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  1. I went to Margaret glenn bott school from 1963 to 67 in wollaton park I lived at kingswood road wollaton nottm
  2. yep I was born in 1952 warrener was my nee name at 2 woodvine villas Carrington or might have been called woodbine I did get a pic ogf it off one of these sites but cant find it lol I used to go to the lido and the Curzon I remember I was about 2 /3 there was an earthquake that shook the cinema twice I was sucking my blue fluffy blanket and the man came on stage and said there has been an earthquake no damage stay in your seats lol I remember this clear as day ..I also remember our villa was at the rear of the lido u could hear the .people shouting and water splashing from my front garden and rear yep the Curzon was where they announced an earthquake had riocked the seats I was about 2 have a great memory I remember falled out my pram at 10 mnths lol woodbine villas Carrington nottm rear of lido where I also went lol we moved to whitemoor when I was 4 and a half then at 5 moved to Arnold lol at 11 moved to wollaton lol u