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  1. So you've not seen it either? Think the judo I did up Park Farm as a kid came in handy, certainly put a spring in me step
  2. Went arse over tit today, mail everywhere, don’t think anyone seen me.
  3. Two thousand & twenty two sounds better already, we where packed in like sardines back in October, never seen Rock City so full, it was good to be back
  4. I'd like to see the bonus for the M&S marketing manager that came up with midget/mini idea? Talk about free advertising Wonder if they will put them on the top shelf? Sugar Puffs look out.
  5. Yeah seriously, why would you be testing with no symptoms, it’s an easy question.
  6. Why are people taking lateral flow tests when they have no symptoms? it’s like they want to catch it?
  7. Has Covid-19 forced you to wear a mask and glasses at the same time? You may be entitled to condensation.
  8. Some interesting Nottingham items/old tat sold @ Mellors & Kirk yesterday, plaster statuette from the "Black Boy" Hotel https://auctions.mellorsandkirk.com/catalogue/ad5ce41684b40908b3af1205fd849f4e/4f177e56044f68c0321c00430764407b/antiques-collectors-sale/?currentPageNo=8 https://auctions.mellorsandkirk.com/catalogue/ad5ce41684b40908b3af1205fd849f4e/4f177e56044f68c0321c00430764407b/antiques-collectors-sale/?currentPageNo=9
  9. Interesting link @DJ360double post, double brandy, a bucket full, bucket full of brandy
  10. No FA Cup shocks today, all the big teams won
  11. If anyone is watching the Ashes I have one question for you - WHY?
  12. Might be of interest to our Mapperleytorians, plus the beers good. BOB MASSEY AT THE BREAD AND BITTER SUNDAY 16th JANUARY 2022 @20:00 Local historian and author, Bob Massey, joins us to talk about some of Mapperley’s rich history, Free entry.
  13. Stop paying sick pay that should get the lazy f**kers back to work
  14. Stop whinging, Dover lovely place, go and visit the cliffs or summit, you'll be dead soon, enjoy
  15. Some sources identify this as the remains of the old Theatre Royal Anyone?
  16. Wow! ....Photo taken by Charlie Marks @ half time yesterday from The Kop
  17. That’s breakfast sorted, washed, rolled bacon, pepper, splash of Lea & Perrin’s, simmering in gravy, my old Dad would have been slavering, Happy New Year x
  18. Daughters boyfriends eat anything @Rob.L they feel obliged, I once put them square & triangle dog biscuits on a plate with his cup of tea, he ate the lot, how I chuckled
  19. All we await @Brewis the obligatory BK like & the circle is complete
  20. Very naughty @Brew some's been banned for less, the only punishment hung drawn & quartered, Pelican car park @ 1 all welcome
  21. Some spend more time thinking about dying than actually living.