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  1. Gave it a like Lizzy love the picture of him.
  2. Good Luck DJ take care we are all pulling for you.
  3. So sorry to read about Jack it is so sad i would give you a like but it is so upsetting at least you know he is safe, a few years we lost our cat to similar circumstances he could not control bodily functions the last few days i would carry him around the garden where he would run and play as a kitten.Our sympathy to everyone Ian and Jill.
  4. According to my dad there was two Victorian pennies one he called a honolulu penny and the other was the regular penny depending where her fork was positioned the honolulu penny i see now is called bun penny.
  5. Jill what is the best food for a kitten/ young cat soft food or hard food he seems to like both but prefers cat treats over meals. I remember when i was kid in Nuthall i went to the butchers and bought some type of meat called leights not sure if i spelt it right it not available here in Canada. Which food do you recommend. Thankyou.
  6. Beekay you only have a couple of tablets since your heart attack.You could tell Moses was quite ill by the size of the tablets.
  7. I think Pacific Western Airlines ( Please Wait Awhile) was the forerunner of Canadian Airlines International i seem to remember flying to Vancouver with them in the early 70s.
  8. Almost forgot BK Happy Anniversary hope the weather is ok at Skeggy take care of her is there any good fish and chip shops there? Is the clock tower still there? my father used to service and maintain it in the 50s and 60s.
  9. Was she still buried in the sand or did you find her in the SHIP Beekay.
  10. Check out DUKES at Wiki and the submarine tour of the ocean bed and see various wrecks.
  11. I wish i knew about nottstalgia sooner and could have corresponded with Chulla about RR. and Hucknall Aerodrome.We had a few customers from RR Hucknall come to my fathers garage at Watnall, two of them i remember was a Mr Coles who lived at Bleaseby who drove a mid 60s Vauxhall Cresta,and another chap by the name of John Ball who lived at Nuthall,he was an invalid who drove a early 60s minor 1000 traveller which we converted to hand controls. Have great memories of going to the airshows seeing the latest technology of the day and really enjoyed the ten shilling flight over Nottingham in the DC3.
  12. Katyjay did Chulla work at Rolls Royce i knew a few people that worked at RR. Hucknall during the 60s.
  13. Good to hear you are doing ok Beekay just on my way home from work can not wait to pull the wifes knickers off, why you ask ? The bloody things are killing me. Take care stay safe.
  14. Just got home from boating, read about your heart attack take care take it easy and keep your pecker up keep posting the jokes laughter is the best medicine.
  15. What year did you live on Holden Cres.Baz? I lived on Spencer Dr. just up the road from there i lived there from 1950 until 1968 and i can remember the estate being built i think it was Costain that built it. Before that there was a big house there surronded fields and trees which belonged to Charlie Hanson part of the Hardy Hanson breweries .When i was about 8 years old i remember going to Garden Fetes there every year it was very colourful i believe the house was called either Nuthall House or Nuthall Lodge. Across the road from the opening on Watnall Road in the 50s was a small army barracks and every so often would hold army exercises in the woods and fields.
  16. MargieH it is a Standard 12 or14 they were made beween 1945 and 1948. I think the only difference is the engine size. If i remember right the motif on top of the grill had a union jack on each side.
  17. Nottingham will never be the same so sad.