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  1. I always thought my neighbour was a woman, well she/he dresses like a woman, now I'm not sure?
  2. Why would you pay £120 when you can book a free one at the many testing stations? Time to boycott Boots me think, trying to make money out of a pandemic.
  3. Earlier in the year I took a good 3 foot of my neighbours hedge so I could see down the street, I never asked her & she’s never mentioned it, I wonder if she even noticed?
  4. Caught the number 2 into town yesterday afternoon around 2:30pm only Mrs & me on it, most of the shops & streets where empty, witnessed a lad filling his big Primark bag in JD Sports with a Adidas sweatshirts £60 each & he had a good 8 or 9! Had 2 drinks in Cross Keys, empty, dinner in Bistrot Pierre only 2 other tables taken, jumped the 28 home, empty. I can’t see this virus or things improving anytime soon, this is going to go on for years & years, or just becomes the new normal & we learn to live with it
  5. Did our shop in the new Lidl on the old Beechdale Baths site Sunday morning, as we entered the automatic one way in door a bloke ran out carrying 2 boxed cordless drills & nipped under that subway onto Ainsley est, told a member staff, he did not seem to bothered, had a look how much these drills retail at £69.99 each
  6. Maybe, if they do not find a vaccine for this virus, you best get used to not living as long, enjoy yourselves it later than you think, it's no fun in staying in. Good news you can now fly to the Canary Islands, first week of January 2021 please.
  7. WD40 & toothpaste does the job, bailed out of the rip off thieving M.O.T. inspector your seat belts twisted malarkey years ago, treat yourself, life's to short to run around in a banger, you’ll be dead soon.
  8. Can we put them back to March & restart?
  9. Guilty, if I spot a dog & walker stop outside my house, I'm out with a bowl of soapy water to swill it down, sometimes before the mutts even finished his business
  10. You could leave your dog shit on the streets & pavements right up to 1996 & I'm sure there is still some exemptions where you don't have to pick it up?
  11. In the picture 1 page back 3 up, the more observant of you would have noticed the bloke down the hole was holding a fag, the lighting of cigarettes is not recommended due to underground gases. Have another after the collapse
  12. The groundwork can be seen in 22 posts posts up, view from Cranbrook House, I'll not quote it save those poor boggers using up all their paid for internet data on there phones, this trench collapsed just after this photo was taken, luckily he had his hard hat on! Shops in the background anyone? One's now Desi Downtown.
  13. I never knew about this grooming malarky, (apart from those Asian gangs) sounds like animal cruelty, all the dogs we had where kicked out onto the street with us when we left for school & ran round in packs & came back when it was dark to eat any of our left over scraps. I know which dog I’d rather be.
  14. After reading SG post I would guess about 17 hours
  15. Yeah right, as if they will pay the fine, bit like their student loans
  16. Just inside doors of Westhay Court on Radford Bridge Road there is a massive picture think it’s dated 1925 of the canal looking towards Crown Island, which I believe Westhay Court, with its location could have been built on? https://www.accentgroup.org/live-with-us/sheltered-housing/nottingham/westhay-court-nottingham-ng8/
  17. My oldman's old school Radford Boulevard got a few demolition signs attached to it That's going to make a big hole?
  18. Can't recall the Meadows being so leafy? Could be weed?
  19. If you add your age to the year you where born it totals up to 2020 .... Come on who that?
  20. Wonder when the bike seat will turn up on eBay? It was still attached to the bike 1st thing Thursday morning & it was gone by 11am In Banksy Instagram endorsement the postbox was included, this was the postbox reported overflowing with covid testing kits? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-54434384 Bike lock, lockdown? Raleigh bike Nottingham?
  21. The view in 1970 from Cranbrook House which was built on the site of a 15th century burial ground.
  22. This is brilliant (sorry Nonna, but above is a shocking example of a quote, reads perfectly well without it?) https://twitter.com/bottletopdesign/status/1317552686766710787?s=20