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  1. I remeber a Clowes Warehouse on Castle Blvd. about 1969 near Abbey Bridge.
  2. DJ Always put off things you can do today until tomorrow.
  3. Thanks letsavagoo very intersting reading.
  4. Does anyone know anything about the Drummond murders in France?.They lived in Spencer House Nuthall it was about 1953 when it happened i think Mr Drummond was a director of Boots i remember as a child his children let me ride on their horse i think the whole family was murdered.
  5. In 1970 i bought a 1963 Chev Impala from an american car dealer in Leicester the registration number was 675 EUT can anyone find out if it is still around? It should be a classic by now only going up in value.
  6. Hope you had a comfortable pair of winkle pickers for the long walk home.l did a similar thing while at high school not romantic though i spent part of my bus fare at the sweet shop and had to walk from Alfreton to Jacksdale where i had enough change to get home to Nuthall.
  7. It includes eveybody Beekay and ben and his valentines from the 60s he is probably reminiscing.
  8. Happy Valentines Day all nottsalgians.
  9. I went to Alfreton High School and caught either the C5 or the B3 the C5 went through Riddings and Somercotes to Alfreton the B3 went through Underwood and Selston hooking up to the C5 route at Somercotes. The bus that turned right at the Three Ponds was the B4 which went to South Normanton.
  10. Was the A1 bus also ltd. service AG i remember never getting on that bus either?
  11. Thats ben the Dedicated Follower Of Fashion.
  12. I remember the A4 bus from Nottm to i think Ripley it suited my time table coming out of the PCFE but it would not stop at Nuthall it was a limited service bus.
  13. What would you do here DJ it has been -46 here all week going down to -51 at night trusty Toyota started every time on its 12 year old battery but the suspension being stiff it was like riding on a board suppose to warm up to -15 on Monday.
  14. Belated Birthday Wishes Barbara hope you had a great day Ian and Jill.
  15. Were you in Regina today Beekay its been a cloudless sunny day all day the only problem was it was -38c no flies around here not much of anything else either.
  16. Theres another bright ass katyjay.
  17. NThat is celcius temperatures in Saskatchewan we have severe cold temperature warnings out where bare skin can freeze in less than two minutes. Cars parking outside have block heater installed in the engine block to keep water and oil comparitively warm to help starting. You plug them in to a outdoor house receptical it uses about 500 watts .The oil on a dipstick if not plugged looks like molasses and if the car starts when you drive away feels like you are towing something and you are riding on board. How is the old Moggy 8 hope you are looking after her.
  18. Did a few errands had my haircut the old Toyota ran like a million dollars on its 12 year old original battery it was cold out there - 33 degrees -40 with the wind chill a little bit colder Sunday.
  19. Falling for the ladies again ben.