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  1. 'Flip me', there it is, but so small you cannot read the writing. Can you expand it so that it is legible?
  2. And I thought I go on sometimes!! No digress to your hearts content. You lost me at Four Roses...... Back to what I was doing before the two doubles. I've resize that photo, tried to copy into the post, to no avail. Tried Postimage, reduce to image to thumbnail, tried to insert using 'Insert other media' using the URL - no joy. Lets try it this way (copied from Postimage) - . Thats the thumbnail link (i think). Are you able to open it and paste the actual image in your reply.
  3. You obviously enjoy a drink. You'll probably bulk at what I mix my Wray with.......Red Bull, Lucozade and sometimes Coconut Water. You would be surprised how drinkable these combinations are. Even if you don't like them at first, by the time you have two or three you stop fighting it.
  4. Ian To be honest, I had never heard of Pussers Rum (just had a look on the web for details). I don't know, there something about the taste of Navy Rum that doesn't agree with me. My substitute poison if 'The White' (Wray & Nephew) is not available is Appleton's. Now that does have a nice taste, although weaker than 'The White', at 40%. The last time I went to Jamaica, 3-years ago, I went on the Appleton Rum Tour. Now I did really enjoy that - plenty of samples!!
  5. Ian Haven't seen the photo, but the mention of Cartergate tweaked my interest. My Mum, brother and I moved from Waterway Street in the Meadows when it was demolished to No1 Cartergate in 1976, I think. I was just going to college at the time so was 16 years old. What was interesting about No1 Cartergate was the feature in the garden. We were given the key to a door in the sandstone rock face. When I opened the door we found it led to a cave, that appeared to me to have been occupied at some point in time. Although many years later I think I read that the loc
  6. My Uncle has told me about Wood rum, but have yet to try it. My poison of choice is Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum from Jamaica @ 63% proof. Double please barman!!
  7. Right, one last time then I'm having a 'stiff drink', either to congratulate myself or to vent my frustration. Either way the end result will be the same - a nice drop of Rum (hic)!! Damn and blast - frustration it is. Where's that bottle!! Back in 15-mins.
  8. Dear All I found JPEG Optimizer on the web, so here goes... Well that went well - not!! Anthony
  9. Ian Huh - Where was Victoria Bingo and Casino?
  10. Anthony again Well I had a brilliant 3-hour conversation with my neighbour, who I can reveal is Violet (she prefers Vi). The first item on our agenda was the messages that I have posted, and the responses that everybody has provided. I read all your responses to her, she had a good laugh and provide more info. I will keep it short but here are her responses. 1. 620 Main Street change to 27 Burton Road. 2. Vi fathers shop was indeed eventually became Rex Robinson's Cycles and Mopeds. Thanks for the photo, it saved time driving down Carlton Hill to have a look. 3. The
  11. Hi Ian. The top photo is the one for me. Great result - thanks for the help. I am going to introduce my neighbour to you all during the course of her visit, if she is willing. You might even get her name (not divulged as yet, as she doesn't no I'm doing this. It's a surprise!! Anthony
  12. Hi Ian123 Thanks for the heads up regarding images for the Palais fountain. As I mentioned, I have only found one photo (it had a great flipping camera symbol covering the fountain, so no good to present to my neighbour). If your still about, can you send me a link to a suitable photo please. I've got 90mins before she comes round, and am currently cleaning the house!! (Well got to make a good impression, eh). The dining room floor is covered in research notes etc. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Anthony
  13. Dear All Just woke up with a brain-wave, so straight to the keyboard!! During my last visit to my neighbour, I commented on a photograph that I spotted on her dining room wall of a couple in Ballroom dancing attire. It was a photo of her and her late husband (I think it was taken in the late 50's). We talked about dancing, as I was going out that night to do exactly the same thing, (not ballroom dancing though!!). In my teenage years I was into Northern Soul, so I mentioned that I used to go to the 'Colmans' on Clumber Street on Sunday evenings, and the Pala
  14. Dear All First chance to get on line to see the responses to my very first post. Wow!! What a turn out. I have assumed that the 'Reply to this topic' button will reach all respondents - if not pass it on. I want to respond to everybody, so apologise to all, if I am breaking forum etiquette. Lizzie - thanks for answering the call. Nottsatalgians is a new word for me. I guess I'm one of them without knowing!! Jonab - Born and bred in Nottingham, and a returnee. I have heard your question asked many times over the years..... its a great opportunity to stri
  15. Dear Forum Members Anthony here, a newbie, so this is my first post on this forum. Not sure if this is the right forum, so I will just 'dive in' with a questions regarding a project I am working on for an elderly neighbour of mine. My neighbour is 92 years old, whom I have got to know recently. We share a passion for family and local history. To cut a long story short...... My neighbour provided me with sufficient information from her memories to trace her family tree back a further 100 years. Its amazing what resources are available at your finger tips on