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  1. I think maybe you should stop posting these blank pictures for the sanity & future of the site, it obviously something you are doing wrong your end,, pictures of dogs, cats, food, cakes, pasta & milk churns leave than on FaceBook where they belong
  2. John Players old pitches on Grassington Road, It was also a very posh school, Nottingham High School, Waverley Mount, maybe?
  3. Do find out Margie, my car is redder than red, I would even say it's the most red-dished car in Nottingham, only a few days ago I was told that's the best red I have ever seen!
  4. Don't encourage him Margie, life's far to short. I'll type this slow so you can hear me, press that button there, no not that one, the one on your remote control, the one in your hand
  5. If BeestonMick ever comes back Bernie Marsden is doing a talk & book signing at Rough Trade Nottingham https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/events/rough-trade-nottingham-bernie-marsden
  6. Interesting! I thought it was 2 promoted - top 1 automatic & next 6 via a play-off winner? Wonder if there is any change with Bury dropping out of league 1?
  7. Us youngsters have to go to work.
  8. Top tip - Ice pole up the jacksy, keep it in the wrapper, back in the freezer.
  9. Looks like the half a million quid did not stretch to fixing the clock, but at least it right twice a day? Anyone remember when you turned right at the front door & up the stairs, there was a full sized naked brass lady, I always gave the bare breasts a feel/stroke on entering, I think most did because the breast where highly polished due to all the groping? Anyway that's gone, but the clocks there. NB. The topic title is wrong it's Yates's
  10. My apologies another Nottingham post from a postcard dated 1916, as you were Pretty much the same today/
  11. Blimey ........... Back to small squares of newspaper then? A few skid marks, a small price in the long run https://news.sky.com/story/brexit-bums-rush-no-deal-could-wipe-out-toilet-paper-stocks-11831093
  12. Dropped in on Sunday afternoon after its refit to have a look, they have moved the bar to the opposite side? no hand pull, ended up with some some craft pale ale from Meantime brewery.
  13. Crikey whatever happened to all the above members? (Some very bad examples of over quoting) Where did they go? Why did they leave? (Don't mention leave on here) What did they not like? Are they still alive? Anyway full apologies for posting something Nottingham related, it's a good photo.
  14. Why do we have 2 mushroom topics any chance some clever sod could merge?
  15. I only had a nibble, still above ground, finished up in The Embankment Trent Bridge celebrating Forests win sampling a hazy vegan friendly IPA, iron stomach me Why do we have 2 mushroom topics any chance some clever sod could merge?
  16. What a weekend for Nottingham, massive 3 points for the reds & huge win for featherweight Leigh Wood at York Hall ........... Boom!
  17. Oooooooo could have been dog pee Margie, but it was picked off a lawn on Rectory Gardens, can't see any dogs being walked up there, tasted something like petrol or nail varnish remover? I have been looking at some pictures of mushrooms & found one that looked like the one I took a nibble from ........ Certain death
  18. One from Tracey Whitefoot
  19. Ayup youth them pictures you posted, nowt there? Just some black & white "no entry" signs? There is loads of mushroom treads on here, most of them started by you https://nottstalgia.com/forums/search/?&q=mushrooms&author=Compo&search_and_or=or
  20. I did spot a 3" clean white flat mushroom on a garden this morning, I picked it & took a small bite, the tip of my tongue was stinging for a good half hour! What about these I have spotted on Wollaton Hall Drive, was going to pick them for me tea?
  21. Rest In Peace the legendary Eddie & the Hot Rods front man & what a front man Barrie Masters aged 63, seen many times in Nottingham over the years, Maze & Rock City & earlier this year supporting Stiff Little Fingers x
  22. Liking the old Enfield, I hired a 125 Benelli tornado, bit like a monkey bike while in Lanzarote, Mrs Red would not get on the back, I was going to take her up Mount Teide, managed to pull some spectacular wheelies, even got some air, took it off road come off a few times on some dust, Mrs Red made me take it back after 2 days, else she's going home, said I'll kill mesen! Might treat myself to summit next summer & dump the car! If me Mam & Mrs Red lets me