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  1. I have strict instructions to make sure everything's switched on & flashing when Mrs Red arrives home from work around 6 Just enjoying the dark in the kitchen on me Mac.
  2. Sending love your way x
  3. He said shithole, not me I think the Turkish boat tip seller was a serious shagger, I met him later in the week when I borrowed a motorbike off him for the day, he told me about another woman he used to service from Mapperley Park
  4. Think you need to contact the Guinness Book Of Records you may have have achieved the longest self imposed lockdown in the world
  5. I think the owner of the building is just protecting his assets, the wall will most problerly be removed & sold along with the bike, the Banksy artwork on the garage in Port Talbot sold for six figure sum there was a new bike there this morning. https://metro.co.uk/2019/05/29/banksy-mural-gets-new-home-sold-art-collector-100000-9727501/ https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/jan/18/banksy-artwork-garage-wales-sold-six-figure-sum#:~:text=A Banksy artwork that appeared,least for the time being.
  6. Anyone seen me snorkel & goggles?
  7. Trees up, got that many baubles & lights on it had to anchor it to the floor with house bricks, front rooms lit up like a 80s discotheque, are Easter eggs on sale yet?
  8. Someone's half inched the bleddy bike Nottingham does not deserve
  9. Beginning of this week we where told that we would have to wear face covering for indoor work (bit late to the party?) its only for about 2, 2 &1/2 hours, I have to admit it's horrid, you can't breath while working, hats off to the NHS & shop workers who wear them all day, don't know how they do it?
  10. Christmas is happening big time in "Red Towers" trimmings are out of the loft & Mrs.Red will be spending all day Saturday trimming the house, street, car & anyone passing.
  11. Fenwick Road & Close area of Broxtowe gone panel mad
  12. That would have made some cracking student flats?
  13. Overheard while out today "Will we be able to see our families & have Christmas dinner together?" since when did making our own decisions in life become so difficult, why are some waiting for permission?
  14. Dens no dunce What was here then?
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