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  1. I have just joined this group after finding it by chance in the internet...my father lived in strelley from 1936 to 1963 ,his family farmed at Catstone Hill Farm ...and were tenants on the strelley estate ...he always said the happiest time of his life was spent in Strelley ,he always had many stories to tell from an age and way of life which has long since disappeared.. I was brought up in Shropshire and now live in Worcestershire...but have a very strong affinity with Strelley ,many relations still lived in the surrounding area wh e i was young and I have walked many times up to Catstone Hill .....my father died in 2012 and is buried in the churchyard at strelley ...his name was Norman Smith ,his mother was Alice and father Henry ,and he was one of 8 children ...my big regret is that I did not record his memories in writing before he died ....it would have made wonderful reading ..I do however remember a lot ...and would be very happy to provide any information if you would be interested ,regards fleur
  2. Many thanks i will have a look here...and post some memories etc with which have been handed down to .me from my father ...which someone might find of interest !
  3. I have lots of memories passed down to me from my father ...facts and figures may be a little muddled ...I wish I had it all written down while he was alive!!... ...being new to the site where would i post any information which might be of interest to other member's
  4. I have just recently registered as a member ...my father lived at Catstone Hill farm with his family from approx 1936 to 1963 ,after his father died the estate would not let him and his brother carry on the tenancy and continue farming there ...the farmhouse and buildings were subsequently demolished...my farher died in 2012 and is buried in churchyard at Strelley church...he had many happy memories of life in Strelley .....and farming before and after the war...I now live in Worcestershire but have a strong affinity with Strelley