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  1. The Embankment Tent Bridge Saturday before kick off drinking some passion fruit hand pulled ale ..... superb!
  2. Spent all yesterday afternoon outside & inside the Bell drinking this, good job day off, head banging
  3. Loving this one "My picture of the day" Hats off to you Cliff Ton for adding this link it to a existing topic, saving space & possibly giving a boost & creating interest in this wonderful Nottingham nottstalgia site. Oooooooooooooooo & Micks deep pockets & pension fund, long my it continue Round of applause for Mick & Cliff Ton, for he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, for he's jolly good fellow & so say all of us!
  4. An old Nottingham return train ticket for a journey between two long forgotten train stations ........ And 3rd class! That would be my gang. I have just noticed there is quite a lot of unnecessary quoting of the previous posts & duplicate pictures in this tread ... Sorry.
  5. Warning this is a Nottingham post! So we took the bridge down & 20/30 years later we put another one up for the tram? You couldn't make it up?
  6. Last night I kicked off with a cloudy grapefruit handpull in Lion in Basford (wish I'd found out who brewed it) ........it was heaven in a pint glass.
  7. I remember when me & me younger brother used to fight to light me Mams fags! I'd have been about 7
  8. We don't carry HP! The middle toast topping was a slice of hot & spicy cheddar & few splashes of Lea & Perrins, we never got free school dinners & my Mam could not pay for them, so we had to go home for dinner, we never had time to take our shoes off so she left us carrier bags to put over our muddy shoes, we had beans on toast, sometimes hoops every day & she did put them on the gas ring until we got to the back door & they where on the table within minutes?
  9. Home alone tea ........ Dinner for one .... Me favourite
  10. If we evolved from monkey's why are monkey's still around?
  11. No Chesterfield crumpet youth? Betty from Brimington? Tipton Theresa? The Clay Cross crusher? Matlock Mandy?
  12. When they invented the clock who knew what time it was?
  13. Was that the last Friday of every month? Think Kev Roberts the Northern Soul DJ ran it? Used to be one in, one out, packed to the rafters & bugger to get home
  14. Them trees are massive now?
  15. Bet that place was responsible for quite a few Nottingham kids?
  16. I do wonder if they will ever get that "Oldest Football League Club" title back