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  1. http://www.nottstalgia.com/forums/index.ph...=359&hl=gregory
  2. what's this one all about if smoking kills why's it cure kippers ? well ?
  3. thats twice you've asked that !!
  4. Radford Cottages are still there top of Prospect Street just up from the Pheasant Inn.
  5. My youngest lad joined the queue for one of the rides yesterday on the fair, waved to his Mum and Dad happily as he shot off, 2 hours latter still no sign of him, he was later found wondering around Hucknall market place!!!
  6. The new penthouse flats !! formally the marathon building opposite the Boulevard pub
  7. This tickled me took it today 9-10-05 looking up Hartley road at bampton court flats
  8. Took this today 9-10-05 GT cars garage flattened - looks like the rest of chettles yard to follow .
  9. The prices have changed you can have a week in Benidorm or a night on the fair !
  10. from left to right Teddy Sheringham - Sam ( the gov'nor ) - Salim - Terry Wilson - Mani - Dean Saunders
  11. In 1894 there were only 4 cars in the USA.
  12. I was going to post what I had said to him 1st but it's quite embarrassing it was after PIL played there he jumped in some taxi .
  13. I took a slash next to the darts player Bobby George in the chequers inn chillwell . Once kissed Kate Garner out of Haysi Fantayzee in rock city My best mate was the rock city DJ and was going out with Clair Grogan altered image Met West Ham legend Trevor Brooking twice once in a car showroom Saab on wollaton street second time in Ladbrokes on Mansfield road. Nearly ran over boon star Michael Elphick as crossed the road coming out of the walkabout pub Spoke to Des Walker in the corner shop on Cobden street where he was buying some fags Had a few drinks with three of the blokes out of t
  14. if you want to measure your speed try this link http://www.numion.com/
  15. Anybody on NTL finding it a tad slow the last week ?
  16. I too had a bit of a shite meal in there a few weeks ago being a Radford lad had the old bangers "n" mash but I'm more than sure it was smash !!! mind corn dog was not on the menu , The Willoughby's and The Wheelhouse on Wollaton road i can't say I've had a bad meal there , and if you do the Wheelhouse PM me and I'll make sure my student daughter serves your grub , she's the good looking one like her Dad !!!! this sites worth a flick , lots of comments about Nottingham pubs .........I've left a few . http://www.beerintheevening.com/ Forgot this yesterday Sunday after a 25 mile family bike ri
  17. I was in there last about 11ish , so did you see the review in the paper he had it framed on the bar and also one in the window ?
  18. I don't know is it a proper saying i know my granddad was a very good boxer back in 1920s i always thought it might be something to do with that ? I'd love to know . i may have got the saying wrong i was only about 8 or 9 i thought he made it up !!
  19. There's your crimbo do sorted then Jurassic park then Balti house , or Balti house then Jurassic park stinking of garlic
  20. yep must admit some of the crap I've sold on there , the best one was a very unusual folding plate i found out later it was a broken vegetable steamer !!! them yanks will buy owt !!! my granddad used to say " find a weasel p1ss in its ear hole " never really understood what it meant before ebay came along .
  21. Yes Alan and Margaret now run the Ariba club on St.James street it used to be the old Pieces night club before that they had the old Scampi's / Arbellas on Wollaton street now an hotel , funnily enough those 3 venues where and still are know as Jurassic park with the lads around town , but well worth a visit !!
  22. Most Den have names on but that one didn't have clue what it was , i only photographed a hand full just to see if they would sell individually on ebay if not I'll stick the lot on job lot http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ORIGINAL-GENUINE-SKO...1QQcmdZViewItem see how it goes , but anymore i'll let you guess .