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  1. I'm sure the amber nectar is doing you far better than the pills BIP.Chuck em away and double up on the beer--that's wot I say.
  2. Back on again after 2 weeks or so.Must be summat wrong somewhere. Seems as if you have to sneak up and get in when the server's not looking.
  3. Happy birthday sweetie,hope you enjoy yourself. Are you having jelly and ice cream?
  4. Been off for days but tried today and hey presto here you are. We are NTL and just kept getting "Cannot find server" Not sure what it's all about but Nottstalgia is the only one I couldn't get,everything else is fine.So fingers Xd.
  5. There used to be a bakery near to where I lived called Blands Chard St/Zulu Rd but this wasn't near Alpine St so don't think this is the one your thinking of.Thr only chimney I can remember was Saxby's as it was so tall.What was Robert Shaws?
  6. Well i'm just loving this,really lol stuff. There is nothing nasty going on here cali so leave it be.BTW youv'e got the wrong heels on girl. !tanning!
  7. angi

    hi there

    Sorry Ayup the name rings no bells i'm afraid.Perhaps she was in another patt of the building,it was like a rabbit warren in there. Remember the mirror on the came in v handy for doing your make up. Think we all got the same training as I used the other machines as well.
  8. angi

    hi there

    Yes I was. When I first left school I worked at the Co Op on Chaucer St doing the divi,that was Powers Samas. Then I moved to the NAAFI on Bridlesmith Gate/Bottle Lane,the machines there were Hollerith. Next we moved to Glasgow and I worked for IBM.
  9. angi

    hi there

    Hi Katyjay, Had no idea you were in the US,thought you were still local. Where did you work as a punch card op?
  10. Ahem! I left Guilford 1960ish before it went co-ed with Ellis. The headmistress at the time was Miss Calvert.A horrible old cow who hated me.Does anyone know what happened to the old trout?
  11. Try slicing them almost in half + stuffing with kiwi fruit + wrapping bacon around then bbqing. lovely. Am I right Caz? Give us a few tips,Ok! !hungry!
  12. Yep! the chippies name was Dave Bailey You may have known us then as we owned the VG shop at that time 72/89.