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  1. Thanks, Letsavagoo - yes, it was definitely up some stairs (you're right, that's how it got it's name). I remember they played a lot of reggae (Desmond Dekker, Max Romeo, Pioneers) as well as the chart stuff of the day. It was certainly in that area, Stuart - thank you.
  2. Does anyone remember a disco called The Staircase, atound the late 60's? It was situated just off Bobbers Mill Road, close to Berridge Road. If memory serves me well, it only opened on a Friday night.
  3. Alan Davidson was sent home after having an epileptic fit during a reserve game, I remember. Agree that Einer Aas was a superb player, very sad how his career ended. Some other fine players: Louis-Jean, Brennan, Darcheville, Porfioro, Olsen, Ponte (who, for some reason was frozen out by his team mates). Flops: Kara (got an international call-up and refused to tackle in case he got injured), Lica, Dumitru, Bouchalakis
  4. Lonnie Donegan played his first concert after hitting the 'big time' at the Nottingham Empire. His last concert was at the Royal Centre, on his 'this could be the last time' tour.
  5. I was there 1967-1972. A very unhappy time at that school, although the education has served me well
  6. I think it greatly contributed, Ian123. I believe that Carey was never fully in charge, and often had the team picked for him by the Committee. During the season of the fire (1968-69), the Committee sold his best players, starting with Hennessey to Derby, followed by Grummitt. I think the spell at Meadow Lane saw 4 defeats and 2 draws - 0 wins. With his hands tied as they were, it's no wonder Carey was sacked for poor results!
  7. That's roughly where I would have been also, Oztalgian! I seem to remember that the seat of the fire was in the boiler room?
  8. First post, so be gentle with me! Back on topic - I remember a big fire at Jersey Kapwood (?) on Alfreton Road - would have been 1975/6. Also, I well remember the fire at the Forest ground, 1968 v Leeds. I was in the East Stand (now Brian Clough stand), and saw it develop from a few wisps of smoke to the massive fire - thankfully, nobody seriously hurt. I remember getting home early and telling my parents about the fire, and my Dad saying "you know, I thought it was foggy when I drove over Trent Bridge"!
  9. Hello - been a lurker a few times on here, and decided to bite the bullet! Born & bred in Forest Fields, was at FFGS between 1967 & 1972. Lived in various parts of Nottingham all my life, now settled in Mapperley Park. Committed Forest fan since 1967.