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  1. Dens on fire! Where & what they do?
  2. I have an old mate that went into block paving with his redundancy from Blidworth pit, made a fortune, he advised me never to jet wash it, monthly sweep with a shovel full of kiln dried sand does the job.
  3. Sure it was just the unbroken yoke in the Sherry which he swallowed in a glup, sure he thought it was some sort of medicine or did him good & he lived to 92.
  4. What you reckon is it Ayup or Eyup
  5. Sparking marking Den This could only appear in Nottingham, but where?
  6. The only drink I remember my parents having in the house was an old bottle of Sherry & bottle of Stones Ginger Wine, my Dad would neck a raw egg in a glass of Sherry probably if he felt under the weather & remember having a capful of Stones if we had a sore throat?
  7. Just binned one of those £75 vouchers came with a CWU magazine, doubt I’ve ever had a mouthful of wine? Would I be right in saying the drinking of wine is a relatively new thing? Can’t recall my Mum or Dad ever drinking it or selling it, they where publicans, don’t think there was any call for it until the late 90s, well not in Radford anyway.
  8. I can recommend a visit to Leicester & the golden mile for Diwali, went a few years ago, it was fantastic.
  9. Hopefully a swift recovery for you two, thinking of you x
  10. Now if you had said you got the hairdryer before her hair had dried, I'd have been impressed
  11. Brian Clough would have never entertained a beard never mind a moustache Close @philmayfieldit's Juckes, Sir Robert Juckes Clifton, any know where it was originally sited? Where & what?
  12. Them lads who sit on the steps of the Council House & hang around St. Peters Square off their nut will be selling the Pfizer vaccine around town by the weekend.
  13. The Police may want to speak to you @philmayfield https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/local-news/mansfield-town-boss-carolyn-radford-4687148
  14. Shut that door ...................... @notty ash Who & Where?
  15. Had stroll down the embankment tonight @ dusk
  16. Been watching the excellent coverage of the Queen & Co laying wreaths @ the Cleopatra in Whitehall on BBC, where’s Harry & Andrew? And strangely not a mask in sight?
  17. The only reason to take the knee.
  18. First post in this tread by @Michael Booth well worth another read or a just boost.
  19. Can’t be doing with this staying in malarky on a Saturday night, doing me nut in, be in bed for 8
  20. Well done Den come on down! Where? What?
  21. It’s gone youth It was the housing aid office before being demolished. Cracking tread with some excellent input & info from @IAN123. whatever happened to him?