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  1. I wonder if Dave Spence who started this topic knows David Spence who's just posted? What the chance eh?
  2. No, far from it, Mini Vans, Vauxhall Vivas, Cortinas, floor panels, A panels, starter motors, gearboxes, plugs, points, tubs of Isopon P40, hours in Podders finding bits, scars of backs of my hands I can still see & don't mention scooters & pushbikes, been there & done Below the belt DJ what's up with the Championship? Boots on, stashing some dosh for my next London awayday, I'm thinking matching Fred Perry & trainers. U-REDS!
  3. If you told me mine had no engine, I'd have to believe it, I've never seen it
  4. It's not compulsory to have the vaccine, everyone has the right to choose & we should respect that, those that have had the jab are still catching covid & passing it on ...... Errrm
  5. Having driven bangers in my teens & up on till my 40s, I think once you shell out on a new car you can never go back to a jalopy, treat yourself, lives far to short for MOTs & new tyres, you’ll even feel & look better sat behind a decent reg number plate. Been driving a brand new Ford transit courier van It’s a joy to be @ work.
  6. Word on the street @philmayfield your about to get a great big Sainsbury’s, Argos, Greggs & KFC drive through out your way? Knocking a bit of that derelict Southwell Minister down & digging up that rugby club
  7. Honestly, in Sainsbury’s you can buy tomatoes they come in packets washed & less that a quid, I’ve even seen jams & chutneys, they come in jars, with screw lids these supermarkets could become popular?
  8. These cereal bars you speak of, I have seen them in all major supermarkets for less than a few quid
  9. If you ever wondered what happened to the snooker tables, you now sit on them & at them in the Embankment beer garden
  10. Happy report over the weekend in Nottingham city centre, no checking in, no booking, walked to bar, no masks, ordered & paid for me pint in cash, carried it back to our table, like going back to March 2019, wonderful
  11. Don't attempt that Stav you'll break it, the Samsung Galaxy S21 does not have a removable battery
  12. Think the sun must have got to a few? All I see is boring nonsensical drivel on here today here have a token Nottingham post 1947 Wilford Power Station & Clifton Colliery.
  13. Early morning view from room 18 of the Savoy Hotel “It’s so blazing”
  14. I any case those fashion & homemade masks are a complete waste of time, I’m sure those that want further lockdowns never went out in the first place, those that want to stay in watching telly with their masks on do so, lifes for living & far to short, you’ll be dead soon, try & enjoy it.
  15. I’m told it’s an average size when erect?
  16. I’ll be in Epton’s later @catfan when me kids arrive for the day, dinner on Dad. Skeggy cooking, but the views a bit rubbish
  17. Is it etiquette to shag when camping?
  18. Google’s Micheal Wood ..... no never heard of him? The Future Is Unwritten - Joe Strummer
  19. This is what I love about Nottingham Engerrland Engerrland La La La Engerrland Engerrland La La La Engerrland Engerrland La La La Engerrland Engerrland La La La Engerrland Engerrland La La La Engerrland Engerrland La La La Engerrland Engerrland La La La Engerrland Engerrland La La La Engerrland Engerrland La La La
  20. Guilty ..... I was in Nottingham Market Square last night after England’s fantastic win for a game of 300 a side boot it as hard as you can football fantastic atmosphere with a few bars of “It’s coming home, it’s coming home, footballs coming home” Same again Saturday please.
  21. Can’t you imagine if these topics where all posted in the same thread, instead of just links? Be so much simpler you could call it something like Sneinton? St.Anns? Carton? Or just start a new topic for every post