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  1. Macca81

    Bus depot - Victoria ?

    Any idea when they stopped using the old station and the new one was opened?
  2. Macca81

    Boon Question

  3. Macca81

    Bus depot - Victoria ?

    Brilliant. Many thanks
  4. Macca81

    Bus depot - Victoria ?

    Thanks Phil Any idea when they built the new bus depot at Victoria centre? I remember getting a bus home with my grandma in the old once in the 80s
  5. Macca81

    Bus depot - Victoria ?

    Is that the one they used before the Victoria centre one?
  6. Macca81

    Boon Question

    No idea I've taken a few pics if you recognise it now?
  7. Macca81

    Bus depot - Victoria ?

    Did there use to be a bus station where Victoria centre is now? I'm sure when I was a kid in the 80s used to go through double doors and be in a big depot to get the bus home locally at the time. But mate said buses where maid mairien way but I'm adamant Victoria centre use to have a big bus depot?
  8. Macca81

    Boon Question

    Hi Just watching Boon s7 e14The Night Before Christmas There's a nightclub cabaret dancing place called Smokey Jo's in it. Not sure if that was its real name. Any idea where that is and what it is now Thanks