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    Buses in Nottingham

    Looks like the word & song players have woke up bored to death, here have something Nottingham. Have a good day, try & get yourselves outside today, it's later than you think
  2. radfordred

    St Patrick's Day

    May love surround you forever & always - Happy St.Patrick's Day x
  3. radfordred

    Boring Repetitive Posts

    I'm more impressed you've still got it!
  4. radfordred

    Port & Lemon

    Where's me bottle opener? Get one of these bad boys cracked.
  5. radfordred

    Keeping Fit

    Come on girls get you PE kit on, it's gym time.
  6. radfordred

    Washing, dolly tubs and mangles

    Used to play "See how long you can keep your fingers in, until they went numb" also remember putting my youngest brothers school tie though it, unfortunately it was still attached to his neck.
  7. radfordred

    Nottingham General Hospital

    I have a mate that only smokes when he comes out for a drink, he don't buy em, he scrounges em, he f'in stinks when he's had one!
  8. Mrs Red had a burst appendix while on holiday in Spain & ended up having an operation, it took 21 days to get a "fit to fly" certificate, sure it's because of the insurance? Ended up having over 5 weeks for the price of 2, came back looking like a Paki.
  9. radfordred

    Falcons 2014

    Laid egg this morning - fingers crossed
  10. If me kids are reading I'd like this played up Wilford Hill
  11. Any ever been down these Rock Cemetery catacombs?
  12. radfordred

    Glaisdale Comp

    And Dens brother .
  13. You don't want to be locked up with all those ruthless Mexican drug gangs!
  14. radfordred

    What's in your wallet.

    Last nights pocket Santander debit card, NFFC season card, Robin Hood bus card, Camra membership card about £25, front door key & phone, left with black Firetrapp bobble hat on, returned without hat, must have left it on the bus?
  15. radfordred

    What's in your wallet.

    I now quite enjoy tapping away using contactless payment.
  16. radfordred


    Only if you look directly at the camera with a vacant stare while dribbling, mostly seen around D*rby
  17. radfordred

    Nottingham Falcons

    Not sure what Mr Falcon's eating? but its massive. https://www4.ntu.ac.uk/sustainability/biodiversity/falcons/index.html#
  18. My Great Granddad had false legs & real feet
  19. Blimey I attended a Birthday celebration here not long ago can't believe I'm still alive! https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/local-news/filthy-rat-infested-restaurant-west-2641221
  20. radfordred

    Commiserations to Forest

    Conceding 8 goals to Villa this season, shocking. Just reading my three above post from 2011 & I stick by it, I would be happy to beat D*rby & every year & finish 7th, that premierships lifeless. Out early yesterday with it being midweek, have to report the beer served in the old sweet shop Castle Rock micro pub "Barley Twist" on Carrington Street was superb, not sure of pricing? 3 in our round came to £13/14 a throw.
  21. radfordred

    Black holes & quantum physics.

    Me to Lizzie, I'm sure there is things you do not even need to know or even think about, give yourself headache.
  22. Just thought DJ you got shoes on right feet & to be honest mate I think I'd be sacking your two dentists off. But to all of you, get well soon X