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  1. MeOdeDadYooosedTeerMeekItWeenIWeerALaadKiinOrribull
  2. Anyone know where this Colwick Cheese was made
  3. So the above word as only been used once on this site by Beef what a clever clogs he is, though it could have been a new Mellors ride in Slab Square?
  4. Testings been increased so your bound to get more positives & those testing positive are not ending up in hospital, if your fit & well & looked after yourself, no need to panic. Be safe.
  5. Crikey Gun Deck Disco wonder what happened to them? Moor Farm went downhill when it changed it's name to "Bramcote Manor" plus there was already that big house Bramcote Manor
  6. Crikey how times have changed, when we had a dog he ate our scraps & if he didn't eat it he ate it next day when he was hungry?
  7. Could have dreamt it, cause I cannot remember the last time I heard or watched any news, someone must have told me? Boris asking/telling the over 50s to stay @ home? Yes please Boris Mrs Red & I will have some of that Boris, having both worked throughout the virus & have our jollies cancelled, while most tossed it off on furlough or self imposed spineless lockdown, watching everything on Netflix & cutting grass Toodle-oo pip boots on.
  8. Daughter did her 1st day back @ work as part of her maternity leave, so we had little Ez for the day, stroll into town via Radford Rec park where my Mum took us when kids & I spent many hours with my kids, a right of passage. Took a detour via Newcastle Terrace & the Park estate, stopped for a drink @ The Roundhouse, hour in the sun in Market Square, met Daughter after her shift, treated them to dinner in town, stroll home, Ez was good as gold, loved it.
  9. Loving your photos @MargieH then wonders of wonders @Willow wilson posts an almost identical photo did @Willow wilson stay in the very same railway carriage? What are the chances of that happening? Eh? The standard is a flag & the reference to flying standards is to flying flags @MargieH
  10. The fellow @ the middle window looks like he’s holding up a toy chimp monkey @MargieH?
  11. If you crumbled it up you got some traction, rather than up your back
  12. Who's @ the window's @MargieH?
  13. Sure my Gran used to soak her feet in Epsom salts?
  14. Every workplace as got one, that annoying little shite “Billy no mates” that wants to tell you his crap boring repetitive jokes, that we have all heard before, get in the sea & room 101, go away.
  15. We never add salt to food or have salt on the table, I do remember Christmas Day when Mrs Red cooked dinner, both my Son-in-law & father-in-law salted their food before even tasting it, must admit it did annoy me, I would have loved to have picked the table up & chucked it, but that would have ruined Christmas Day.
  16. What happened to that stripper that joined a couple of weeks ago? Never came back after Letsavagoo private messaged her? Never to be seen again?
  17. To add salt before tasting that’s got to be a habit, most upmarket restaurants will not allow it on the table, thinking about a youth I used to work with, he used to give his dinner exactly 17 shakes of the salt seller we all used to count it, he’s dead now he also put sugar on his breakfast tomatoes
  18. Well if your reading in outside the UK @carni that would be abroad
  19. Bugger had our 2 weeks in Greece in September cancelled by Jet2 (low flight numbers) refund the very next day, Saturday afternoon booked 2 weeks in Spain same weeks, 2 hours later announced quarantine regulations! That’s 4 jollies booked & cancelled, can’t say I didn’t try
  20. That’s because you upload your photo to Facebook, on here you post a link to the site that is hosting your photo, Mick should chuck some decent money at this Nottstalgia site, bleddy cheapskate
  21. Just been to the Post Office, completely forgot I need a mask, I apologised & she said “We are not enforcing the wearing of masks, just advising” I asked why she was not wearing a mask, she said “I’ve got this screen in front of me” but that’s the same screen, just the other side that’s in front of me? O’yeah
  22. Wow! A cum studio, the mind boggles Crikey! You must be having some fun in this studio cum cave