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  1. The Mrs will want one of those next Beekay have you ordered one?
  2. You will have to switch from electric to steam Beekay start filling the coal house.
  3. Had a girl friend that worked there in 60s, 1966-69 her name was Yvonne Pearce does anyone remember her? I think they had a NAAFI club in the basement on Bottle Lane.
  4. Nothing seems the same anymore Jill i just can not imagine getting assaulted let alone dying over Divi number. That is all they need is Mcdonalds.
  5. Is Leabrooks still there i went to Alfreton High School the MGO C5 bus went through Leabrooks the bus stop was at 'Doctors Corner' next stop was Somercotes. It took about 45 minutes from the 3 Ponds pub at Nuthall to the Aertex factory at Alfreton.
  6. They were dying to go there. I will follow you Brew.
  7. The Rain The Park and Other things. The Cowsills.
  8. Was that the price in the stalls or the dress circle i can not remember i went many times to the Odeon and once to the Futurist to watch the Dam Busters in the 50s.
  9. That was cheap ben what would it be today in those funny looking money?
  10. Put a bigger engine in it Beekay.
  11. Speedy recovery to everyone Stavertongirl.
  12. Same here phil but a little less maintenance on top.
  13. Have you got a storage tank phil?
  14. Glad you are earning your keep Beekay. Take Care.
  15. Get it winterized and you can keep your hours up until you go back to Sheffield Park in the New Year.
  16. Sunny here today but -17c the pawnbroker has taken his sign in.
  17. Where did you crash phil? Tell us the story teflon.
  18. Still got that one on cd katyjay play it whenever i am working in the garage seem to remember singing it in school.
  19. Remembering everyone from all four corners of the world who gave their lives and limbs for our freedom.
  20. Underneath The Arches. Bud Flanagan! Really straining my brain now.