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  1. Soak everything down well with a good penetrating oil a few hits with a hammer if that does not work apply some heat but be careful.
  2. Thats Boolwell where nobody ages.
  3. Still have that on a cd my father recorded probably late fifties on the old Philips reel to reel tape recorder and Guy Zentner not sure of the spelling playing Chaser.
  4. Dr Lavalle was my doctor as a child and he made house calls he had an Austin A40 Devon the same as my dads in green unless he borrowed it from someone.There was a Dr.Stebbins who had the surgery on Alfreton rd. along with Dr Lavalle.
  5. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.
  6. They had lots of Regents and later on had the Bristol Lodekas i wish i still had that sheet listing the makes and models of their buses.
  7. Congratulations Beekay just waiting for the next 10,000.
  8. Where is it tonight ben Palais or the Lacarno?
  9. Where were you traveling to back in those days, i remember MGO issuing a sheet with all their registrations and bus numbers on it like train spotting i remember number 1 HRB 976 it was an old GUY not very fast but reliable.
  10. Did the C5 and the B3 buses from Nuthall to Alfreton when i went to Alfreton High School did not matter which one it took about forty five minutes each way and it cost one shilling and thrupence return that was 1959- 1963.
  11. Glad alls well phil thank goodness the only thing that got mugged was your wallet.
  12. Then there was Judd Proctor ' The Plainsman.
  13. Great instrumentals one of my favorites was Foot Tapper by the Shadows.
  14. Thats one i forgot remember it like yesterday now dont want to think how old i am.
  15. I think Percy Faith did a sequel to a Summer Place.
  16. They played that at the begining of the Jimmy Young show i think he was a DJ.