie & uncle + daughter and fiancé....all in a small bungalhole at Jinglebells. But we loved it. Hits of the day I remember hearing everywhere - 'Lay Down Your Arms' by Ann Shelton and Que Sera by Doris Day. Went in caravans there for the next 3 years...then upgraded to Mablethorpe! But did go to 2 BB camps at Whitby in '58 and '60. In later years I've had some great holidays abroad and cruises but I'll never, ever forget those first holidays on the Lincolnshire Rivi
  21. The nearest I have been to cowboys is when I stood and watched some brickies at work on that new housing development by Percy....somebody or other!
  22. Just a joke folks. Just a joke!
  23. Yes, definitely was a cafe on BMBS. And wasn't Peoples College also on that site at one time?
  24. Leicester has a 'Pork Pie Island' and I wondered why. At that junction there's a round building (Library?) that resembles a pork pie!
  25. First off, this thread was started by Joy in 2009...and is still going! Shows just just what a great topic it is! Thanks Joy! Remember The Musters well...great place! Remember seeing the late/great Bernard Manning there and, if I remember rightly, did he sometimes swear? I remember Roro's debut(?) there and the compere's build-up introduction included " for one night only, stopping off on her whirlwind tour..." . After that night she was never out of the place....couldn't get rid of her....resident artist! But she was good, bless her! Also remember Roger L'Idiot and saw him a