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  1. well did you get you sledge out ? spent yesterday morning on wollaton park superb , even better the cappuccino bar that's been moved to the car park with the wollaton hall / court yard refit job , bit pricey at 2 quid a cup and 20 min queue , but the best i ever had .
  2. Report from Wollaton at 12.08 pm not that much snow here at all can still see the grass !!! if it comes down this after have a look for me Den on Woollo I'll be the one reaching break neck speeds on me sledge with my lad on board and the Jack Russell in tow .
  3. A dymo 310 label writer from the wife so I can spend less time writing on jiffy bags for ebay sales
  4. We were that poor we had an inside toilet with an outside house .
  5. As we are full of Jamie Oliver's / Gordon Ramsay's on here how long will a turkey last in a freezer ?
  6. Come on it's Christmas .... you'll be on about an orange and chocolate money next not locking your front door........ outside toilets............. the lace in a leather case football ball...........
  8. Cheers for this one Jacko now get joined up and get posting . Graham Neale had is own show on radio Trent the castle rockshow on tue 27th March 1985 he killed his girlfriend and radio Trent receptionist Lynne Goldingay dumping her body at Radcliffe-on-soar power station , on the 29th May 1985 Duncan McCracken Lynne's lover was found dead in his smoke filled car on Gregory boulevard . Graham Neale hung himself at Lincoln prison while awaiting trial 6th June 1985.
  9. How did x-factor topic turn in to rubbish ? Makes me wonder how we ever got the weekly rubbish in those small galvanized steel bins ?
  10. wot say u ? You should get out more
  11. Malt House and the bit downstairs was Annabella's years ago.
  12. 5362 !! not mine my 11 year old lad think he'd been on it for a few hours
  13. Is that card yours Mick ? it's a cracking piece of memorabilia with all eleven signatures
  14. I say by the Forest shirts 50s so 1959 FA Cup winning team - building behind Nottingham racecourse / city ground / or that Raleigh sports and social club that used to be up old coach road - sure i've seen a picture like that on http://www.radfordgallery.fsnet.co.uk
  15. You may have seen this before........ Damn its addictive!! My best so far is 1986 - think i have to much time on my hands Who can get anywhere near it ? chopper
  16. Crying In The Chapel - Elvis Presley ( hope that was nowt to do with me ! ) What was No.1 on the day you were born? If you was born before 1 Jan 1952 you can't play go and look for stairlifts or them sticks that you can pick things up without bending down
  17. I had other game some flight simulator ( forgot the name ) where you tied about 10 feet of string to a door handle and tried to land a plastic plane on a runway , I tied it to the handle of my Mums best vase and when I missed the runway and smashed the vase , the plane went in the Beeston boiler and if Esther Rantzen was around when I was a kid I'm sure my mum would still be locked up for the beating I took .
  18. Amber Vandela was her stage name she dabbled in a bit of lunch time pealing she also ran Vandela entertainment agency , and my informant tells me she still can be seen " dressed "at Nottingham racecourse she owns a few race horses .
  19. When I was a kid I always asked for a Mamod steam engine that I'd seen in Beaties but my Mum and Dad could never afford one , there's now loads on ebay , might just buy my 11 year old lad one for chrimbo And my favourite played hours with this was Arnold Palmer's pro shot golf made by Marx come on then what was yours ?
  20. What do you think the headline was on that larger size Evening Post was " ????PPER STARTS ??IFE ALONE "
  21. Well this is where she used to sit , and they still sell from the same place , next to that pillow .
  22. that sounds like Charlotte Church lass.... she's a bu99er up the back she is
  23. The symptoms are you feel a little peckish