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  1. The Maze is/was the back room of the Forest Tavern.
  2. Rising waters? Not having it 1973 v 2021
  3. We only ever had black & white dogs.
  4. There was a wine bar in the 80s on Maid Marion Way called Lyrics that used to put local Nottingham bands on No Tears & Fatal Charm where almost resident.
  5. Taken from where? Clue it will be Nottingham
  6. Skipping the drivel & back on topic cobbles in this day & age would be an insurance claim nightmare for NCC.
  7. I don't really read any previous posts, I just find a topic & stick it in @Jill Sparrow
  8. One up - Where did Pete the retired cop go? The Trent Wing opened in 1972, demolished in 1994.
  9. There's quite a lot that will stay in lockdown for the rest of their life's, they enjoyed it, it's an excuse, I'm sure there will be a claim for it somewhere down the line?
  10. 32 years ago today several thousand Liverpool & Nottingham Forest fans packed into Hillsborough stadium to watch a football match 96 didnt return home YNWA
  11. Massive queue outside Costa today all coffee just 50p if you download & use the app, the nail bars & barbers not to busy, reckon you would have got a walk in, woman walked out the sunbed shop looks like she’d spent an hour under the tubes, she was almost bright orange
  12. From the rear photo the plate was 422 UXT
  13. Older drinkers are at risk of being discriminated against for not having smartphones to order food and drinks at pubs and restaurants, a charity has warned https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-pub-and-restaurant-apps-risk-discriminating-against-older-people-without-smartphones-says-charity-12275009
  14. Spotted today parked in front of the Bogs in Bulwell
  15. I would not let anyone wash me car, cut me grass or paint anything in me house
  16. My Son met his mates last night, ordering & payment of drinks was done via app only, he tells me two of them said they could not download the app, so they never brought a round. Must get them in every generation?
  17. I once helped some youths trying bump start a Escort XR3, found out it was my neighbours he’d removed the coil, he found it on bricks @ the bottom of the road.
  18. Two blokes asked me to help them pull a caravan off this drive, found out later they where pinching it & my finger prints where all over it
  19. Did they ever reveal the one in figures for catching Covid or dying of Covid? I suspect that is also very high?
  20. Might have been Bruce Lee inspired, we used to practice a one inch twisted karate punch & tense your nuts while you take a swift kick to the groin, kids don’t know their born
  21. I think some folk are nesh @DJ360you have to more around more, get you blood flowing.
  22. There was an Eric’s next to the Windmill on Alfreton Road, lets say they sold a cheaper shoe.