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  1. Now it’s the time to kneel. God bless Ct.Tom x
  2. Bailed out of the printer money pit many years ago, if I need anything printing I just have a stroll up Wollaton library 10p a copy, need photos Hyson Green Asda & their instant photo print service 15p a print.
  3. Get well soon Captain Tom Moore in hospital with coronavirus.
  4. Vibrating me brickwork this Sunday morning ........ Boom!
  5. Reply to one up: The vaccine doesn’t stop you catching or spreading the virus, It just reduces your chances of becoming seriously ill, before you all you oldies start running around partying, hugging & kissing & having meet-ups & going mad
  6. I can still smell the exhaust fumes, fag smoke & piss
  7. Begs the question do lockdowns, masks & distancing have any effect & does this vaccine even work?
  8. Form Warsops finest "Ferocious Dog" ....... haunting, anyone been to Auschwitz?
  9. Above post, reminds me of a bloke I used to work with, the whole factory floor was wooden, he would do that type of tiptoe toe tapping legs kicking type dance, the floor was all his. I was told the maple flooring was carefully removed & staked on pallets?
  10. Wakes you say? 30 replies from some sadly missed Nottingham historians, let’s hear your memories?
  11. Best draw the curtains, people looking in might think I'm having a fit or watching Joe Wicks
  12. Mamma Mia? That's what I used to say to me Mam when I was home from school
  13. I worked with a youth from Ruddington he said I spoke the most Nottm he'd ever heard, he had to think about most things I said
  14. When I took my Mums neighbour for her jab, we were waiting for over an hour, the doctor who booked her in apologised " So sorry to keep you waiting" She replied with "I haven't been out since March, I am in no rush & it's lovely just to see people" We have to treasure this generation
  15. Think your right @Stavertongirl just driven back & forth to see me Mam, the roads are quite bad, not sure what it will be like tomorrow with less traffic on the roads? There was a bus stuck on Wigman.
  16. Worrabarrt our bus, think it's the 77?
  17. I'm impressed I get told off just using the bathroom sink to brush me teeth.
  18. Wally Swift spars with Birma @ Billy Smarts circus on the Forest 1960
  19. Lots of Charles (went to school with two) still around Radford & Crown Island area still on the road you mentioned, my gang have family links with the Sandfields, along with the Elliot’s who any Kennington Road residents worth their salt would have known all good work hard, play hard families.
  20. Top fuel drag racer Barry Shevalls owned AA they are now based @ the old central studios in some form, supplying cars for films, archway to a courtyard & Radford Mill, Two Wheel Centre, Skills Booking Office, Wilbonds showroom, across Bright Street, LSD Bookies, Beeroff, Sunblessed Bread Shop, Paper shop, Wool Shop, Barbers, Tailors, George Shepherds butchers, hardware shop. The coal merchant was Jeffords & Sons, went to Sidney Pearson Hill with his Son who now runs the business.
  21. Mate of mine 58 got jabbed today, the care-home he does a bit of gardening for added him as odd job-man/caretaker.