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  1. Have had Potted Meat once a week on oven bottem muffins for the last two weeks. Wife buys it from our local ASDA in plastic pots and it still tastes as good as I remember it.
  2. New photo of Harry and Megans sprog. Wonder who Harry sends his Fathers Day Cards to ?
  3. Had a vision of one of those Ginger Beer cultures of years ago, which you could divide and give away,
  4. The reason I mentioned hygiene was that many years ago there was a Hot Dog Seller pitched outside of Boltons Burnden Park, with a permanent "dewdrop" hanging from his nose. Never saw him again after a gang of Chelsea fans pushed his cart over. Perhaps they thought they were performing a public service?, Not!..
  5. When you talk about Hand Washing Beekay, are you alluding to your own personal hygiene or that of the vendors?
  6. Thanks Beekay, I don`t know what the technical term is, but the cartoon morphs into a selection of other cartoons which do have sound.
  7. Thanks Brew, a minor irritation for what appears to be a Musical------there is no sound!
  8. Thanks LizzieM, will do any thing to be rid of the pain.
  9. Hi Beekay I do remember the Sparky song. Was it not sung in an early days Electronic Voice?
  10. Quick Update LizzieM. I am booked in for a Physiotherapy Session at a local Hospital at 9.10 am tomorrow. Out of interest did you feel an immediate improvement, if not how many sessions did you have?
  11. Forgive my ignorance but who or what the heck was Tubby the Tuba?
  12. It was a Black 650 Twin ex Police Bike ev996sps. Loads of fun, because the roads were comparatively traffic free in those days and totally empty, thank God, on the way home from the pub at night-time..The only minor setback was I had to become a dab hand at removing the back wheel and shortening a chain which used to stretch with monotonous regularity. The Bike was also known as the BSA A10.
  13. Picked my 2 Daughters up from Manchester Airport late last night and was charged £4.50 for the privilege. WHY? Is access to the Airport grounds not covered in the overall cost of the girls holiday charge. At one time you were allowed 30 free minutes to make a pick up, which I thought fair and appropriate.No longer,you are now obliged to use the official Car Park and are charged the £4.50 to get out. Up to a few months ago drop off was free. Again no longer. You are now channelled into a selection of drop off points and then forced into one lane at the end of which is a charge point, another £4.50. To add insult to injury the girls bought 2 pints of beer prior to boarding the plane and were charged £13. You couldn`t make it up. I could write at length about the Sign Posting at the Airport, which is adequate in day light and useless at night, a situation exacerbated by constant layout changes and impatient Taxi Drivers who sit on your tail. I hate the place!
  14. In 1965 I Part Exchanged my solo197cc Francis Barnett Motor bike for a 650cc BSA Gold Star with a Busmar Side Car attached. The deal was done at the Central Garage in Hucknall and the transition from one bike to the other was frightening. Just kick starting the BSA required the legs of a Rhino and the stamina of a Grand National winner and in those days at 10 Stone and 2 lbs and 6 Ft 3 Ins I had neither. The "kickback" from the kick start arm was a real ankle breaker. Just having the Side Car, made passing through gaps something else to take into account and weirdly the first railway bridge I encountered, I slowed down to almost a stop, in the belief the Bike and Side Car would not fit through. In those days 650 cc bikes had a really throaty roar. At that time I was working at Robert Windsors during the day and the Cavalier pub during the evenings and in consequence arriving home after midnight.The combination of the noise of the bike and the late hour persuaded some of the neighbours to sign a petition requesting me to arrive home with less noise. In the spirit of the good old British compromise I agreed to cut the engine at the top of the street and coast to a halt outside the house. Result.
  15. Thanks for the advice and concern LizzieM and FLY2, but before I update on the Sciatica, I think that I should explain at this stage that I have had Rhuematoid Arthritis for about 10 years now, have already had a knee replaced and know a lot about pain.In my experience Rheumatoid pain comes on gradually and I have developed a high tolerance towards that, whilst Sciatic pain comes from nowhere and catches me unprepared. However back to the Sciatica. I rang the Doctors at 8 am this morning and nearly dropped the phone in surprise when the call was answered immediately. Normally the phone rings out engaged and by the time you do get through, any spare "appointments" have been allocated. Anyway I explained my predicament to the receptionist who said I was being offered a telephone consultation and would be rung back by a Doctor before midday. The telephone rang at 9.30 am and having explained my symptoms to an anonymous doctor, I was offered an appointment to see a Locum at 12.20 pm today, an offer which I gratefully accepted. I arrived at the Health Centre at 12.05 pm and was seen by the Doctor at 12.40 pm He asked me about my symptoms, pushed and prodded my back through my clothes, told me he was going to prescribe a medication called Nortriptyline, would arrange for me to see a Physiotherapist and sent me on my way. I was in the surgery for all of 6 minutes. I did not even get chance to sit down. The Doctor was a smashing caring bloke who I did not recognise but would be happy to see again, but what I do not understand is why, having been with the same practice for 47 years, with no history of time wasting , I wasn`t given the appointment yesterday. Ironically there was an information board in the waiting room seeking new patients. Why, if they cannot cope with the numbers already there? .