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  1. we had some interesting finds in our tree as well florence nightingale or should i say shore sir harry verney the weightman family got some really funny moments as well like children born within two months of marriage ..who would have thought all good fun
  2. we had a fire place until mid seventies with a back boiler had coal delivered by both horse and truck we also had a milkman remember the blue tits taking the cream of the top of the milk in the winter
  3. I haven't been back home for over 40 years anyone know if any of the following people are still around many cox of colwick beverly doe janeane harvey her mother was a nurse karan wats netherfield mark swinson originally australian was great at geography nina summer netherfield yvonne brooks chandos street , yvonne taylor she had a pet fox ,,,,,helen merryweather rachel.... hutchinson benson mandy baker penelope bartlet remember she had a brother mark i think morvia gooden deborah spencer many of them went to carlton le willows