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  1. Have been reviewing some of the topics on the Mellish site and comments from Stan The Jockey have me confused. On June 10 2020 he says he was quick on his toes and never got hit, whilst on November 11 2016 he says he was on the School Playing Fields and was hit on the chest every 15 seconds over a period of 10 minutes! Clarification please Stan.
  2. Old Brown Windsor as it was more properly known and White Windsor were products made by the original Roberts of Windsor company for decades. The soaps were still being produced by Windsors when I worked for them, the brown variety offered in either a round disc or a rectangle and both packed in threes into a very ornate box with a laced paper lining.
  3. Strange how your memory works, I have just remembered the coke braziers that appeared in the toilets in winter and the choking acrid vapours produced when you weed on them.
  4. Thanks Cliff Ton, the short answer is No.I came across the nottstalgia site by accident via the Henry Mellish website and hoped with its local pedigree, it would enable me to make contact with local ex Mellish pupils. It did not. The nearest I got was philmayfield who had a form mate who lived down our street but whom phil had not seen since they had left school. Whilst nottstalgia has many other diverse qualities,it would seem that if its renewing acquaintances, then Facebook is the way to go.
  5. I noticed the other day that back copies of the Mellish magazine The Centaur are now available to download from the Henry Mellish site. By selecting the appropriate year you can, 1 Be reminded of the names of the lads who were in your year but more particularly in your form. Names stirring memories but regrettably not faces. 2 See which O levels your class mates obtained. 3 See who stayed on into the 5th. Fascinating!. I knocked about with my best mate from the Mellish for several years after school finished but eventually he started courting, we drifted apart and I h
  6. A friend once told me, as a teenager, he used to open the inspection hatch of an underground reservoir, climb down the access ladder and swim around in the pitch blackness. The thought of doing it still sends shivers down my spine.
  7. Have had Potted Meat once a week on oven bottem muffins for the last two weeks. Wife buys it from our local ASDA in plastic pots and it still tastes as good as I remember it.
  8. New photo of Harry and Megans sprog. Wonder who Harry sends his Fathers Day Cards to ?
  9. Had a vision of one of those Ginger Beer cultures of years ago, which you could divide and give away,
  10. The reason I mentioned hygiene was that many years ago there was a Hot Dog Seller pitched outside of Boltons Burnden Park, with a permanent "dewdrop" hanging from his nose. Never saw him again after a gang of Chelsea fans pushed his cart over. Perhaps they thought they were performing a public service?, Not!..
  11. When you talk about Hand Washing Beekay, are you alluding to your own personal hygiene or that of the vendors?
  12. Thanks Beekay, I don`t know what the technical term is, but the cartoon morphs into a selection of other cartoons which do have sound.
  13. Thanks Brew, a minor irritation for what appears to be a Musical------there is no sound!
  14. Thanks LizzieM, will do any thing to be rid of the pain.
  15. Hi Beekay I do remember the Sparky song. Was it not sung in an early days Electronic Voice?