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  1. DJ i bought a few years ago a cd which is called the Best of British comedy it has 3 discs i assume produced by DISKY and theres number at the side BX795132 LC 11955. Belham is on there narrated by Peter Sellars plus another 59 songs from comedians including Spike Milligan, Al Read and the Goons.
  2. My dad used to record off the BBC radiowith the likes of Pete Murray and Jack Jackson and Carol Carr after he recorded them he would edit them and he would introduce the artists. About 30 years ago he transferred them to cds i play them when i am working in the garage and hear my dads voice they are priceless, hopefully cd players dont become obsolete.
  3. We will second that Carni and husband keep your pecker up best wishes for a speedy recovery Ian and Jill.
  4. If I only had time Phil.
  5. Hubby is getting his exercise Lizzie.
  6. denshaw what is Diwali i have never heard of it.
  7. Your book arrived today Martin looking forward to reading it,thanks for naming it after me LOL. Take care Ian.
  8. Take care Carni hope you are better soon you can't be to careful thinking of you all Ian and Jill.