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  1. Intu have gone OTT with this and we might need to ask em if you can get it moved and fixed cause that would be epic


    I might make a new rameu tune that sounds like the original 70s casette one


    but less tinny


    The here we come a wassailing tune for Xmas I might do


    Or do you want the rameu all year

  2. On 2/29/2020 at 5:35 PM, The Engineer said:

    I was passing yesterday so stopped to check at midday.  The bell rang and the music played.  However the petals (a few of which now look bent) cycled down-up-down-up throughout the performance and the 'orchestra' (three birds and three squirrels) were not spinning.  Looking back in this thread it appears that these faults I observed may have been present for over a year.


    The cobweb water wheel was turning but several butterflies were not tumbling.  All butterflies look tarnished/verdigris.  One of the 12 water jets looked a bit blocked.


    I agree with the sentiment of most (all?) who remember it in the lower atrium.  It looks so lost upstairs and I was reminded yesterday how close the three rotating arms at high level come to touching the girders (luck rather than judgement I think).


    It is coming up for five years since Emma switched it back on (17 June 2015).  How time flies.  Let's hope it still attracts enough coins to make a difference to the chosen charities.

    Will you be able to go back and offer your work to move it back to the original location and fix it again? would work better and a new bigger bench frame would be epic when the move happens.

  3. The engineer needs to fix the clock again as it is bang out of order it has been acting wrong cause the birds and squirrels weren't dancing and the petals were moving the opposit way to what they should be doing and my solution is taking it back to it's original location and make a new octagonal frame and whilst the frame is being build please move it to a temporary spot in another centre