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  1. Sorry it's not Nottingham, Ain't it great? by the artist Allen Tortice http://www.gunnsgallery.co.uk/artists/15/allen-tortice
  2. Check these bad boys out Get your feet in them?
  3. 1st & 2nd class stamps have no specified monetary value & have no expiry date & can be used regardless of the time you have had them, like an investment. Anyone got any good money laundering stories?
  4. Ben you say? Handling unfranked mail? Which is a stackable offence Lose lips & all that
  5. One was stood on the ledge checking the gaff out early this morning.
  6. Back in Nottingham the falcons are back this time with a better video feed, anyone watching? https://www.nottinghamshirewildlife.org/peregrine-cam
  7. But then you would have had nothing to quote Beekeh
  8. Its Wollaton actually Mick Don’t think it’s been rebuilt, just altered? Will have a look later, the pumps still there.
  9. I have noticed a lot of the post office staff use the up sell, what’s in the package? How much is it worth? Do you want it there tomorrow? Signed for? The two Asian lads on Aspley Lane are the worst, had my Mum over for a fiver plus to post a package which three quid second class would have covered it, the robbing bastards.
  10. Come on DaveN get with it you've not told us yet that stamps going up again in March?
  11. I wish I could read it, for some reason I find bold type impossible to read?
  12. Was she still in uniform?
  13. Where’s the quote police? See above why, why why? We have just f’in read it Arrrrrrrrrrgh!
  14. A few trees down on Wollo after Storm Clara.
  15. Just been up & over the hill, anyone coming sledging while the kids are at school?
  16. What a night, what a win, what a team, from my seat.
  17. While passing through Nottingham's Market Square last night.
  18. I find that quote very interesting being the Son of a publican & the other side of my family still have a massive interest in quite a few Nottingham public houses, I only know of one pub in Nottingham that is free of any brewery ties, please do tell?
  19. Swain 83/85 reckon we would have gone electric by then?
  20. In the photo 3 posts up of the Bridgford End (I’ve never heard it called the kop end?) on closer inspection the banner displays the name Kenny, Kenny did not sign until 1977? The other banner looks like Clough who came in 76?
  21. Barbers you say? Check this bad boy cut out
  22. With Valentines just around the corner worrrabart the M&S "Love Sausage" small £5 large £6, can you manage a bigun?
  23. I know it’s confusing, but we have two Light Night topics, but only one Light Night & it on this weekend