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  1. Take care nonnaB keep yourseif isolated dont open your door to salesmen or women,hope they get it under control.
  2. Where do you catch the train to Bristol do you have to change along the way? Dont tell me at the train station.
  3. Are Thorntons cabins still around i think the name was Thorntons or Thorntons log cabins.
  4. What did you do littlebro remove the cylinder head or the water pump did you use the convoluted type?.
  5. Stand up stand up for Jesus my dads aunt played this on the piano we had a sing song on Sundays in her front room along with other hymns another one she played was All things bright and beautiful the front room was full of family and friends way back in the 50s.
  6. Beekay if its good for constipation it must be good for coughs.
  7. At the local tuck shop we would buy chewing wood it was stringy and lasted along time does anyone know what it was really was my mum said i would get an appendicitis so it put me off it.
  8. Hi katyjay when was your dad at NCV a friend of mine worked there in the early 60s his name was Dennis Humm did you know Rod Blanchard i think he had some dealings with NCV his father was George Blanchard started the bakery at Watnall which made Wonderloaf bread.George brought my fathers garage at Watnall for Rod in 1968 he used it like a playboy rather than a business racing go-karts ,mini coopers and lotus cortinas.Ithink the bakery was bought out by Spillers.
  9. There was a pub i think it was called The Bowling Green it was close to the Dungeon Club called in for a drink there in 1967 is it still there? Can not remember the street name.
  10. IAN FINN


    I did the same as you loppylugs did the day release at PCFE got the EMEU east midlands education union and C and G emmigated to Canada challenged the Journeyman exam for mechanics and passed also studied for industrial millwright which i got a Journey certificate the millwright pay is much better than a motor mechanic still millwrighting today.
  11. Katyjay you have overloaded my brain i used to scintillate but now its till nine or ten.
  12. Thanks katyjay i could not remember the name Bramley he lived two houses up from us on Spencer dr. Nuthall he was quite old in the 60s a very pleasant chap.
  13. mary1947 are Austin Reed and Dolcies still with us i cant remember many as i emmigrated to Canada in 1970 also Sissons and Parkers was there a Gunn and Moore.
  14. Anyone remember the big lumber yard which was on Broxtowe Lane behind the John Barleycorn pub i always remember seeing huge tree trunks stacked up there ,is it still there now?
  15. I knew the Coronation Club it was indeed on Noel st. my wife was born at 70 Noel st in the big house that backed onto the school ground which was at the side of the Coronation Club they emmigrated to Canada in 1957. The club was run by Baker family in the 50s.
  16. Never knew it as the The Old Cock but would go there on Tuesday evening after a full day at PCFE , you describe the place very well at least the chippy makes the trip worth while.
  17. The Clinton Arms was nothing anybody ever went to the Cock Hotel at Ripley dont know if its still there this was in the 60s sometimes the strippers did not show up and then there was a riot
  18. Hi Blondie, the Reynolds offices where you worked in the offices did they make furniture?
  19. Anyone remember the big lumber yard which was on Broxtowe Lane behind the John Barleycorn pub i always remember seeing huge tree trunks stacked up there ,is it still there now?
  20. Anyone remember the bridge collapse o n the Basford to Kimberley line? It was the last small bridge before you enter the tunnel into Kimberley on Spencer dr. where i lived.Vehicles used the bridge before the collapse but only pedestrians after the repair was done which led to Van Gugtens greenhouses and Redfield House farm this would have been in the late 50s.
  21. Inky dinky plonkey the farmer bought a donkey the donkey died the farmer cried inky dinky plonkey.
  22. Hi Waddo iam back on Nottstalgia i am in Florida right now,my daughter in Canada got it sorted thank goodness its all way above my head thanks Ian.
  23. Old men selling newspapers on the street corners.ps just had the worst 2 days of my life for some reason i could not reply to the threads every thing is ok now.
  24. Mick the picture of the car you wondered what it is i think its a Russian Tatra they were built like a tank with an air cooled V8.
  25. Yes i remember midland mag my dad had a garage at Watnall we took a lot of electrical parts there to be repaired starters dynamos wiper motors they could repair anything in the 60s.