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  1. Patricia Le Ruez

    New Member Here, Hi From Greece

    As a newcomer, been reading comments on various forums. Some so funny and what wit. Didn't realise I had signed in to an Entertainments Group - who needs Facebook ?! Keep them coming.
  2. Patricia Le Ruez

    Learning the ropes

    Yes, all very strange but sure will get into the swing of things?
  3. Patricia Le Ruez


    Thank you. Wow, this is great info as unable to find anything on Harriet Pendleton, the grandmother I never knew, and she apparently died aged 29. Mum married Dad, Frederick Hardisty from Long Eaton, and the paralells between him and Frank Pendleton are uncanny In their work and politics. Did find some details of Ethel, married to George Philpott also Elsie, who married Tom Bradshaw. Thank you so much. Patricia
  4. Patricia Le Ruez


    Hi. I have just joined this website. re Bestwood Park, I lived briefly at 38 Winterton Rise, Bestwood Park. Have lived in Jersey, C.I., for many years. I came across this website by chance as trying to trace Mother's family background (Bulwell, Basford, Nuthall, Selston etc.) Maternal grandmother a Pendleton, before marriage, whose brother, Ernest, was Mayor of Nottingham 1916-1918. Great Aunt Ethel Pendleton married to George Philpott who had drapers shop G.S. Philpott in Bulwell. Any advice of where to start ? Found all and photos the postings sooooo interesting, and such nostalgia. Patricia