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  1. I think Rizzoli cafe destroyed the clock's electronics and now the clocks petals are moving up and down and not normally how they should be so i better get pete dexter back into the centre and fix the clock
  2. I went today and it was still broken
  3. It is not how it was and I think it is something to do with cafe rizzoli damaging an electrical or mechanic of the clock so it would have to move back.
  4. That's what the clock should look like once it has been restored
  5. It has to be fixed however when the engineer comes online again he will need to see this cause he restored the clock
  6. The engineer needs to fix the clock again as it is bang out of order it has been acting wrong cause the birds and squirrels weren't dancing and the petals were moving the opposit way to what they should be doing and my solution is taking it back to it's original location and make a new octagonal frame and whilst the frame is being build please move it to a temporary spot in another centre